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Nanding’s Spanish Roll Teriyaki Slider Burger

Nanding’s Bakery Spanish Roll Teriyaki Slider Burger…. the original prototype and world’s first!

Just when thought you’ve seen ’em all, from the Krispy Kreme Burger, to the Ramen Burger, to Hawaii’s own adaptation of the latter, the Saimin Burger.

Well my friends, enter Nanding’s Bakery Spanish Roll Teriyaki Slider Burger. A-ha!

Take one part Nanding’s Bakery famous Spanish Rolls

Nanding’s Bakery famous Spanish Rolls… buttery ono as evah!

And one part Diner E’s Ala Moana Beach Park BBQ grilled Teriyaki Slider Burger…

Diner E’s Ala Moana Beach Park Teriyaki Slider Burger, featuring Halm’s miso-based Hawaiian BBQ Sauce

Cut the Nanding’s Spanish Roll in half and admire all its butter-soaked masarap goodness…

Nanding’s Bakery famous buttery-masarap Spanish Roll, soon to become a burger bun

Exchange the dinner roll that was originally included with Diner E’s Teri’ Slider, with Nanding’s Spanish Roll…

Diner E’s Ala Moana Beach BBQ Teriyaki Slider Burger meets Nanding’s famous buttery Spanish Roll as a bun

And voila, my very own creation, Nanding’s Spanish Roll Teriyaki Slider Burger…

Pomai’s burger antics: Nanding’s Bakery Spanish Roll Teriyaki Slider Burger

And? Meh. Didn’t work.

Diner E’s Ala Moana Beach BBQ Teri’ Slider patty was fantastic in and of itself. Great char-grilled “papa’a” flavor of the still moist all-beef patty that was mixed with Halm’s Hawaiian BBQ sauce, complimented with a thick fresh slice of tomato and iceberg lettuce and onion.

However I think the slightly sweet, extremely buttery Spanish Roll was too heavy for the also sweet Teriyaki sauce on the also rich and savory slider burger patty. Instead of the desirable contrast of flavors, it was too much of the same profiles where burger meets bun. Ya’ know?

And I know, I’m supposed to be back strict on my pescetarian “diet”, but hey, I’ll just chalk this off yet again as “Taking one for the team”. lol

Liliha Bakery II savory pastries, including the Onion Roll (bottom right) that may be an ideal candidate as a burger bun

My next project of this type will be either the Oki Burger in light of the Okinawan Festival coming soon on Labor Day weekend in September, or the Liliha Bakery Onion Roll Burger, which I’m also excited about trying.

That said, here’s all the off-beat burgers I’ve either tried or featured on this blog in the past (click on image or caption for original post)…

Ramen Noodle Burger Matsufujiya: Ramen Noodle Burger

Tanaka Saimin – Da’ Saimin Burger: A grilled Teriyaki beef patty with American cheese, served on a bed of fresh watercress inside a Tanaka Saimin noodle “bun”, including a side of saimin broth, Chinese mustard and dill pickles. 

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue Hawaiian Katsu Burger

MOS Burger Naha Okinawa Burger

MorningStar Farms Chipotle Black Bean Swiss ‘n Shroom “Veggie” Burger

Until next time, toodles! ;-)


6 thoughts on “Nanding’s Spanish Roll Teriyaki Slider Burger

  • July 20, 2014 at 3:18 am

    Pomai, well no too soft and fall apart make into burger sandwich messy. Liliha Bakery rolls not bad wish it more thicker too.

    • July 20, 2014 at 10:50 am


      Yeah, I went in knowing Nanding’s Spanish Roll wasn’t exactly an ideal candidate for a burger bun, not only for it’s rather small cylindrical shape, but also not being glutenous enough, tearing apart kinda’ easily.

      On the other hand, after trying it, I think the Liliha Bakery Onion Roll is gonna’ work well as a burger bun, at least for shape and texture.

      I also think my idea for an Okinawan Yakisoba “Bun” is gonna’ totally rock my Oki Burger!

  • July 20, 2014 at 4:05 pm

    POMAI! I’m so J! Everytime I read your blog, I get sooooo homesick!!! Nanding spanish rolls are sooooo goood and sooo cheap! Keep up the good writing and keep posting good grindz from Hawaii! Aloha from Maryland!!!

    • July 21, 2014 at 7:48 am

      Aloha Nancy,

      There’s a super cool regular reader here by the name of “h” who lives in Maryland. However her home state is Florida.

      Next time you fly back home, you gotta’ check out the new digs at Liliha Bakery II on Nimitz Highway (across the former Gentry Pacific Center) and Kamehameha Bakery in City Square Shopping Center (formerly on School Street since 1978). Oh, also, the new Kaka’ako Highway Inn. All “awesome sauce”.

      • July 21, 2014 at 11:06 am

        I was there this April and I told my dad and mom about Kakaako’s Highway Inn (thanks to your post!), and my dad was like, eh – nevah mind Highway Inn, I make you one laulau plate! Sure enough, Dad bought some laulau (and maybe poi?) from Costco (I know right) and all the extra goodies from Alicia’s Market, Foodland, and wherever! When I return, I hope to try Highway Inn in Kaakako. They did get me some cocoa puffs from Liliha Bakery but I didn’t know they even made those cute japanese savory pastries. I miss those! In fact, I’m making curry from the box and hoping to turn the leftovers to a St Germain knock off curry fry and katsu curry! My mom and dad took me on an “unintentional” local grindz foodie tour and sadly, Nanding’s wasn’t in the picture. Waah!

        I know it’s weird (and since we’re talking about pastries), and my sister thinks I’m a total weirdo too, but I miss the flaky donuts from Zippy’s. Do you like them?

        • July 21, 2014 at 11:15 am


          I think the “flaky donuts” from Zippy’s you’re referring to are Apple Napples from Zippy’s in-house bakery called Napoleon’s. They also made one with Zippy’s Chili in it….


          The Laulau at Costco is either Keoki’s (Halm’s) or Ono Ono. Both inferior to Highway Inn, Helena’s, Ono’s, People’s Cafe or Young’s, yet good enough if you haven’t had laulau for a long time.

          I seriously need to compare all said places above for one great “Wow Laulau Laulau Smackdown”!


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