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Review: Blue Bunny Coconut Mango Swirl

Rarely do I review obscure nationally distributed food products on this site. However with Hawaii’s summer mango season in full swing, upon sighting Blue Bunny’s new Premium Coconut Mango Swirl this past week in my local grocery store freezer, I couldn’t resist trying one of my favorite brands of ice cream, touting two of my top favorite tropical fruits… or in the coconut’s case, a drupe.

All you have to do is “Hawaiian-ize” the name, and instantly in the marketing world this product sounds “exotic”, e.g. “Coconut 4 Ewa Mango Swirl”. Or, “Coconut Ka’anapali Mango Swirl”. Or, “Coconut Makaha Mango Swirl”… or wherever it is in your neck of the woods in Hawaii, and it sounds cool to enjoy scoops of on a hot Hawaiian summer day.

Whichever name you choose, the more exotic it sounds, its taste better match up to those expectations. Of which looking at the ingredients of Blue Bunny’s Coconut Mango Swirl, it took at least three towards the beginning worthy of a science project before coconut itself is listed.

Thankfully, the mango part of the equation is called a sorbet, and with that, I’m happy to report it tastes pretty much the whole fruit part. Whew.

As for the part of “swirl”, as you can see in the photo above, it hardly looks the case in my particular 1.75 quart carton (of which that size number is a gripe for a whole nother blog in the category “The Fleecing of America”).

From the excellent On Second Scoop review blog, this is how it should look at the top…

Thankfully, upon digging through the 1.75 quart (essentially shorting every American consumer 1/4th of a quart of Ice Cream/purchase, as compared to a full 1/2 gallon), the “Maunawili” Mango Swirl was evident…

And? It comes across to me like Blue Bunny took Häagen-Dazs most EXCELLENT, genuinely tasting Mango Sorbet, and mixed it with the crappiest coconut B.S. ice cream money can buy. Seriously, where the EFF is the “coconut” in this? I sure as hell hardly taste coconut AT ALL.

I’ll put it this way: my ‘Coconut Butter’ body wash and shampoo bath kit smells more like coconut than the “coconut” ice cream part of this Blue Bunny “Coconut Mango Swirl” tastes.

To top off the lack of authentic and hardly remote artificial coconut flavor, the ice cream base comes across as dreadfully fatty, artificially preserved and “dead”, lacking the creamy, nicely aerated, quality texture I’ve always loved about other Blue Bunny Ice Cream flavors. Namely  Bunny Tracks®, which to me is like a frozen orgasm in a tub, spoonful after decadent spoonful. Note to self: place Blue Bunny Bunny Tracks® in shopping cart upon next supermarket shop.

Thankfully as stated prior, the ‘Mango Swirl’ part of this two-part equation tastes pretty much like fresh mango, turned into a sorbet, being on par with Häagen-Dazs most excellent take on that.

At that point, I pretty much all but gave up on my high hopes of coconut, yet thankfully I had a  handy-dandy Ewa Beach Mango on hand that I cut-up into bite size pieces to genuinely underscore the Hawaiian mango part in Blue Bunny’s Coconut Mango Swirl Ice Cream.

And? While there’s just one personal very nagging thing that bothers me about the area, I must admit, the bite-size pieces of these very sweet Ewa Beach Haden Mango pieces mixed with Blue Bunny’s Coconut Mango Swirl Ice Cream Sorbet hybrid tastes AWESOME!

The Tasty Island rating of Blue Bunny’s Premium Coconut Mango Swirl Without fresh-cut sweet Ewa Beach Mango:

(1) Average. (She Go)

The Tasty Island rating of Blue Bunny’s Premium Coconut Mango Swirl with fresh-cut sweet Ewa Beach Mango:

(4) Excellent. Worth another visit or purchase. (Winnahz!)

For a second opinion, check out the following link:

Blue Bunny Coconut Mango Swirl Ice Cream – On Second Scoop

4 thoughts on “Review: Blue Bunny Coconut Mango Swirl

  • July 3, 2014 at 8:00 am

    When I saw the lead picture I thought I clicked on the Impulsive Buy website. BTW, how much was that container of ice cream? Just curious how expensive it is ova dea.

    • July 3, 2014 at 8:03 am


      $4.50 on sale at Don Quijote, regular retail $8, like most “half-gallon” ice cream here at regular retail price, some brands a bit higher.

  • July 3, 2014 at 1:57 pm

    Will head to Don Quijote to try some it seem like a good favor. I will jazz it up also like you .


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