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Liliha Bakery’s New Nimitz Sign

Creative Signs & Designs just completed putting up Liliha Bakery’s new “light can” sign upon the awning of the main entrance of their new Nimitz Highway location this afternoon.

Before (just last week)…


…. and it looks SWEET! I for one, LOVE IT!

It’s a traditional commercial “light can” type, fabricated out of plexiglass and shaped aluminum font-shaped boxes, mounted on a “raceway” (the brown box in back, that has the necessary transformers), where as indicated and come to learn from one of the installers, it’s actually still “old school” NEON-lit (not LED). Should any of the neon tubes burn out, they can unbolt the frame of the can to remove the plexiglass face and restore each neon tube as needed, no fuss.

There will be an exact duplicate of this Liliha Bakery “light can” sign that will replace the huge Sam Choy Breakfast, Lunch & Crab sign still up on the backside of the building, facing traffic on Nimitz heading into town.

Can’t wait to see the new sign lit up at night! And there will surely be many, many, many people taking photos with this new Liliha Bakery sign in the background, to landmark where they just got some famous Liliha Bakery Coco Puffs. :-)

For the latest Liliha Bakery updates, check out Facebook.com/LilihaBakeryHi

To the left of Liliha Bakery will be a Hoku Brewing Company (previously Aloha Beer Company) and Manapua & More, which will be a small deli style shop at the front left of Hoku Brewing Company…

This is the inside of Manapua & More…

For a preview of their menu, visit www.ManapuaandMore.com


One thought on “Liliha Bakery’s New Nimitz Sign

  • July 2, 2014 at 7:29 am

    Interesting that when I see that sign I can’t think of any on the building at the old school location in Liliha. The only sign I seem to remember is a white sign mounted on the corner. Thought they would include something about their world famous coco puffs under the name.


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