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Ju-Mui Hawaiian Li-Hing Ice Pops Hana Hou

Ju-Mui Hawaiian Li-Hing Mui Ice Pops

Last month I introduced the Green River and Pineapple flavor Ju-Mui Hawaiian Li-Hing Mui Ice Pops. Well, company owner Randal Yee and his wife Jan were so appreciative and happy with that review, as well as mocking-up a logo for them, that they kindly provided me every flavor they make (and then some!) to sample so I could complete the review, as we’re doing today.

Ju-Mui Hawaiian Li-Hing Mui Ice Pops: (top to bottom) Pineapple, Green River, Vanilla, Strawberry, Lychee and Orange

As noted in the original review, Ju-Mui Hawaiian Li-Hing Mui Ice Pops are currently available exclusively at all 7-Eleven of Hawaii stores, retailing for $1.99 each.

The only two flavors not available for retail and for special order only are the Lychee and Orange-Mui flavors, being their syrups are hand-made from scratch, and more involving in the production process. Other than those two, the Pineapple, Green River, Vanilla and Strawberry are sourced commercially, which are otherwise provided by Malolo Beverages & Supplies.

Left to right, top to bottom row: Green River-Mui, Vanilla-Mui, Strawberry-Mui, Orange-Mui, Lychee-Mui and Pineapple-Mui Ju-Mui Hawaiian Li-Hing Ice Pops

Upon sampling every flavor now, I can most definitely, without a question say the Lychee was my favorite. Dang, the Lychee-Mui Ju-Mui Ice Pop ROCKS!  It tastes almost like Lychee Ice Cream, which I must note is surprisingly absent from local store shelves. Common’ Meadow Gold, Roselani and Tropilicious, get with the program! Bust out da’ Hawaiian Lychee Ice Cream!

Seriously though, because there’s cream in all Ju-Mui flavors, it gives each one that rich ‘n smooth dairy ice cream element. Sort of like a slushy ice cream, if you will. And that very notion is what makes the Lychee flavor standout, especially since it tastes the most natural like the real fruit of the entire lot.

Lychee-Mui Ju-Mui Hawaiian Li-Hing Mui Ice Pop

Coming into tie for second place are the Orange-Mui and Vanilla-Mui flavors, where not surprisingly, the Orange-Mui reminded me of a slightly salty Orange Creamsicle. Love that stuff, and this was icy cold ‘n ono example of it. That uniquely Chinese salty n’ tangy element from the Li Hing powder generously mixed in also really complimented well with the “creamy” Vanilla flavor, accented of course from the inclusion of actual dairy cream.

Third place for me goes to the Green River, fourth place to the Strawberry, and fifth place to the Pineapple. I really think they should try to get at least some real fruit blended in each one, even if it means raising the price 25 to 50 cents each. Kids probably don’t mind artificially flavored treats, however most more sophisticated adult palates demand the real fruit deal, as I would prefer.

Ju-Mui Li-Hing Ice Pops feature a whole sweet Li-Hing Mui seed (with seed) in each one

The Li-Hing Mui seed packed in each one about one-third way in from one side is certainly a nice little treasure hunt treat worth getting to, tasting extra nice due it being ice cold. Speaking of which, what you could do at home is fill an ice tray or two with your favorite fruit juice, then place a Li-Hing Mui seed in each one and freeze. There you go: Ju-Mui Ice Cubes!

Wrapping it up with all Ju-Mui flavors tasted, licked, smacked ‘n slurped, once again, the Lychee-Mui Ju-Mui Li-Hing Ice Pop for the win! Creamy-dreamy, real Lychee icy goodness with a Li-Hing twist. Excellent! Randal, you should seriously consider getting that flavor out to stores, even if it means a marginal increase in price, at least for that flavor. Worth it!

As for their logo, in the first review, I drafted a prototype for Ju-Mui to improve its branding image. This is what that looked like:

Ju-Mui logo rendering version 1 by Pomai

Randal really liked, it, however naturally made a few suggestions, which based on that, here’s my second take on it:

Ju-Mui logo rendering version 2 by Pomai

He suggested a baseball cap on sideways, but I thought it masked too much of the shape of Ju-Mui’s Li-Hing Mui shaped head. So I gave Ju-Mui a snow-capped head of “hair” instead. Randal also suggested Ju-Mui wearing rubber slippers, however I got rid of the legs, as that was too busy.

Logo designs should be as simple as possible, where even this one’s a bit busy, yet I think it works.

The “Hemi Head” font is Randal’s choice, which I might change “Ju-Mui” part to a bolder, non-italicized version. Otherwise, the only thing I think needs improvement is the illustration of the ice pop in Ju-Mui’s hand.

Here’s  how it would look applied to the product:

I really like it! NOW it’s a BRAND! What’s super cool, is it kinda’ has a “Chinese Hawaiian” look to it if you will. I can totally see a Ju-Mui costumed mascot walking around special events handing out Ju-Mui Ice Pops to party goers.

Any suggestions for Ju-Mui’s logo design? Ever tried Ju-Mui Hawaiian Li-Hing Ice Pops yet?


4 thoughts on “Ju-Mui Hawaiian Li-Hing Ice Pops Hana Hou

  • April 14, 2014 at 1:02 am

    Too bad no pina colada one or a mojito. Then again it would ended up selling at the bars for grown up.

  • April 14, 2014 at 3:19 am

    But what’s the deal with artificial sweeteners?

  • April 15, 2014 at 2:11 pm

    @ Fat Fudge – Well, it’s no different than Shave Ice, right? Still, in light of that sentiment, I also think they should add an “upscale” line of Ju-Mui that features real fruit juice for like maybe $1 or so more. With that, as Amy suggested, skies the limit!

    Ju-Mui Premium Hawaiian Ice Pops flavors
    • Pina Colada Mui
    • Lava Flow Mui
    • Mojito Mui
    • Mai Tai Mui
    • Mango Mui
    • Guava Mui
    • Lilikoi Mui
    … and on and on

    That said, company owner Randal & Jan Yee picked (and loved!) my logo design for their new brand image. Yay! Here’s the final vectored version going to print, including Ju-Mui Hawaiian Ice Pops product packaging, T-shirts ‘n more…

    Ju-Mui Hawaiian Li-Hing Ice Pops logo

    And here’s a banner I created for them that they’ll use for promotional events…

    Ju-Mui Hawaiian Li-Hing Ice Pops Banner

    I’m quite happy with how it turned out. :-)

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