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AroundHawaii.com: Hurry Up and Cook

My December article for AroundHawaii.com is now published. Yay! There’s a couple minor typos here and there I need to let Cy know about that, otherwise, it turned out exactly how I wanted it presented.

It’s about using a pressure cooker, and how adamant I am about every kitchen having one. Which I’ll reiterate here again, if you or your loved ones don’t have a pressure cooker yet, put that on the top of this season’s Christmas gift list for sure!

Drop by the site and show some love!

P.S. I was walking through King Street in Chinatown the other week and stopped by Sing Hing Market, where they feature an eclectic selection of live seafood and every cut of a pig, from snout to tail. The owners were busy with customers, so I wasn’t able to get the names of everything (their signage was minimal), so if you know exactly what each thing is, please leave a comment. That said, here’s some photos. Gross out and enjoy!


Tastes like chicken!



One thought on “AroundHawaii.com: Hurry Up and Cook

  • December 2, 2013 at 8:17 am

    aloha pomai……the big crabs you see are the dungeness crabs….very popular and indigenous to the pacific and pacific northwest. the season just opened for north coast california/oregon/washington. steam up and whack ’em with some drawn butter & lemon. or if you’re adventerous, get tons of chopped garlic, butter, italian parsley and wrap up the steamed & cracked crab in foil and roast in an oven at 350F for about 30mins. the juices are great to sop up with sourdough bread or even hawaiian sweet rolls…….or tossed in some al dente pasta like linguine. it’s very divine! anyways, except for the froggies, everything looks oishii :D


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