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The Tasty Island Zoom Contest – Round I

The Tasty Island Zoom Contest – Round I: deadline to submit your answers to what these photos are and where it’s from is on Tuesday, November 26, 2013. eMail your answers to pomai_05<at>yahoo<dot>com (typed out in context as recipientname@host.com)

Modeled after HawaiiThreads.com‘s once popular ‘Honolulu Zoom‘ photo hunting contest, The Tasty Island proudly carries on the torch, aptly titled here as ‘The Tasty Island Zoom’ Contest.  I’ve asked Ryan Ozawa, the moderator and owner of HawaiiThreads.com for permission to adapt his contest here, which he’s given all his blessings.

The Tasty Island Zoom Contest

The way The Tasty Island Zoom Contest works is, a set of photos will be posted for each round, and you’ll have to identify them. Logos, buildings, art and food may very well be elements of this game. The twist, if you can call it that, is the “zoom” bit – the photos will feature only a tiny part of the landmark, structure, object, whatever. You’ll have to figure out what you’re looking at, without seeing the whole thing.

It’s really fun, especially if you have the answers for some, but not all the photos, where the challenge of trying to figure out the entire set makes it that much more engaging!

Difficulty: Some are ridiculously easy, and some are… less than easy. Each set has one or more “giveaways” and one or more “head scratchers.” Obviously people outside Oahu where the photos will be taken are at a distinct disadvantage in this game. Sorry! You can try Google Earth Street View, but keep in mind, some photos or entire sets will be taken away from view of their camera, so it won’t be that easy!

Playing: Each set of photos will be numbered, where you must list each photo by their number, describing what and where it is.The more descriptive and accurate, the more chance your score will be “curved” in your favor, in the event other players scores are tied with yours.

YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO SUBMIT AN ANSWER FOR EVERY PHOTO IN THE SET. Do the best you can and submit as many and in detail as you know, that’s all is asked!

YOU MUST EMAIL YOUR ANSWERS. Submit your answers by the stated deadline to pomai_05 <at> yahoo <dot> com, with “ZOOM CONTEST” in the subject line. Please note what screen name you use for The Tasty Island in your eMail. It would be best if you round-up all your answers first, then send them in at one time. However, you can send in answers or make updates to your answers whenever and at what frequency you want, as long as they are received by the deadline.

Here’s an example of how to submit your answers in your eMail:

Subject: Zoom Contest

The Tasty Island Screen Name: Jerry F.

Round 01
The theme:  Restaurant Signs
1.) California Pizza Kitchen – Ala Moana Center
2.) Like Like Drive In – neon sign on Ke’eaumoku Street
3.) Wahoo’s  – Ward Avenue
4.) Palace Saimin – Kalihi (King Street)

COMMENTS FOR THE GAME POST WILL BE DISABLED DURING THE EFFECTIVE CONTEST PERIOD. Please do not spoil the game by saying or hinting answers in comments anywhere else on this blog. Any comments that include hints or answers to the game prior to its end date will either be edited or deleted.

Scoring: One point for each photo in the set correctly identified (basically what the photo depicts and where it’s located). The more detailed your answer the better – I may ‘curve’ scores, depending on how many folks’ answers reach whatever level of completeness! Plus, an easy extra point if you get the “theme.” The theme could be, “They’re all green,” or, “They’re all in Waikiki,” or, “They’re all on Kapahulu Avenue,” or, “They’re all Korean”. If there are tied scores, each player will be placed in order of time the answers were submitted by eMail. So the sooner you submit your correct answers the better your chance of winning!

Contest results and winners: At the end of the contest, scores will be tallied and up to the top 10 scoring participants who submitted answers will be listed in a follow-up contest results post, along with the prize winners.

Prizes: There will always be one grand prize winner, and if additional prizes are available, there will be a second place and third place winner as well. What the prize(s) are will be announced at the start of each round (donations to the prize pool are certainly welcome!). Hopefully, the real reward will be in the playing!

Note, you must be willing to provide a valid postal mailing address where your prize will be sent to you. You will only be asked for your mailing address if you are a winner. Either myself (Pomai) or the sponsor(s) of the prize(s) will be the sender of your prize.

Schedule: These won’t be posted on a pre-set schedule, though I will set a deadline for answers for each round, typically one week from the start of each round, however depending on difficulty, could be shorter or longer than that. How long this contest runs depends on how much y’all are enjoying it, and how many photo sets I can come up with.


ROUND I Starts Now!

Here we go! The photo set at the top and repeated on bottom of this post is for Round I. Since this is the very first round of this game, the “tip” to help you out is, all the photos in this set are from past posts on this blog. And that’s all you get!

There’s 12 photos, with 13 points total, plus bonus points for more detailed, accurate answers! You have 7 days to submit them. eMail your answers to pomai_05 <at> yahoo <dot> com no later than Tuesday, November 26, 2013. Any answers submitted after that deadline will be disregarded. The winners of Round I will be announced on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 28, 2013 on this blog, and an eMail notification will be sent to each winner.

The prizes for Round I will be:

1st place – Grand Prize Winner will receive THREE $10 Jack in the Box Cash Cards (a $30 value!)
• 2nd place – Second Place Winner will receive TWO $10 Jack in the Box Cash Cards (a $20 value!)
• 3rd place – Third Place Winner will receive ONE $10 Jack in the Box Cash Card (a $10 value!)

As a courtesy to Jack in the Box, our prize sponsor for this round, a review on the new Jack in the Box Munchie Meals will be featured in the follow-up winners announcement post.

Enter to win and have fun!

Note: COMMENTS FOR THIS POST HAVE BEEN TEMPORARILY DISABLED. During its active status, please do not say or hint your answers for this contest anywhere else on The Tasty Island. Mahalo. ;-)

P.S. While comments are disabled for this post, please vote in the following poll!


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