The New SPAM® Brand Teriyaki Guess & Drive Away Contest

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WIN a One-Year Lease on a 2014 FORD FLEX!

Hawaii is right behind Guam as the top consumer in the nation of SPAM, gobbling down a “SPAM-a-licious” 7 million cans per year. Wow! That’s quite a lot of SPAM ‘n Eggs Breakfast Platters, SPAM Bento Boxes, SPAM Saimin, and of course, SPAM Musubi. And it’s no wonder we have our very own annual Waikiki ‘SPAM JAM‘.

With that, in celebration of SPAM’s newest onolicious flavor, SPAM® Brand Teriyaki, a contest is being held where you can enter to win a one-year lease on a 2014 Ford Flex by guessing how many SPAM® Brand Teriyaki cans are inside the Ford Flex without exceeding the amount. Participating Oahu radio stations KCCN FM100, Hawaiian Kine 105, Power 104.3 and Krater 96 will reveal where the Ford Flex will be next, so you can go there and put in your guess. The winner will be announced at the Grand Prize Give Away Event at Honolulu Ford on Sunday, October 27th.

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Must be 18 years or older and a Hawaii resident to enter. No purchase necessary. Restrictions apply. For more information and complete contest rules, please visit

P.S. Here’s how the new SPAM® Brand Teriyaki can looks like, courtesy of Don Quijote via my awesome Canon PowerShot S100

Hormel Teriyaki SPAM

Hormel Teriyaki SPAM - front label

Hormel Teriyaki SPAM - back label

While I have yet to try it, if it tastes as good as SPAM with a teriyaki glaze on it as is traditionally done, this will make it that much easier for making SPAM Musubi. As for the label design, very, very nice! Except they should have dressed that “Glorious SPAM!” knight mascot in an aloha or palaka shirt and plantation hat, holding up a big “SHAKA”!


The New SPAM® Brand Teriyaki Guess & Drive Away Contest — 22 Comments

  1. Amy,

    No, it runs on Premium Grade Teriyaki Sauce. lol No, seriously, it runs on petroleum fuel (gasoline). If it were a hybrid, they would have stated that, as that’s a trendy feature worth adding extra “fluff” to the promotion.

    I have a friend who owns a Ford Flex, and she LOVES it. Says it’s the best car she’s ever owned. That said, whoever wins the Flex will probably want to continue paying for the lease after the free one year time period.

    It must also be noted, the Ford Flex being used for the contest has since been emblazoned with purple SPAM® Brand Teriyaki graphics (looks like the can label), so you can’t miss it.

  2. This product was obviously made just for the Spam musubi market as it doesn’t fit the taste profile of the breakfast Spam or the Saimin spam. . And while Hormel considers Hawaii a premium and gateway market, that is saying something. about how far Hormel will go to keep that market share. I know Japanese are aware of Spam musubi, but I don’t think it is popular except on vacation, where I see it consumed quite often by tourists. On the other it has caught on in Guam. I have no idea about Korea or the Philippines. And in China they eat it in ordinary sandwiches, just like the mainland farmers. How about that?
    Next: Teriyaki Gotteberg ?

    • pat,

      It would be safe to say that most Hawaii folks agree “It’s about time!”, in regard to Hormel busting out a Teriyaki-flavored SPAM. This, after bacon, cheese, turkey and what have you. And even cooler that they gave Hawaii a tribute label design!

      As for Nihongin’ recognition of SPAM Musubi, how ironic you mention that, as when I was in the aisle at Don Quijote checking out the new Teriyaki flavor, there was a Nihongin couple looking at other flavors of SPAM on the shelf. To which i mentioned to them in somewhat broken Nihongo that this here Teriyaki SPAM was a new flavor, used popularly for SPAM Musubi. And they were kinda’ like, “What are you talking about? Never heard of SPAM Musubi before.” I don’t know. Was weird. Probably my really broken Nihongo confused them. lol

      Anyhow, regarding Teriyaki Goteborg, well you do know I created a custom label design for Kauai’s own Goteborg Musubi…

      Goteborg Musubi label design Kauai

  3. I was just looking at that photo (courtesy of of the Teriyaki SPAM cans piled inside the Ford Flex, thinking there must be a mathematical way to calculate the closest guess, based on cubic dimensions of each can divided by the cubic dimensions of the Ford Flex interior, minus the cubic dimensions of the seats, also factoring in how high it’s piled, give or take the space between the sloppily piled cans, which really is the crux of the equation. Or something revolving around that formula. All I know is when it comes to human relationships, usually 1×2=3, or variably higher than that. lol

  4. Arny,

    Check your email. I think you’re way off. Try watch the video.

    I just thought of something: I’m willing to bet exactly one entire pallet of SPAM Teriyaki cans are in that Flex, no more, no less. So if you know how many cans of SPAM are on each pallet, I think that’s the magic number. Either that, or in quadrants of the quantity on the pallet, e.g. .25, .5, .75, 1, 1.25, 1.5 or 1.75 pallet SPAM can count. Again, no more or less than that exact quadrant, whichever it is (I’d have to see the inside the car myself to tell which is closest).

    Which I’m only giving away my little secret assumption because I personally am not interested in winning that car. I’m very happy with my FJ. And if you win the Flex based on my “secret tip”, whoever you are, you owe me a cruise around the North Shore (including lunch and shave ice) the day after you get it. ;-)

    Here, this might help…

    Hormel SPAM pallet

      • Arny,

        Then that’s it! 1,440 cans of SPAM Teriyaki are in the Ford Flex. Can someone do me a favor and please put in an entry for me? Enter my name as Pomai Souza, along with my email address located on this blog’s ‘About’ page. Thanks!

        And if you get picked as the winner using the same magic 1,440 number, again you owe me a cruise around the North shore, including lunch and shave ice. And Arny too, when he flies in. If I win the Flex, I’ll do the same for three lucky Tasty Island readers (maybe one more if you don’t mind sitting on my lap lol).


  5. In Okinawa, Spam is as prevalent as it is in Hawaii; in newspapers, the weekly inserts for the various supermarkets will always have a special on Spam or Tulip. It’s usually used in champuru (stir fries) or fried and served with a fried egg. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it served there as musubi (although on the 70th anniversary commemorative can, there’s a “special receipe” for musubi on the back — by the way, Pomai, an a trip to Okinawa in January, I picked up a 75th ann. commemorative can!). However, in “mainland” Japan, you really don’t see Spam at all, unless it’s in conjunction with Okinawa (like at one of the prefectural shops, or a restaurant), and maybe, to a lesser extent, Hawaii.

    My mom used to julienne shoyu Spam (with julienned tamago, takuan, & steamed spinach) as a filling for maki sushi. She would also use diced shoyu Spam for the filling in inarizushi and fried rice. I thought we ate a lot of Spam because my Dad, who’s from Arkansas, liked it a lot. I didn’t know until I was older, and actually travelled there, that Spam was so popular in Okinawa, and that my Mom had probably had it a lot in the post-war years.

    I’d be a little wary of the teriyaki Spam, only because in mass-produced, commercial applications, teriyaki is gloppy, too sweet and overpowering. I’ll be interested in hear what people think of it.

    • Debbie-chan,

      The late “Hwn Pake in Okinawa” blogger Nate once sent me a picture of an aisle in a supermarket in Okinawa that was filled with all kinds of brands of luncheon meat. IIRC, he also mentioned SPAM was expensive there compared to other brands.

      Speaking of price, Don Quijote, where I took the photos of the new Teriyaki SPAM had all the other flavors on sale, 4 for $9 ($2.25 per can), NOT INCLUDING the new Teriyaki flavor, which as you see on the sign is marked at $3.99 regular retail price. Suckahs! They know it’s in high demand right now ’cause it’s new, so they want max. margins. Admittedly, I’d do the same if I were the merchant or store manager.

      One brand I don’t see on our shelves anymore is Tulip, which is a product of Denmark. I did a comparo a while ago, facing SPAM against Tulip and Treet. Not surprisingly, SPAM beat them both quite comfortably.

      I remember you sending me photos of the 70th Anniversary Okinawan commemorative SPAM can…

      70th Anniversary SPAM Can from Okinawa

      70th Anniversary SPAM can from Okinawa - back

      and also this MOS “Okinawa Burger”…

      MOS Okinawa Burger

      As I mentioned in the Tanaka Saimin Burger post, I’d like to do my own version, differentiating it by naming it the “Oki Burger”, using Okinawan Yakisoba as the “bun”, and ground pork as the patty, along with Rafute (shoyu pork) as the meat of it.

      So your dad’s from Arkansas, eh? You must be very attractive, being hapa haole-Japanese. Always a great looking mixture!

      Of course you KNOW I’m going to do a blog review here of the new Teriyaki SPAM. I’m just waiting for it go on sale. No way am I paying $4 for a can of SPAM. ;-)

  6. I actually like Tulip a little better than Spam, but maybe it’s for sentimental reasons, since I can really only have it in Okinawa. Unfortunately, when I was back there earlier this year, I went to the same MOS Burger in Naha where I had the Okinawa Burger four years earlier, but they didn’t appear to have it anymore. :( I was really looking forward to it, too!

    And no, I’m not very attractive, just very average. I pull strongly from the Asian side; people don’t automatically peg me as hapa. Nothing “exotic” here!

    Looking forward to reading/seeing the Oki Burger!

    • Debbie-chan,

      Well I guess Tulip never really caught on here in Hawaii if they pulled out of the market. Diner A once tried the Walmart brand Luncheon Meat, and he said it was pretty darned good! Plus of course being much cheaper than SPAM. IIRC the Walmart brand is like 99 cents a can.

      Bummers MOS Burger took the Okinawa Burger off the menu. You’d think that would be a mainstay item over there, being how popular luncheon meat is. I really dig the concept of a bun shaped out of rice!

      I notice that with some hapa haole-asian mixed people. They either look really half-and-half, and you can TELL they’re mixed with caucasian and some type of asian blood. Then you have those who totally pull the asian side, or you have some that pull more the caucasian side, with the only asian feature being slightly slanted eyes. What’s weird, is I didn’t look like either of my parents when I was little boy. Then as I got into adulthood, I totally pulled my dad’s side, looking almost just like him (he’s pure Portuguese). You can see the German too though, as I have a pretty pronounced brow area, which is common with German men (at least before, not so much now). I suppose my English blood is where I get my writing skills, and my Hawaiian blood is where I love too hard. lol

      Yeah, the Oki Burger should be interesting, especially with the thicker Okinawan Yakisoba Noodles used to make the “bun” vs. Saimin noodles. I’m debating whether to incorporate the veggies (carrots and green onions) as part of the noodle bun, or place them as a topping with the meat inside the noodle “bun” (like lettuce and tomato is done for a regular hamburger). I’m also debating whether I should incorporate Tsukemono into it, or serve that on the side? Also whether I should mix a Misoyaki type of sauce in with the ground pork to add flavor to the pork burger patty. Not sure if would need that, when there’s going to be flavor-packed Rafute (Okinawan Shoyu Pork) on top of it. What do you think?

  7. My boyfriend is half Caucasian (Irish) and Chinese. He was born in Hong Kong and speak Chinese better than me. He look like all Caucasian and people shock when he speak Chinese. I try the teriyaki spam in a Saimin burger and taste very good.

    • Amy,

      I remember some old family acquaintances from Hong Kong when we visited there who were actually British natives (IIRC). It was weird, as they could speak pure Chinese, yet while speaking English, they had this really thick English accent. “Water” was “wow-tah”, it was that thick in English accent. Yet once they ripped out the Cantonese, LOOK OUT!

  8. Rafute is flavor-packed, but I could see adding the misoyaki sauce (or just plain miso, come to that), to up the umami of the patty, as opposed to giving it a flavor that would likely be overwhelmed by the rafute …

    • Debbie-chan,

      Regarding the Oki Burger, my other option was to omit the Rafute (Okinawan Shoyu Pork), instead flavoring the ground pork-based burger patty in the “style” of Rafute. This, by either preparing Rafute separately, and using the enriched Rafute sauce to coat the plain ground pork patty. Which would pretty much essentially be a super-duper kicked-up Teriyaki-based ground pork patty. Or, Mix prepared Rafute, cut-up within the ground pork, making sure to flame-grill it so that the sugars and fat from the belly pork caramelize and melt all over for max’ flavor effect. How you figgah?

  9. KuMasta fAmily,
    NONE Teriyaki spam here in the states yet. SEND some so we can taste.
    Thanks family. Oregon fog setting in, (October).

    • DCOhana,

      Will do!

      I couldn’t find any information about whether Hormel will eventually market the Teriyaki flavor nationwide. I sent them an eMail and will get back to you that.

      It’d be interesting if Hormel did a Filipino-inspired SPAM Adobo flavor. Shoyu, vinegar, peppercorns and bay leaves. Being SPAM is pork-based, should work! Anyone ever try making SPAM Adobo at home?

  10. Oh, I go with the second! That could be really good. There’s a burger place in San Mateo called Jack’s Prime that serves “The Ultimate Bacon” — a hamburger with bacon in the patty (plus bacon on top, and served with maple bacon mayo). It works!

  11. FYI, Times Supermarket currently has SPAM on sale for $1.59 each, including the new Teriyaki flavor, which is the cheapest price in town. Not surprisingly being new, the Teriyaki flavor was the only one sold out (at the Mililani location). They said all their locations are currently sold out of the Teriyaki flavor, being there was a limited quantity in the initial shipment, however you can get a raincheck for it, as they’re working on getting a transfer shipment.

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