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Dinner Banquet at Hee Hing

Our company once again held our annual mid-year celebration dinner banquet several weekends ago at Hee Hing Restaurant, located footsteps from the Honolulu Zoo at the Diamond Head end of Waikiki on Kapahulu Avenue. Hee Hing is an award-winning restaurant owned by the Lee family since 1963, serving a wide selection of traditional Cantonese specialties, including live lobster and crab, whole fresh fish, taro dishes, as well as Hong Kong style dim sum.

Without further ado, let’s check out the spread, starting with the appetizer station…

Hee Hing Restaurant – private dinner banquet appetizer station

Hee Hing Restaurant – famous Baked Mini Char Siu Manapua

Hee Hing Restaurant – Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Hee Hing Restaurant – Crispy Gau Gee (pork-filled Wontons)

Hee Hing Restaurant – Pork Hash

Hee Hing Restaurant – Chinese Chicken Salad

Hee Hing Restaurant – Sweet & Sour Sauce

Next up, the main entrees…

Hee Hing Restaurant – private dinner banquet main entree line

Hee Hing Restaurant – Chinese style steamed White Rice

Hee Hing Restaurant – Young Chow Fried Rice

Hee Hing Restaurant – Gon Lo Mein Noodles

Hee Hing Restaurant –  Braised Tofu with Chinese Vegetables

Hee Hing Restaurant – Sweet & Sour Pork

Hee Hing Restaurant – Beef Broccoli

Hee Hing Restaurant – Roasted Garlic Crispy Chicken

Hee Hing Restaurant – Pepper Salt Shrimp

Hee Hing Restaurant – Steamed Fish with Black Bean Sauce

Hee Hing Restaurant – private dinner banquet main entrees

Hungry yet? Better question would be, are you FULL yet? Hope not, because you gotta’ save some room for dessert…

Hee Hing Restaurant – Fresh Fruit Platter

Hee Hing Restaurant – Azuki Bean Fried Mochi

Hee Hing Restaurant – Almond Cookies

Hee Hing Restaurant – Mango Tapioca

Dinner is served, madam…

And? Ah, was junk. Nah, just kidding. Of course everything was EXCELLENT! To be honest, I actually arrived there still a bit stuffed from a birthday lunch just hours earlier at the Oceanarium, so couldn’t really “scorf out” at Hee Hing. However from what I picked on, everything was really ono, and tasted like it was fresh made. Which it was, as I watched the servers bring every dish out, and it was still steaming hot from the woks back in the kitchen just seconds earlier.

My favorite of course was the Salt & Pepper Crispy Shrimp and Steamed Fish with Black Bean Sauce. Both super-duper tasty! I’d definitely order that on my own terms. That Braised Tofu with Chinese Vegetables dish was a winner too. I didn’t try their baked manapua, however others who did gave it a thumbs-up. Neither did I have room for any of the dessert, and in retrospect, wish I had tried the Azuki Bean Mochi and Mango Tapioca. I will get back to you folks on that after I ask a few of my coworkers who may have tried them.

On top of that, our servers were on it, keeping our water glasses full, tea hot, finished plates removed promptly, and overall well tended to.

Overall, it was a fun, entertaining and delicious dinner banquet for our awesome company at Hee Hing Restaurant. Do Jeh!

Hee Hing Restaurant
449 Kapahulu Avenue
Suite 204
Honolulu, Hawaii 96815

Tel. (808) 735-5544

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