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Grindz of the Day: Happy 4th!

Going through a bunch of random foodie photos taken over the past couple months that were stored on my phone, I thought this was a good time to share them.

First up, from Alicia’s Market in Kalihi Kai, we have some Chinese style roasted Turkey Tails…

Alicia’s Market Chinese Style Roasted Turkey Tails

Next up, a “mini plate” variation of that from Alicia’s, this one including Chinese style Roast Pork as well…

Alicia’s Market “mini plate”, including Chinese style Roast Turkey Tails, Roast Pork, Kim Chee and Rice

Can’t have Chinese food without some noodles…

Alicia’s Market Fried Chow Mein Noodles

Oh, that’s right. We’re at Alicia’s, where along with Chinese, you can also get your Hawaiian on, Okinawan on, as well as your Puerto Rican on…

Alicia’s Market Pasteles Plate with Potato Salad, Kim Chee and Rice (only in Hawaii)

Not just one Pasteles, but dos…

Alicia’s Market Pasteles Plate with Potato Salad, Kim Chee and Rice

As always, the “cutaway” shot…

Alicia’s Market Pasteles

Moving along, further up Nimitz Highway, we have a “Huli Huli” style (cough-cough) Rotisserie Chicken plate from Koala Moa…

Koala Moa Mini Chicken plate

And Koala Moa’s Lemon Grass Rib plate…

Koala Moa Lemongrass Rib Plate

Fire ’em up over Kiawe….


Koala Moa “Huli Huli” style Rotisserie Chickens


Next up, we’re back to Chinese with a “Combo #5” plate from Chun Wah Kam’s new Kaka’ako location…

Chun Wah Kam (Kaka’ako) combo plate: Hong Kong Chow Mein and Chow Mein, Kau Yuk, Egg Fu Young and Chinese Roast Pork

Chun Wah Kam may be known for their Baked Manapua, but their “Golden Ticket” really is their Chinese style Roast Pork (the one being pointed at)…

Chun Wah Kam’s Chinese style Roast Pork is their “Golden Ticket”

That salty, crusty, light ‘n crunchy skin is what makes it. If there’s a Chinese version of everyone’s favorite, the venerable BACON, this is it!

Now we head on over to East Oahu for some IPA and Kalua Pork Nachos from Kona Brewing Company…

Kona Brewing Company Kalua Pork Nachos

And some Pizza Rolls…

Kona Brewing Company Pizza Rolls

The unrolled version with some fresh fruit…

Kona Brewing Company Cheese Pizza slice with fresh Strawberries and Pineapple

From the east, we head out west to Waipahu at the Hawaii Plantation Village for some grindz from the 2013 Portuguese Festa, here first with a Portuguese Sausage on Portuguese Sweet Bread Bun “Pocho Dog”…

Portuguese Festa Portuguese Sausage & Sweet Bread Bun “Dog”

The Portuguese version of pulled pork…

Portuguese Festa Vinha D’Alhos Sandwich

Can’t have a festival of ANY kind in Hawaii without Shave Ice…

Portuguese Festa serving Strawberry Shave Ice for just $1 a cone!

Where there’s Portuguese Festas, there must be Malasadas…

Portuguese Festa Malasadas – recipe, preparation and cooking by volunteers… and really ono!

From WaipaHOO, we’re back to Waikiki at the Oceanarium Restaurant in the Pacific Beach Hotel for their Sunday Brunch Buffet, where yours truly wastes no time and heads straight for the seafood “Gold”..

Oceanarium Sunday Brunch goodness: Sashimi, Salmon Lox (sans the bagel), Mussels, Tako Poke, Ahi Poke and Shrimp Cocktail

Notice no starch. Who wants “filler” when there’s so much “Gold” to be had? You know the rules!

Round II…

Oceanarium Restaurant Sunday Brunch Buffet: Shrimp Tempura, Alaskan Snow Crab Legs and Prime Rib

You should have seen the two guys sitting next to us. All they ate for about well over an hour straight were nothing but snow crab. Piles upon piles of snow crab legs on their plates, and nothing else, even with everything else that’s there to be had. They were on a snow crab MISSION!

Round III for me…

Oceanarium Restaurant Sunday Brunch: Soft Serve Vanilla Ice Cream, topped with Chocolate, Coconut Syrup and Chopped Walnuts, along with a side of more Sashimi and Shoyu Wasabi sauce

Yes, my friends, “dessert” for me on this occasion was nothing but Soft Serve Vanilla Ice Cream with all the fixinz and… and… more SASHIMI!  Ice Cream and Sashimi? Hah? Why not? You lucky I didn’t add the Sashimi right on top of the Ice Cream!  lol

Finally, we’re back on Maui at our hotel for some complimentary coffee, juice, pastries and fresh fruit…

Kamaole Sands (Kihei, Maui) complimentary pastries and fruits

Kamaole Sands (Kihei, Maui) complimentary Kona coffee (go figure), pastries and fruits

And how was everything just shown? Well, I’m still and plan to stay on my predominantly pescetarian diet, therefore most of the heavy meat dishes shown above weren’t mine (except for that Ribs plate from Koala Moa, which was, eh, so-so), yet I did get to sample a few bites here and there from each dish shown, and? Supah ono, right across the board! Especially them Turkey Tails and Roast Pork from Alicias, and Roast Pork from Chun Wah Kam. Enough to tempt and convert even the most ardent vegetarian for sure!

P.S. Back on Oahu’s North Shore, a shot from a beach in Mokuleia…

You can’t see them in the photo, however soon after I took this shot, a whole family of Honu (Hawaiian Sea Turtle) showed up right there near the shoreline by that downed tree branch, swimming around, bobbing their heads out of the water and scoping things out. There were about 8 of them, including one that the shell had to have been at least 30″x36″ in size or larger. Not sure if that was daddy or mommy, but that Honu was GAMERA MASSIVE!

Interestingly, that entire “family” of Honu were very curious about me, continuously swimming up to me one by one where I stood by the shoreline. It was a kinda’ spiritual moment, actually.  Anyway, I took some video of them that I’ll share with you later.

Have a fun and safe 4th of July!

6 thoughts on “Grindz of the Day: Happy 4th!

  • July 4, 2013 at 4:24 pm

    Wow! Just…Wow! I think I’m full just looking through all those photos! A couple weeks ago I was in Walmart, here in rural eastern Oregon, and as I walked past the limited Asian food section, something reached out and grabbed me, haha! They actually had bottles of NOH Hawaiian BBQ sauce! They also had Aloha Shoyu! Unbelievable. So I got a bottle of BBQ sauce and had it with some smoked pulled pork, yum! Not sure how Walmart in podunk USA managed to get these. Miracles do happen. :-D

    • July 4, 2013 at 7:27 pm

      Ann, I can’t recall immediately off-hand, but weren’t you the one who spoke a lot about Iwajimaya Market in Portland, and how they carry lots of imported Hawaii products?

      As for NOH, since this post features lots of Chinese style roast meats, you should try NOH’s Charsiu mix (dehydrated in a packet and really cheap). It’s EXCELLENT! I’d recommend “doctoring” it with some honey and other fun flavors you like in your Charsiu Pork, Duck, Turkey Tails, Tako, or whatever else you like.

      I’d also recommend the nationally distributed Kikkoman sauce mixes in the dry packets, such as the Kung Pao Chicken (where I sub the chicken with Tofu), or the Spicy Mongolian Beef (where I sub the beef with Shiitake Mushrooms). Ono stuff, and best of all, so quick ‘n easy to make!

      • July 12, 2013 at 10:25 am

        Yep that be me, touting the wonders of superstore Uwajimaya. :-D I usually go to the Beaverton store, but on occasion will check into the Seattle one if I’m in the neighborhood. They really do have quite a number of local brands. Thanks for the recommendations, will have to look into other NOH products, especially since I’ll be on Oahu next month. Much easier/cheaper to bring back packets of NOH mixes!

  • July 5, 2013 at 6:10 am

    What a great representation of the myriad of great foods that are within your reach. Never had a turkey tail before. My gut says that there is not a lot of meat there but rather it is full of favor (aka fatty goodness).

    Still quivering with anticipation with regard to your most recent smoked meat adventure. Love my smoke!!!!

    • July 5, 2013 at 9:55 am

      Arny, I neither have tried Turkey Tails until more recent times, and let me say, they are OUTSTANDING. Why? It’s mostly Turkey SKIN and FAT! Think of it as the pork belly of Turkey, hence the “bacon” part. Then you get that slight charsiu flavored roasted glaze on it, and POW! Think of it as “Turkey on crack”. I suppose you could also take that literally. lol! Obviously, like bacon, Turkey Tails aren’t something you should eat too often, but certainly a fantastic occasional Treat with a capital TT! Seriously though, as I’ve always said to anyone visiting Oahu, before you head to your hotel in Waikiki, if you’re renting a car, on your way there, make it a point to stop by Alicia’s Market!

      As for my recent smoke adventure, if you’re referring to the Hogs Gone Wild event at Cycle City, I got what I wanted, being placed in the “Anything Goes” judging panel. Yay! What must be noted, is that there were only 10 contestants this year, down from around 30 contestants from the past events. Anyhow, I got lots of photos and story to share about the 2013 Hogs Gone Wild event. Will post it soon!


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