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Oahu Eateries Memorialized

The recent closing of Byron’s Drive-In — a 24-hour institution in the Honolulu International Airport area — ends the final chapter in a long history of the late Andrew Wong’s restaurant empire on Oahu.

Which makes this a good time to look back in time and reflect upon all the wonderful restaurants we grew up with here in Hawaii on the island of Oahu that are no longer around.

Here’s a master list of Oahu eateries that have since closed their doors, collected from numerous online discussion boards, an old Polk Directory, Bob Sigall’s fantastic The Companies We Keep, as well as references from personal family, friends and coworkers. Links go to websites (or posts on this blog) with useful information pertaining to that particular business.

There’s certainly many businesses missing in the list at this point (3.23.13), as this is a perpetually dynamic work in progress like Wikipedia, intended to be completed via contribution from you folks, the readers!

If you know any Oahu eateries no longer around that aren’t included in the list, please add it in a comment, and it will be edited into the master list. Please note all the details you’re aware of, including location, year established and closed, your personal memories of said business(es), such as what was their most popular dish, feature, etc., and what’s currently in their former spot.

Note, if the establishment you remember was more focused as a bar or nightclub than restaurant, see this list: Oahu Bars & Nightclubs Memorialized

There’s also a listing of eateries and related businesses still open after over DECADES now at this link: Oahu Eateries 50+ Club

Let’s enjoy reminiscing them good ‘ole Kaukau days on Oahu!

Oahu Eateries Memorialized

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  • A&W Drive-In – Holiday Mart, Kailua and Waianae / burgers ‘n root beer ‘n floats / Waianae location currently Burger King *contributed by Mark Stone
  • Aarons atop the Ala Moana – Ala Moana Rennaisance Hotel penthouse / scenic views of Honolulu and Ala Moana Beach, upscale pacific rim cuisine. Aaron’s immediately followed Nickolas Nicholas, which was in operation there from 1986 to 1985. Prior to that, it was The Summit, the very first restaurant (more like Coffee shop) to open in that space since Ala Moana Hotel first opened, in operation from 1970 to 1985. / Currently Signature Prime Steak & Seafood (owned by Peter Kim, restaurateur who also owns Yummy’s Korean BBQ, Liliha Bakery and Hibachi San, among other ventures) *contributed by Bob Sigall
  • Aiea Diner (likely not the proper name, so if you know this place, please help to update it!) – Kamehameha Hwy., top of the hill, on the southwest corner, right at the turnoff down to Aiea; there was only one road at the time (1960s) into Aiea and it was Kaamilo, which now dead-ends into a suburb / During the 1960s era (’66 to ’67 in memory), it was a great old-fashioned 1950’s style diner with pictures of Hawaiian singers of the day on the walls. *contributed by Rob Cannon
  • Aiea Drive-In – On Moanalua Road, where the Aiea Shopping Center is now / *Masaji Uyehara opened Aiea Drive-In in 1951. It was closed around 1953 because a woman drove her car right into the restaurant and caused the building to burn down. The insurance was not enough to cover the damages so Mr. Uyehara quit the business to focus on the Ilima Drive In on King St. and the Mapunapuna catering. (*source: Oroku Oral Histories) *contributed by khs68
  • Aikane Cafe, the “Old” – corner of Emily & Queen St. in Kaka’ako / Teri beef served in tin foil all cut up and ready to eat… so ono! Named ‘Aikane Catering’ in the 70s? *contributed by Dean Kobayashi and Jay
  • Akasaka – Hawaii Kai / features / currently
  • Akebono’s – backside of moilili feild / features / *contributed by bigbud808
  • Alakea Bar & Grill – 1192 Alakea St, downtown Honolulu / jukebox machines on each table; one of Genoa Keawe’s hideouts for her and her band, and she even recorded an album there that was released in the 80′s / *contributed by John Book
  • Ala Moana Market – location / features *source: Remembering Oahu from the Past Part 2 on FB
  • Aioli’s – across from Holiday Mart
  • Alex Drive-In – Kapahulu/Kaimuki (near KHS) / car hop, orange freeze
  • Alexander Grocery – Makai of Wilder ave (below Punahou), on the Kokohead side of Alexander / A.K.A. “Da’ Chink Store”. Used to be frequented by many of the Punahou and Maryknoll students back in the day, up until 1975, when the store was closed to make room for a high rise condo. They used to sell ice cups (strawberry shave ice syrup and water, frozen in a paper cup) and some of the tastiest hamburgers; nothing fancy, but delicious! *contributed by Jay
  • Alexander Young Hotel Bakery – Bishop Street, downtown Honolulu / lemon crunch, butter rolls, custard sandwiches (like a long john) *contributed by A. Keomaka
  • Alfred’s – Century Center; before moving to Century Center, Alfred’s was in the Gold Bond building on Ala Moana Blvd. / Fine dining (European cuisine); Mr. Vollenweider was a nice man The breast of duck with lingonberry sauce, beef Wellington, and escargot were divine / currently *contributed by leighton and Gerry Lee
  • Alioto’s – 1580 makaloa st, 12th floor  penthouse / In operation from 1977-80, this was the Honolulu branch of the famous SF seafood restaurant. Nunzio Alioto (grandson or great grandson of the founder?), a good friend of fellow Master Sommelier Chuck Furuya, ran the place. *contributed by FGII and BobSigall 
  • Aloha Grill – corner of Bethel Street and Chaplain Lane (across from Mark’s garage) which had a bowling alley in the basement / Late 50s/early 60s era *contributed by A. Keomaka
  • Aloha Tofu Town – Dole Cannery, Iwilei / Aloha Tofu factory outlet store opened January 2015 in 5,000 square feet of space that included a deli, retail logo shop and full service kitchen with large commercial deep fryers to make their yakidofu and aburage products. Unique tofu dishes were introduced there such as Oboro Tofu, Tofu Katsu, Tofu Loco Moco, Tofu Poke, Okara Creme Puffs and Tofu Mousse. Closed June 2018. 
  • Alpine Haus – Lewers St., Waikiki / German eatery *contributed by “Kona” Wally C.
  • Alpine Village – On S. King, just Ewa of Fukuya okazuya / former chef of Kahala Hilton and his wife opened the place; Swiss/Euro cuisine / *contributed by leighton
  • All Star Cafe – Kalakaua Ave, Waikiki / sports mega stars opened this theme restaurant / currently the entire building is vacant (and ugly)
  • Andrew’s Restaurant – Location / Andy Wong restaurant; closed in 1996 / currently
  • Andy’s Drive-In – Oneawa St., Kailua / Andy Wong restaurant. 1957-1999. Sold 3,600 burgers on opening day at 17¢ each; ono “Slush-Shakes” / *contributed by Kaina and Jay
  • Angelica’s – Gentry Pacific Design Center, Iwilei / Italian / Eat Cafe
  • Arirang – Kaheka St. / Korean restaurant opened in 1961 by Edwin Noh, founder of Noh Foods Hawaii; later sold and became a popular Korean club with exotic entertainment in the 70s *contributed by khs68
  • Antonio’s Pizza – across Kahala Mall / no frills NY-style pizza / currently Honolulu Burger Co.? *contributed by leighton
  • Antonio’s Steak & Seafood – Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center / features / *contributed by leighton
  • Any Place Lounge – King St. / great lunch and pupus / *contributed by bigbud808
  • Aotani Fountain – Waialae Ave, Kaimuki / family store/okazuya / currently
  • Arthur’s  – (Downtown) ground floor in the Theo H. Davies Bldg. / had a coffee shop and fine dining out of the same kitchen *contributed by Jim Dorsey
  • Arthur’s – Foster Tower Hotel, Waikiki / fine dining Continental cuisine; excellent Steak Diane; earned Holiday Magazine’s top award for culinary excellence. Art Stuman owned Benson Smith drugstores in Hawaii. Ran the coffee shop on the drugstore side & fine dining out of the same kitchen. / currently Cheeseburger Waikiki (across beach) *contributed by “Kona” Wally C., c/o Harry Lyons and Jim Dorsey
  • Asia Garden – McCully & Young Street / Previously was Ara’s Restaurant, then later became On On at McCully *contributed by khs68

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  • Baci – Restaurant Row / freatures / *contributed by leighton
  • Bakery Kapiolani – Aiea Shopping Center / Aiea location had a lunch counter; the best Dream Cake and fruit tarts *contributed by bob
  • Bagwells 2424 – Hyatt Regency Hotel, Waikiki / Bagwell was Hyatt Regency Waikiki developer Chris Hemmeter‘s middle name; 2424 is the Kalakaua Ave street address of the Hyatt Waikiki / currently Japengo (formerly Ciao Mein)
  • Bambi Inn – S. King Street, across from the ORIGINAL Washington Saimin (where the McCully Zippy’s is, not the Pi’ikoi location) / small neighborhood restaurant with a soda fountain; good hamburgers and sundaes back in the 50s and 60s; always stopped for a snack after matinees at Pawa’a and Palace Theaters / currently Hata’s Restaurant *contributed by khs68
  • Bandito’s Cantina – Pearlridge Center (near the theaters off Pali Momi St) / Tex-Mex family restaurant / currently
  • Barney’s Burger House – site of the current Ewa Beach Shopping Center, Ewa Beach / opened by Barney Arakawa, son of the founders of Arakawa’s in Waipahu; there were actually 3 Barney’s locations on Oahu; Barney also had lunchwagons; before Barney’s in Ewa Beach, it was Tropics Drive-In; specialties included Barney’s “Smashed Cow” (Bacon?) Burger, Sweet & Sour Spare Ribs / currently Shiro’s Saimin Stand *contributed by Rc
  • Bavarian Beer Garden – Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, Waikiki – German eatery *contributed by “Kona” Wally C.
  • Beach Boy, The – Lunch wagon parked at Kaiser, Rock Pile and Ala Moana Bowls parking lot in the ’70s / They made their chili from scratch in a pressure cooker, many times they told patrons to go back surf, as chili wouldn’t be done for another hour. The chili dog was served on a plate with hot dog in a bun, large scoop rice all covered with chili, and mac salad. They had a burger built like a Big Mac, wrapper had a warning label; WARNING may be habit forming. It was!!! We often ate two just to satisfy our taste buds. *contributed by Fred
  • Beard Papa’s – select Foodland & Food Pantry stores on Oahu / gourmet fresh and natural cream puffs from Japan, introduced to Hawaii as a temporary shop in Shirokiya’s food court; operated booths inside select Foodland and Food Pantry locations; touted for using highest quality fresh ingredients, including madagascar vanilla / currently Foodland & Food Pantry Delis
  • Bea’s Drive-In – Kapiolani Blvd, Kaimuki / started in 1953 by Bea Shimabukuro, closed 2001; oxtail soup & Japanese mixed plate lunches / previously Donald Duck Drive-In / currently Gazen Izakaya *contributed by khs68
  • Beach Boy, The (?) – Lunch wagon parked at Kaiser, Rock Pile and Ala Moana Bowls parking lot in the 1970’s / They made their chili from scratch in a pressure cooker, many times they told us to go back surf chili won’t be done for another hour. The chili dog was served on a plate with hotdog in a bun, large scoop rice all covered with chili, and mac salad. They had a burger built like a Big Mac, wrapper had a warning label; WARNING may be habit forming. It was!!! we often ate two just to satisfy our taste buds. *contributed by Fred
  • Beach Broiler, The – Kalaukaua, makai side, near the beach / Owned by restaurateur Al Franco, Jr, who also owned The Sty in Niu Valley, back in the day. At one time, he also ran the Kula Lodge on Maui *contributed by Jay
  • Beachwalk Broiler – Beachwalk in Waikiki / French Onion Soup *contributed by Sam Camp
  • Beacon’s Restaurant – across of Pearlridge shopping Center / was always super busy; sometimes mistaken for being a Karaoke joint / currently *Jacqueline Paishon (former Beacon’s waitress)
  • Beau Soleil – Was in Manoa, across the shopping center on East Manoa Rd., I believe. Moved to Kaimuki, on Waialae Ave., near City Mill / good Mediterranean-style food / *contributed by leighton
  • Beethoven’s Fifth – 92 North King Street (downtown Honolulu) / owner Pete Birnbaum; red-checked tablecloths; proof that German food was more than bratwurst and kraut… and they loved pork… and the bread was great / *contributed by Richard Lee-Ching
  • Bella Italia – Ala Moana Center, Lower level on the makai diamond head side / Italian Inspired restaurant owned by the Wong family *contributed by Thomas
  • Bethlehem Bake Shop – Hau’ula / 1980’s era; previously was Hau’ula Bake Shop / *contributed by Phil
  • Bernard’s New York Deli – Kahala / Pastrami Sandwich and potato salad
  • Bert’s Cafe – Part of Pollo’s Market on the mauka corner of McCully & Algaroba streets, behind McCully Chop Suey and across from Camellia Buffet (old Golden Duck) / Opened in 1950’s by Kana and Uto Uehara; Bert and Kenjiro Uehara (owners in 1990) closed the cafe in early 2013. Both cafe & market were closed about two years ago after being in business since the 1950s. Bert’s Cafe was the meeting place for neighborhood gentlemen as well as younger guys who liked to play the nickel pinball machines. / currently the site has been sold and a new building is being constructed *contributed by khs68
  • Beniya Shokudo – On the far left corner of University Square when you enter from S. King Street /Local style Japanese food , breakfast and sandwiches; the restaurant may have been one of the first tenants (along with Central Pacific Bank) when University Square was opened in the late 50s *contributed by khs68
  • Big Island Steak House – Aloha Tower Marketplace / space said to be haunted
  • Bigway Burger – Wahiawa / Kim Chee Burger, fried chicken, fried noodles, slush floats / currently Domino’s Pizza; formerly was Golden Coin, who moved into their own building on Kilani & Westervelt *contributed by Brenda and Paul Hayashi
  • Bill’s Bakery – Kapahulu / Custard Pie; became C&C Pasta / currently the Running Room *Contributed by Kendrick Lee & KHS68
  • Bingham Market – Beretania / features *contributed by Keith Sherman
  • Bistro, The – Kapiolani Blvd / circa late ’70s-early ’80s era *contributed by leighton
  • Bistro, The – Century Center, Kalakaua Ave / 90’s era; the Bistro replaced Alfred’s; fine dining; dark, with black leather booths; late night menu included Escargot, Cesar Salad, French Onion Soup; Moved to Kapahulu, on Monsarrat, changing its name to Les Escargot, located above (upstairs) a neighborhood grocery store called Mac’s Market / *contributed by leighton
  • Black Angus Restaurant, The – Kuhio Ave, Waikiki (backside of the International Market place) / popular spot for after-the-prom dates; steak & lobster / currently
  • Black Orchid – Restaurant Row, Kaka’ako / opened by Rich Manetti and Tom Selleck of Magnum P.I. fame / currently Ruth’s Chris
  • Bluebird Drive Inn – Pearl City (across the street where Zippy’s is now) / plate lunches; ono Teri Beef / currently *contributed by A.T.
  • Blue Goose – University Ave. / features / *contributed by bigbud808
  • Blue Hawaii – Young st. / Fine dining; giant Baked Alaska for 25-person wedding in 1978 *contributed by geoff michaelson
  • Blue Kangaroo – Kaimuki / “so-so” food; Shepard’s Pie was pretty good; nightly floor show band; got raunchy after 10pm / *contributed by KeithF
  • Blue Ocean Inn – King Kalakaua Building, Kalakaua Avenue, across Kuhio Beach, Waikiki, circa early 1950’s / Restaurant and property owner was Paul Agena; smell of deep leather booths & cigarettes, cranked up A/C and having two sunny-side up eggs, ham and two scoops of rice for dinner / currently *contributed by Richard Wiley & Tom Tomai
  • Blue Ocean Thai Restaurant – Keawe St, Kaka’ako / authentic regional Thai cuisine / currently The Whole Ox
  • BluWater Grill – Hawaii Kai Shopping Center (next to The Shack, behind Longs) / originally opened by the former chef and select staff of Ryan’s in Ward Center; fine dining on the marina waterfront; pacific rim fusion / currently
  • Bob Barr’s Smokin’ Bob Barr-B-Q – Kahuhipa St, Kaneohe / BBQ / currently
  • Bob Busch’s Cheesecakes – Originally on Kapahulu Avenue, next to Gima’s appliance service and washerette; later expanded with a deli in Ward Warehouse / Bob Busch was once the casting director for “Hawaii Five-O” (the original series with Jack Lord); New York Cheesecake was his specialty *contributed by Jay
  • Bob’s Big Boy – Mapunapuna / plate lunches, Mexican and Big Boy burgers / still closed due to extensive fire damage. reopening?
  • Bob’s Peanuts – Ward Farmers Market / broke da’ mout’ ono ‘kine boiled peanuts
  • Bombay Indian Restaurant – Discovery Bay Center, Ala Moana Blvd, Waikiki (across Ilikai, next to Buffalo Wild Wings) / authentic cuisine of India / currently Monsoon India
  • Bon Appetit – Discovery Bay, Waikiki / Owned and run by chef Guy Banal. The Honolulu Club made a deal with Guy to operate its F&B business in the mid-1980s. He turned it from American cuisine to French and the sales dropped from $100K/month to $60K. He made money anyway because of the way his deal was structured. The Club never recovered that lost business and stopped trying to serve real meals when they canceled his contract.  *contributed by Linkmeister.
  • Boomerang’s – Restaurant Row / features / *contributed by leighton
  • Brandy’s Bar and Grill – Stadium Mall, Halawa / Opened back in the 80’s. Used to be a popular place for dart throwing, pupus and drinks. / Currently T Darby’s *contributed by Jay
  • Brandi’s Lunchwagon – Kaka’ako / known for massive plate lunches
  • Brandy’s Drive-In – Farrington Hwy, Waipahu / local breakfast & plate lunch / previously Diner’s Drive-In, currently Jenny’s (closed)
  • Bread Line, The –  University Ave (across from UH) / Fine dining; the first step for original KCC Culinary Grads *contributed by geoff michaelson
  • Bread Of Life, The – At the corner of Kihapai St. and Kainehe St. in Kailua; The parking was a grassy area / Sub and sandwich shop. The owners were religious as there’d be scriptures and things written around the restaurant. Used to order sandwiches by number. The #16 was the loaded sandwich. IIRC, there was a jar of huge pickles sold for a quarter each – this being in the mid-70’s. / currently Subway (previously Heidi’s) *contributed by Rodney Lee
  • Brent’s Restaurant & Delicatessen – Kailua / breakfast; deli sandwiches (reuben, pastrami, etc.), lunch plates  
  • Brew Moon – Ward Center
  • Broadway Oyster Bar – Keeaumoku St. / Short-lived (opened and closed in 2011) Japanese-run seafood restaurant specializing in live oysters. Good concept, not-so-good execution. Lack of experienced management and staff fluent in English contributed to its downfall. *contributed by Leighton
  • Buck’s Bakery – In the building on the makai/diamond corner of Makahihi Way and S. King Street / Rectangular sweet bread for high school fund raisers; next door was Hisago Okazuya *contributed by khs68
  • Bueno Nalo – Waimanalo, then moved to Daimond Head
  • Buffet 100 – Ward Center, Westridge Center / Chinese family buffet / curently Tony Roma’s? at Westridge
  • Bunmeido of Hawaii – S. King St, Mo’ili’ili / Japanese bakery featuring European Castella Honey Cake, Mikasayama & Apple Turnovers; sold in shop and Shirokiya / currently
  • Burgerland – Monsarrat Ave/Kapahulu-Diamond Head / Char-grilled local style burgers, teriyaki and charsiu plate, voted best mac salad / currently Diamond Head Market Grill
  • Burgers on the Edge – Kapahulu Ave, Kapahulu Safeway Plaza – Specialty burgers, featuring rotating customer-designed “Burger of the Month” specials. Owners closed doors to consolidate operations with nearby Good to Grill, also in Kapahulu Safeway Plaza / currently Panda Express
  • Buzz Burger – Moanalua Shopping Center / 25¢ burgers & 10¢ sodas / currently
  • Buzz’s Original Steak House -2535 Coyne St., Mo’ili’ili  / owned by Bobby Lou and Buzz Schneider, along with business partner John McManus; situated in a 2-story building sharing the same parking lot as what is now Burger King and Jiffy Lube, near University Ave.; opened in 1957, closed 1983 / Currently RB Bar & Grill *contributed by Jarin (business partner of Vit’s Steak House Waikiki), Carol, Steve Todd & Linkmeister
  • Buzz’s Steak & Lobster – Saratoga Rd, Waikiki / now doing business as Vit’s Hawaiian Steak House on Kuhio Ave (previously T.G.I. Fridays); not affiliated with Buzz’s Original Steakhouse in Kailua / Saratoga location currently Trump International Hotel Waikiki Beach walk (BLT Steak in same spot) *contributed by Andy Mikonis
  • Buzz’s Steak House –  Pearl City / It closed a couple of months ago when the building was cited for numerous health code violations. *contributed by Linkmeister
  • Brownbaggers, The – Puck’s Alley, Koko Head side of the King St. stairwell / Remember Mr. Subs? Started out in Pucks Alley way back when (70’s?). And before that, there was “The Brownbagger”, a barbecue joint on the Koko head side of the King St. stairwell in Puck’s Alley. *contributed by Jay
  • BWS Cafeteria – Rooftop (4th floor) of the Honolulu City & County Board of Water Supply Building, across the State Capitol, mauka side of Beretania Street / Operated by two brothers (either local Okinawan or Japanese). Local plate lunch grinds and Oxtail Soup. Open air ambiance, nice tradewinds, with a great view of Hawaii’s “Capitol District”, near downtown Honolulu.
  • Bryon II – Ala Moana Center (street level, below Shirokiya & Macy’s) / fine dining, named after Marian & Andy Wong‘s son Byron / currently Assagio’s
  • Byron’s Drive-In – Airport / 24 hour “greasy spoon”, featuring plate lunches, burgers, sandwiches, breakfast, specialties, named after Marian & Andy Wong‘s son Byron / currently

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  • C&C Pasta – on the corner, or close to 12th Ave and Waialae Ave. intersection; was 1 slot [15-20′] from the corner of 12th/Waialae / 50’s to 60’s era; C&C was named for the two owners, both were surnames, M/F [not a couple].  Became 2 subsequent eateries; had a deli and sold fresh, raw pasta; good home style Italian food; Chef Matt is now corporate chef with Times Super Market / *contributed by Leighto& Kendrick Lee
  • Cafe Che Pasta – 1001 Bishop Street, Downtown Honolulu (formerly on 12th Ave. in Kaimuki) / Casual Italian fare; live music and dance club at night, including a lesbian event called “The Black Garter” / currently *contributed by Leighton
  • Cafe DeLisle – Kapahulu
  • Cafe Flamingo – Ala Moana Blvd. and Kapiolani locations / Local kine foods, cheap, and cozy bar with pupus like fried chicken wings and boiled peanuts. Originally Olympic Grill (Ala Moana), it was bought by Steven Nagamine in 1950, who renamed it Café Flamingo after his stay at the Flamingo Hotel in Vegas. Cafe Flamingo was then moved to the Kapiolani location in 1960 / Ala Moana location is the currently site of Restaurant Row contributed by Richard Lee-Ching & khs68
  • Cafe Lani – Ala Moana Center, mall level near Longs Drugs / Fusion Japanese-Italian-American bistro owned by Japanese restaurant group Pier 30; opened in 2014, closed abruptly in January 2019
  • Caffelatte – On Saratoga, in Waikiki, across the post office, upstairs / Prix Fixe menu, three course for $35; offerings determined that day; good, home-cooked Italian food; Gnocchi was excellent; closed in 2008 / *contributed by leighton
  • Cajoe’s – Nimitz Hwy, Airport / Southern style roasted ‘n fried chicken, AMAZING corn bread
  • Cane Knife Room – location? / owners were Al Viviano, who occupied the first booth and greeted all comers, including the mayor and governor; the bar was called the Cane Knife Room and they had the best anchovy pizza at the bar! / *contributed by Jonathan Roberts
  • Canlis’ Charcoal Broiler Restaurant – Waikiki / Waitresses wore Kimonos / currently a boutique retail strip mall
  • Canoes at the Ilikai – Ilikai Hotel, Waikiki / Pacific Rim Fusion cuisine / currently
  • Capitol Drive Inn – Waialae Ave & 6th Ave (across Sacred Hearts), Kaimuki / Opened in 1945 by Herbert & Margaret Uyehara; closed in early 70’s when lease expired; known for their roast pork sandwich & orange freeze / currently Servco Toyota *contributed by khs68
  • Captain’s Table – former Hawaiian Waikiki Beach Hotel (currently Aston Waikiki Beach) / Frank DeLima comedy show nightly; pacific rim casual dining / currently Tiki’s Grill & Bar
  • Capt’s Galley – Moana Hotel / Basic steakhouse on the beach. A fave spot among Waikiki locals on TG for turkey dinner. Lots of sports celeb visitors during Pro Bowl (Pete Rozelle & Pat Summerall) because the bar was so quiet. Gordon Mark played classic ukulele there. *contributed by Jim Dorsey
  • Carnival Las Palmas – Restaurant Row, Kaka’ako / Mexican buffet / currently
  • Caryn’s Okazu-Ya – Young St. / teriyaki fish looked exactly like the one from Monsarrat Delicatessen, over 40 years ago; parents used to own Monsarrat Deli / *contributed by leighton
  • Casa Magana – Temple Valley Shopping Center, Ahuimanu (Windward Oahu) / Mexican; really good ‘n cheesy enchiladas
  • Casa Mia’s – Ewa Beach / awesome spaghetti & meatballs (size of a baseball!), massive pizzas served on TV trays / *contributed by Rc
  • Castagnola’s – Manoa & Waikiki (Ala Moana Blvd. and Hilton Hawaiian Village / authentic regional Italian cuisine prepared by a master; the owner of Assagio; Sonny & Cher, along with young daughter spotted at Hilton Hawaiian Village restaurant *contributed by Richard Welch
  • Castagnola’s Pizzeria – Restaurant Row, Kaka’ako /
  • Catch of the Day Sushi – islandwide / “Robot” sushi operation (like Genki) using boats as the delivery system; the very colorful owner had a TV cooking segment
  • Cathay Inn – Farrington Hwy. (across where is now Hannara’s, formerly Waianae Drive Inn) / the bestest giant crispy egg rolls / currently *contributed by Chris Costa
  • Cavalier – 1600 Kapiolani Blvd. (street side of the Pan Am Building) / fine dining restaurant in late the 70′s; famous for the Mahi Mahi Almondine; popular lunch spot for workers in building  *contributed by Patti Kendall & Hana
  • Cereal Remix – Ka’ahumanu St, Pearl City – mix ‘n match D-I-Y breakfast cereal bar
  • Che Pasta – Downtown Honolulu, at the corner of Hotel and Bishop / Italian cuisine; also hosted weekend nights dance events, including the “Black Garter Cafe”, catered to the lesbian community
  • Che Pasta Kaimuki – 3575 Waialae Ave. / Italian cuisine / currently Kona Kai Sushi  *contributed by khs68
  • ChaChaCha Caribe Mexican Restaurant  342 Seaside Ave across the street from Waikiki theaters 1&2 in the old United Airlines hotel / Established 1995, Closed 2013; Taco Tuesday’s, featuring margarita pitchers, mango-habanero salsa, tequila wall of fame (120 tequilas) and the most outstanding waitresses!!! *contributed by Rob Godaire
  • Chaco’s Yakiniku Restaurant – mauka side of Old Waialae Road, where Kapiolani meets up with Kapahulu Ave / A cozy place, and went kind of downhill when it became converted to Oasis nightclub in the 1980s. The late ghost story writer Glenn Grant wrote about the dismembered hand that had been found in the parking lot around that time…supposedly has to do with a series of supernatural events that involve Mo`ili`ili and Ka`imuki. / currently a public storage facility *contributed by Tim
  • Chai’s Island Bistro – Aloha Tower Market Place
  • Chan’s Chinese Restaurant – Moiliili, on the bottom level of Puck’s Alley, S. King Street, Kokohead side (next to the driveway) / Their Chan’s Special Won ton soup was awesome. Also they made these curry turnovers that were simply to die for. *contributed by Jay
  • Chart House Haiku Gardens – Haiku Valley in Kaneohe / local and continental cuisine restaurant overlooking lush green garden and koi pond; popular venue for weddings / currently Haleiwa Joe’s Haiku Gardens *contributed by Scott McMillan
  • Chef’s Table, The – Keahole St, Hawaii Kai – Bavarian cuisine and beer – currently Maile’s Thai Bistro
  • Chez Michel – Eaton Square, Waikiki / authentic French cuisine by the late Michel Martin
  • Chi Chi’s – Westridge Shopping Center, Aiea / Mexican fare by day, club by night
  • Chicken Alice’s – Kapiolani Blvd (just outside Ala Moana Center) / opened in 1982 by Alice Yang, closed in 1995. Famous for her spicy Korean Chicken Wings (see Star Bulletin archives link for recipe!)
  • Chicken in a Basket – across the McCully Bridge on the other side of the Ala Wai / features *contributed by Keith Sherman
  • Chicken Delight – Kapiolani Blvd. / popular spot after going out in Waikiki. *contributed by bob
  • Chico’s Pizza – Waialae Ave & St. Louis Dr, Kaimuki / pizza, fried chicken ‘n potato wedges; the “Home Towner” pizza*: cheese, bacon and mushrooms, with thin-sliced tomatoes added after it was baked for a hot-meets-cold temperature contrast (ooh!!!) / currently City Mill *contributed by John B
  • China House – bridge to Ala Moana Shopping Center / features *contributed by E Chun and FGII
  • Chinese Chuckwagon – Ward Farmers Market / Andy Wong; closed 1997 / currently Marukai
  • Ching Lee Chop Suey – Next to Andy’s Drive-In in Kailua / It was the go-to Chinese restaurant in Kailua for the more fancy celebrations – like someone’s birthday lol. Ching Lee later became the current New Mui Kwai Chop Suey II. *contributed by Rodney Lee
  • Chin’s Szechuan – Waialae Ave, Kahala – Chinese Szechuan cuisine – currently Assagio’s
  • Chip’s Coffee Shop – Near Rainbow Rollerland on Keeaumoku Street / Jo-Ann Downing’s mother used to work there *contributed by Jo-Ann Downing
  • Chong’s Bar-B-Q – City Square, Dillingham Blvd / Korean cuisine / currently Ha Long Pho Noodle House
  • Chris Hemmeter’s – Hemmeter Center
  • Chuck E. Cheese (Aina Haina) – Aina Haina Shopping Center / Remember the animattronic pizza wars? The founder of Atari founded Chuck E Cheese’s, then brokered a deal with Brock Hotels. Brock then broke the deal and contracted another aninatronics company to come up with their own pizza theater show (Showbiz Pizza). CEC sued and won a big settlement, but then went bankrupt a and was bought out by Showbiz. Then Showbiz pushed out their original animatronics company, but apparently forgot that they owned the rights to the shows, at which point they rebranded under the Chuck E Cheese name. I’m pretty sure the one in Aina Haina was first a Chuck E Cheese, then switched to Showbiz, then BACK to Chuck E Cheese. *contributed by Jay
  • Chowder House, The – Ward Warehouse / Established by restaurateur Andy Wong, known to be a regular stop for then-Senator Barack Obama / currently
  • Chuck’s – Hawaii Kai / great restaurant with a piano bar; for several years Chuck’s had a shark on display in a too small aquarium right in front of the “wait to be seated” check-in; people complained for a few years until it was finally removed *contributed by T.T.
  • Chuck’s Steak House, Pearlridge – ground floor of Phase I Pearlridge / steaks, chops and seafood / currently *contributed by Linkmeister
  • Chuck’s Steak House, Waikiki – Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort, 2nd floor overlooking Waikiki beach  / Originally opened in Waikiki at the Edgewater Hotel in 1959, then in 1967 moved to the Outrigger. he legendary Chuck’s Steak House will close its doors at the end of March after more than 50 years in business. The restaurant was operated by founder Chuck Rolles’ son Scott, who also still operates Chuck’s Cellar right up Kaiulani Avenue in the Ohana East Hotel. Chuck’s Steak House Waikiki closed at the end of March 2018 to be converted to Voyager 47 lounge, a venue for resort guests and locals planning private events. 
  • Chunky’s Drive-In – King St, Mo’ili’ili (next to the old stadium) / Chunky’s shared the same parking lot with an IGA Supermarket; shrimp boat, rib eye steak plate, corned beef hash plate with gravy over everything, hamburger deluxe, thick crinkle cut fries, orange freeze, slush float / currently First Hawaiian Bank *contributed by khs68
  • Chun Hoon Market & Everybody’s Bakery – Liliha (where Hungry Lion was) / window on the sidewalk and you could get a bag of french fries for 15¢ / Currently Walgreens and other tenants *contributed by Amy, KeithF
  • Ciao Mein – Hyatt Regency Hotel, Waikiki / Chinese-meets-Italian fusion cuisine / currently Japengo
  • Ciro’s Dinner & Lounge – Hotel St., downtown Honolulu / Circa early 50’s. “Where Epicureans Meet” & “Food at its finest… impeccably served in quiet air conditioned luxury”. Owned and run by Frank and Al Viviano. It was nice and dark and cool inside and had green lights in planter boxes in the dining areas. There was also an upstairs dining room.White tablecloth place with great pupus and steaks, chops and fish and chicken dishes. The waitresses were super-skilled and the service was great. There was a big glass window between the kitchen and the seating area so you could see that it was clean as a whistle. Excellent vichyssoise, garlic steak. Fine dinner for two costs $5.00 / Currently Ross Dress for Less *contributed by pat & Richard Wiley, Jonathan Roberts and Lowell
  • City Grill, The – 72 South King St./ Advertised in 1950 Thrum’s Annual. *contributed by Robert Traina
  • Clay’s Fish and Chips – old location of the Waipahu Post Office in that small shopping center behind Longs Drugs / yummy hole-in-the-wall fish and chips joint / currently *contributed by Jacqueline Paishon
  • Clock’s Drive-In – Waipahu / tacos / currently
  • Cock’s Roost, The – Waikiki International Marketplace / Spencecliff restaurant; Carlos Santana performed there before he became famous / *contributed by winnie
  • Coco’s Coffee House – Kapiolani Blvd & Kalakaua Ave / a Spencecliff restaurant; open 24 hours; memorable spinach soup* / currently vacant (previously Hard Rock Cafe) *countributed by John B
  • Coffee Talk – Ewa, next door & on the corner, had begun, way back in the 1950 as some Mom ‘n Pop grocery store; in the 1960s, this place became an American Security Bank [but FHB has long been where they are today, & Bank of Hi has long been at Center/Waialae, so this was the bank area; later, ASB closed, so they closed the branch. *contributed by Kendrick Lee
  • Coral Reef Restaurant – Ala Moana Center, lower level, next to Shirokiya / Established by restaurateur Andy Wong, featuribg Chinese cuisine, such aShrimp Canton, Mandarin Duck, Shark’s Fin Soup, Almond Chicken and Century Old Egg / currently Assagio’s?
  • Corner Kitchen, The – 477 Kapahulu Ave. / Sushi & Sports Bar. Closed around July 2015.
  • Cork and Fork, The – Eaton Square, Waikiki / 70s to 80s era steakhouse with killer salad bar; Arthur Lyman used to play there *contributed by Jay
  • Country Kitchen – Kamehameha Hwy, Ka’a’awa (next to the Post Office by 7-Eleven / best loco moco, burgers ‘n fries, plate lunch
  • College Inn – University Avenue, just off campus, south of the Dole Street intersection; Ewa side, about a half block north of the Lutheran Church / Owned by Gentaro and Toshi Kaneshiro (Columbia Inn) from 1960 – 1963; there were fresco murals between the windows which were high up on the wall that may have been done by artist Jean Charlot, who was also a UH Manoa professor of art (and did the large frescos in nearby Bachman Hall on the campus); individual juke box play selectors at each booth; best hamburger steak plate  / currently Tsukuneya Robata Grill (previously Players Sports Bar and  Pizza Hut, respectively) *contributed by Keith Sherman,  khs68 and Lowell
  • Colony, The – Hyatt Regency Hotel, Waikiki / steak house featuring house dry-aged prime grade beef fire-grilled over Kiawe
  • Columbia Inn – Kapiolani Blvd., next to the Honolulu Advertiser building.; also Waialae Ave., Kaimuki, in the shopping center with Times and Longs; also Pearl City, on Kaahumanu St., just mauka of Kamehameha Hwy./ Historical facts from “The Oroku, Okinawa Connection; UH Center for Oral History”: Opened December 20, 1941 by Gentaro & Toshi (Fred) Kaneshiro on Beretania Street at Tin Can Alley (Maunakea St). Popular restaurant and bar for military and government workers during WWII. In 1964 because of Chinatown redevelopment Columbia Inn relocated to Kapiolani Blvd. (Times Grill opened by Wallace & Albert Teruya in 1939).  The Waimalu Columbia Inn was opened in July 1981 (on the same day Toshi passed away) to expand the business. Both the Kapiolani and Waimalu restaurants were sold in 1984/1986 to the Japanese corporation, Kyotaru. As part of the sale, the family stayed on at Kapiolani up to the time the restaurant was closed by Kyotaru in 2001. In 2001, the Nguyen brothers bought the Kaimuki Columbia Inn. They leased the restaurant’s name from Alan Casupang, who bought the franchise rights from his former employer, Kyotaru Hawaii, which had owned the Kyotaru and Columbia Inn restaurants in Hawai’i since 1986. Columbia Inn Top of the Boulevard became famous for its award winning “broke-da-mouth” stew. The Kapiolani location was a popular eating and drinking spot for locals and celebrities, as well as journalists from the Honolulu Advertiser next door. The Kapiolani location was also HQ for LA Dodgers fans for a long long time, as owner Toshi Kaneshiro was a big fan of the team. / Kapiolani location is currently BMW dealership; Pearl City location is currently Gyotaku *contributed by khs68, Leighton & Linkmeister
  • Comito’s – in a smaller hotel in Waikiki on Nohonani Street (or possibly Nahua) / 70s era fine dining Italian restaurant. Lin Comito was the owner and also had a smaller restaurant, for a short time, also called Comito’s, downtown on Merchant Street next door to what is now Murphy’s.  Lin Comito was also a partner in the Lollipop. *contributed by Jerrie Mitchell
  • Common Groundz – Keahole St, Hawaii Kai Shopping Center (between The Shack & former BluWater Grill) / gourmet Coffee bistro, also serving breakfast and pastries /  
  • Compadres Bar & Grill – Ward Centre / Tex-Mex, hot spot
  • Concessions Surf & Snacks – concession stand on the Ewa end of Ala Moana Beach Park / breakfast, plate lunch, burgers, hot dogs, snacks, drinks; used recently for Hawaii Five-O sets as “Waiola Shave Ice” / currently a Shave Ice stand
  • Crab House Makino – Corner of Ala Moana Blvd. and Ena Road, Waikiki (in the Canterbury Place condo) / Budget all-you-can-eat Japanese seafood buffet. Replaced Todai in May 2015, closed in 2018.  
  • Crouching Lion Inn – Kaa’awa / Continental-Pacific Rim cuisine; ocean views near Kahana Bay on Windward Oahu; named for the distinctive rock formation high above the property *contributed by Joan Thomson
  • Crown Court Restaurant, The – Duty Free Waikiki (top floor) / upscale buffet owned and operated by Luis Butay, Jr., former Executive Chef of Liberty House (current owner of Apple Tree Cafe @ Loulen’s Courte) / currently office space
  • Crown Drive-In – Waialae Ave, Kaimuki / slush float / previously Tubby’s, currently Zippy’s
  • Coral Lanai Terrace – Halekulani Resort, Waikiki / turned into Hau Terrace / currently *contributed by Scott M.
  • Coral Reef Restaurant – Ala Moana Center, lower level, next to Shirokiya / Andy Wong, 9-course Chinese dinner & specialties
    CPO Club – Right across the street from Pearl Harbor Kai / before anyplace in the states had a salad bar, they did, including Lobster Salad with celery and mayo; the best shrimp; floor shows every night; swimming pool in back of the CPO Club *contributed by Donna Vaughn
  • Crack Seed Center –  Ala Moana Center (an original tenant), Liliha Square, University Ave / li hing fruits, seeds, mochi crunch and other delectable snacks / currently operating an online eCommerce store *contributed by Amy
  • Craig’s Bakery – Maluniu Avenue, Kailua / 60’s to early 70’s era; best tasting cakes *contributed by Jan
  • Cup of Joe, A – Monsarrat Ave / features

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  • D’Amico’s Pizza – Sunset Beach, North Shore, located next to Sunset Beach Store / Pizza joint *source: Remembering Oahu from the Past on FB
  • Da Hui’s Kitchen – Ala Moana Center Food Court / local grindz; portuguese sausage-stuffed burgers
  • Daiei – Kailua, Waipahu, Pearl City & Kaheka (near Ala Moana Center) / department store, American and asian supermarket, deli / currently Don Quijote (previously Holiday Mart)
  • Dairyman’s Ice Cream Parlor (now Meadow Gold) – corner of Keeaumoku and Beretania / circa 50’s and 60’s; originally known as Purity Inn; on Young Street they had an entry where trucks would load up; ice cream cups was packed in dry ice with the wooden spoons enclosed *contributed by Silvakil, Fran & Paul
  • Dairy Queen –  Monsarrat St., next to Waikiki Elementary School / soft-serve cone (with trademark “curl” on the top) was five cents (early 1960′s). For chocolate dipped, add another nickel) / *contributed by leighton
  • Dairyu House of Noodles – Corner of S. King and Punahou / famous for their Mabo Tofu Ramen and Yakisoba; good curry and gyoza were also hit side dishes *contributed by Jay
  • Daruma Ramen  – Keeaumoku St (Samsung Plaza), Kaka’ako; also Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, Waikiki / authentic Tokyo style Japanese Ramen – currently
  • Deb’s Ribs & Old School Soul Food – Kailua Beach Center, Kailua Rd / Southern BBQ
  • Deelite Bakery – Dillingham Blvd. / rainbow cake *contributed by A. Keomaka
  • Del  Webb’s – Kuilima Resort / “Kuilima Dip” sandwich, made with sliced sirlion and swiss cheese (really good) *contributed by Jay
  • Dick’s Bakery – Kaimuki near 12th Avenue and Waialae, next to a coffee talk shop (former bank building) / Dick used to make ono apple pies / currently *contributed by Paul Yee
  • Dickens Pub – Blackfield Building, fronting Kapiolani Blvd. / 80s era English Pub owned by Arie Bos, who also owned Portofino Italian Restuarant; best French Onion Soup and pauhana bar *contributed by GK Wong and Linkmeister
  • Diners – Waimalu Shopping Plaza / Closed within the past year (2016); established in 1963, this was the last Diner’s on Oahu, formerly of which there were several locations *contributed by Linkmeister
  • Dixie Grill (Ward) – Ward Ave & Halekauwila St, Kaka’ako / BBQ & bar;  catchy letterbox sign in front; replaced by Dixie Grill owner with Tio’s Mexican Garage / currently Kanpai Bar & Grill (new owners)
  • Doc & Eve’s Fast Food – West side of Kamehameha Hwy.  near Olive Ave. / ’70s era Wahiawa area bakery popular with the GIs, featuring a variety of fresh-baked breads; made EXCELLENT sub sandwiches with their breads! *contributed by Kawika
  • Dockside Plantation – Hawaii Kai / opened in 1987 by Dolly Parton / replaced by BluWater Grill (now also closed)
  • Doe Fang Enterprises – Aina Haina Shopping center, Ewa of Chuck E Cheese / Crack seed store with all sorts of candies, snacks, manapua, pork hash, Icee, etc. Doe Fang was owned by Uncle Clayton Chang since 1996. On Saturdays Uncle Clay had manapua to sell that he picked up at Char Hung Sut. The store was remodeled and reopened in 2011 as House of Pure Aloha. When When Uncle Clay was at Kalani High School, he played the accordion with the rock & roll group The Harmonics.*contributed by Jay & khs68
  • Dog House, The – Kapahulu (near Leonard’s Bakery) / tiny little A-framed house, owned by Arakaki family, 3 tacos for $1.00, foot long Coney Island Dog with chopped onions / *contributed by KeithF
  • Doggie Diner – Kailua (next to Times Supermarket) / features *contributed by Rick Derrickson
  • Donald Duck Restaurant and Drive Inn – Kapiolani Blvd. (across Kaimuki H.S.) / Bea’s Drive Inn took over in 1960’s; full meal included tossed salad or fruit cocktail, drink and dessert of pudding or jello all for 60 cents in late 1950s /currently Gazen Izakaya *contributed by Rich Shintaku & khs68
  • Donato’s – Manoa Marketplace (2nd floor), Manoa / Donato Loperfido; fresh tomato, arugula, bresaola and shaved Parmesan, house-made mozzarella stuffed with roasted peppers and soppressaia, salmon carpaccio with fennel 
  • Don B’s Waterways Restaurant – Hawaii Kai on Kuapa Pond / Don Buechner ( famed General Manager from John Dominis ) and his wife Eileen Locsin and her family bought the restaurant from Dolly Parton’s ailing business in 1988. It was fine dining downstairs and casual upstairs in the bar and beautifully renovated with the best views ( before Costco was built) . It had gorgeous interiors and 2 floors of wrap around lanais with water views and a 100 foot boat dock. In fact Eileen started the very first Boat Parade from Don B’s boat dock. The food was delicious with the best fresh Ahi Sandwich with San Francisco’s imported sourdough bread and the hamburgers upstairs were famous also. Everything was fresh imported greens..live imported crab and lobsters served in the fine dining portion of the restaurant downstairs and the fabulous wasabi garlic mashed potatoes! Live music on all weekends and holidays. The Desert Storm conflict and the 3 year project on Kalanianaole Hwy and bad economy terribly hurt Don B’s. They were forced to close in 1991. Don Buechner moved on to the Mauna Lani Hotel and was GM at the fine dining Canoehouse Restaurant on the Big Island. The old Don B’s Restaurant is now a large recording studio. *contributed by Tracey
  • Don Ho’s Island Grill – Aloha Tower Marketplace / originally opened by the late and great Don Ho, then purchased by the same owner of Dixie Grill; Hawaii regional cuisine / currently
  • Don the Beachcomber – International Market Place, Waikiki / features / currently *contributed by Scott M.
  • Dote’s Super Market – Kaneohe, up the street from Keaahala Road. / 1959 super market 
  • Doug & Don’s Gee-a-Deli – in the same bldg. as Pizza Pete’s in Kailua / much-loved, very popular deli; opened in the late 70′s and lasted all the way until just after they built the Senior’s home behind McDonalds and killed the business; patrons had sandwiched named after them; best pastrami sandwich this side of the old Lynn’s Deli at Ala Moana / currently a Karate school *contributed by OhanaDoug
  • Duck Yun Chop Suey – Aina Haina / The owners are relatives of the owners from On-On in McCully (now closed) / renamed and is currently Aina Haina Chop Suey *contributed by khs68
  • Duke Kahanamoku’s – Waikiki International Market Place / The place was named for the renowned Olympian athlete and operated by the late impresario Kimo Wilder McVay; the dinners actually played second fiddle to the room’s top banana, entertainer Don Ho in all his glory, and it was a spot to catch a glimpse of Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Liza Minnelli and other glitterati of the era eager to sing and sway to “Tiny Bubbles” and swoon to “I’ll Remember You”.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts – Statewide / Maurice Sullivan (Foodland) introduced the first Hawaii McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts in 1968 at the Aina Haina Shopping Center. Dunkin’ Donuts made a comeback to Hawaii in the late 90s?, when they were somehow affiliated (or so it seemed) with Catch of the Day Sushi, a robot sushi operation; this being the two establishments were typically next to each other *contributed by khs68
  • Dutch Girl Bakery – Kamehameha Shopping Center, Liliha / hot apple pie, excellent cornbread / *contributed by Aaron, Richard Lee-Ching, Diner “Saimin Kaukau” E
  • Dynasty Chinese Restaurant – Discovery Bay, Waikiki / Hong Kong-style Chinese restaurant, devoted to large parties / currently Buffalo Wild Wings

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  • E&O Trading Co. – Ward Center / uber hip Eurasian cuisine
  • Eastern Food Center – King Street/Chinatown / closed in 2015 after a fire in the building; kitchen had roast duck and charshu hanging over the glass windows; inside is a small eatery serving family style Cantonese? food; affordably priced noodles and rice plates included pig/duck/chicken feet, beef tomato, bitter melon and chicken; Village Noodle House (currently open) is an equal replacement, albeit higher priced / Currently a porcelain and jewelry store *contributed by Ted
  • Eastern Garden – Two locations, Westridge Shopping Center in Pearl City and Kaimuki, at the bottom of Waialae Ave / nice couple owned it, also opened Mandalay on Alakea St?; excellent Singapore Rice Noodles / *contributed by leighton
  • Eastside Grill – University Ave, Puck’s Alley / sports bar / currently
  • Eat at Joe’s – Outrigger Malia, Waikiki / features / currently
  • Ebisu Catering Service – King St, Moi’ili’ili / Okazuya takeout / *contributed by Diner “Saimin Kaukau” E
  • Eddie’s Burgers & Frozen Custard – Waialae Ave, Kaimuki / burgers, ice cream & frozen custard
  • Eddie’s Drive-In – Waipahu / fried noodles / *contributed by julie
  • El Toro – Keeaumoku St. / 70s era Mexican restaurant / owner gave a handyman a scarlet macaw as payment for some plaster work done on the restaurant.  It was an obnoxious bird that lived a very long time. *contributed by Jerrie Mitchell
  • El Pollo Loco – Westridge Center, Aiea / flame-grilled chicken, chain restaurant / currently KFC
  • Elephant & Castle – Ka’ahumanu Rd, Pearl City / Fish ‘n Chips, English Pub / *contributed by L
  • Elliot’s Chuckwagon – Kapiolani Blvd / buffet, along with Queen’s surf, prime rib and fried chicken *contributed by Richard Lee-Ching
  • Embers – Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Waikiki, circa late 1950’s / owner of the Embers was Don Stroud’s family (local boy, Kaimuki HS), not Donald Sutherland (the actor) / currently .*contributed by Richard Wiley
  • Empress Restaurant, The – Chinese Cultural Plaza
  • Emjay’s – Aina Haina Shopping Center /  supermarket chain to become Foodland; named for Maurice J. Sullivan, founder of Foodland / currently Foodland Farms
  • Epicurean, The – Lewers & Kalakaua Ave. (a bit Diamond Head of Stewarts Pharmacy), Waikiki, circa 1950’s / pricey (meals were $5 at the time) / currently *contributed by Richard Wiley
  • Epicurean Consensus – Short-lived restaurant in Puck’s Alley / features / *contributed by leighton
  • Esprit Lounge – Sheraton Waikiki, Waikiki / lounge bar and nightclub, extensive light to heavy pupu menu (sashimi to burgers) / currently Rum Fire
  • Ethel Okazuya – In the Liberty Building (Liberty Bank) diamond head corner of S. King and Kaheka / 50s era; favorite was Ethel’s spicy spaghetti, which wasn’t offered at any other McCully okazuyas at the time / currently a bread bakery *contributed by khs68
  • Everybody’s Super Market  – McCully next to the Ala Wai / features *contributed by Keith Sherman
  • Evergreen and Green Turtle –  Kapiolani Blvd., across KGMB TV/ Old school coffee shop fare, opened by Harry Seigi Uehara, retired owner of Kewalo Inn (Son George became head chef at the Kapiolani Columbia Inn). Oroku Oral History Eugene Kaneshiro on the Evergreen: “That was a restaurant where you go there when you had an occasion. There was a tablecloth, waiters wore white shirts and bow ties, very formal kind of-you go there to dine, not to eat. Columbia Inn is a place where you could go to dine, but more than likely you’d go to eat. It’s good food, hearty food, but the Evergreen was a class restaurant, along the lines of the old Tropics restaurants…”/currently Ala Moana Center mauka shops and parking garage. / *contributed by leighton & khs68
  • Ewa Tavern – location / features / currently

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  • Fast Food – Wahiawa / 60s era diner owned by Doc Hofmeister, featuring French food, sandwiches and pizza with delivery *contributed by Michele
  • Fatty’s Chinese Kitchen – Ewa side corridor of Miramar Hotel off Kuhio Ave., Waikiki / very small hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant very popular with both Waikiki residents and tourists / currently *contributed by Keleko
  • Ferdinand’s – Kuhio Ave., behind the International Marketplace in the old Reef Hotel, Waikiki / bar and coffee shop; owed its decor to the story of Ferdinand the Bull; featured a large plaster tree inside, overhanging the bar; there was a disco named Red Pants? on one side of the building in the early ’70s / *contributed by Steve Todd
  • Fisherman’s Wharf – Kewalo Basin, Kaka’ako / Pacific Rim cuisine
  • Fishmonger’s Wife – Ala Moana Center / Andy Wong, excellent Cioppino / currently
  • Flaky Jake’s – Windward Shopping Center/ erved hamburgers and had a condiment bar / currently Denny’s? *contributed by Nancy
  • Flamingo Chuckwagon – Ward & Kapiolani Blvd, Kaka’ako / family buffet featuring Prime Rib
  • Flamingo Restaurant – Kapiolani Blvd. / Local favorites, Oxtail Soup / currently Budnamujip Korean Yakiniku  restaurant
  • Fort Delicatessen – Mapunapuna / local grindz, catering, banquet hall / currently *contributed by Diner “Saimin Kaukau” E
  • Four Star Chop Suey – Maluniu Ave., across the old Jeanlu toy store in Kailua / It was your typical chop suey joint with big round tables and a glass case for manapua, pepeau, etc next to the cash register. Their manapua filling was dark red and juicy. Good stuff. *contributed by Rodney Lee
  • Frankie’s – Waimanalo / plate lunch
  • Fritz European Bakery – Dillingham Blvd. / specialized in authentic German breads & pastries; served Deutsche style, cold cut sandwiches; sold real Kraut hot mustard, jams, pickles, magazines & newspapers; for Christmas Stollen, served THE ORIGINAL Fruit Cake / currently empty. *contributed by “Kona” Wally C.
  • Ft. DeRussy Officer’s Club – Waikiki / features / currently *contritubted by Ron Thomas

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  • Gam’s at Niumalu – 2005 Kalia Road. / Owned by Elwyn Gamage / currently the Hilton Hawaiian Village *contributed by Robert Traina
  • Garden Court – Blaisdell Hotel on Fort Street / circa 1930’s; long-running for many years / currently *contributed by Kimo, c/o his centenarian mother
  • Garden Court Restaurant – Ala Moana Center -in the old Liberty House, 3rd floor) – features / currently Macy’s
  • Gazebo – Ala Moana Center (in the old Liberty House, 4th floor) – currently Plantation Cafe by Alan Wong in Macy’s
  • Gee a Deli – Kailua / “Best deli in the world!!”; they named sandwiches after people *contributed by Jackie
  • George’s Delicatessen – S. King St / Okazuya / currently
  • George’s Inn – Ewa/mauka corner of Keeaumoku and S. King Street (formerly Royal Palm Inn); shared parking lot with Civic Auditorium / Opened in 1950 by Taru (George) and Chiyoko Takara. Started out as a bar with pupu’s then expanded menu to include entrées such as steak and lobster. Popular spot for locals going to Civic Auditorium events. Demolition of the Civic Auditorium in 1974 and S. King Street becoming one-way affected the business. Closed in 1988 / Currently Lobster King Chinese restaurant. *contributed by khs68
  • Gibson’s Circus Room – Hotel Street / features / currently *contributed by Richard Wiley
  • Golden Lion Chinese Restaurant – Waimalu Plaza /  Closed about a year ago or maybe a little longer than that. It was replaced immediately by a Vietnamese place *contributed by Linkmeister
  • Golden Crown Chop Suey – Kaneohe / harm ha roast pork / *contributed by Kobi
  • Golden Dragon – Hilton Hawaiian Village, Waikiki/ Lobster Haupia Curry and chicken in clay ball that melted off the bone
  • Golden Duck – Algaroba and McCully; also Piikoi St. & across Kahala Mall / 50s era Chinese restaurant / Algaroba location currently Cammelia Korean Buffet restaurant *contributed by Jay and khs68
  • Gokoku Sushi – Koko Marina Shopping Center / Owned by Japanese restaurant group Pier 30; opened in 2014, closed abruptly in January 2019
  • Good Earth, The – ground floor of the Honolulu Club / The Good Earth was there first, before Johnny Appleseed It was a natural food place, a refugee from a string of them that got bought by GM; the daughter of the original owner ran it; when it failed (or didn’t make enough to make them happy) the Club put together a set of partners and tried to run it as Johnny Appleseed; they promptly added burgers and non-healthy stuff and drove away the original customers, and TGI Fridays next door made better burgers, so Appleseed died in about 1985 / *contributed by linkmeister
  • Goodie Goodie Drive-In – King & Coolridge / features / currently
  • Gourmet, The – Kalakaua Avenue, Diamond Head of Lewers in Waikiki / An upscale Spencecliff restaurant. It operated in the 1950s-1960s and the place had a red and white striped awning fronting the sidewalk / currently *contributed by Lowell
  • Grace’s Lunch Wagon – Mauka side of Metcalf St., one block from University Ave. intersection /  Had lunch wagon prior to permanent location (on S. Beretania, near Isenberg St. intersection?); Hot dog and chow fun plate for 90 cents (mid-1970′s) / *contributed by leighton
  • Grant’s Grill Mandoo Express – King St, Kalihi – grilled plate lunches, Kal Bi, mechanically-produced Mandoo for large orders/catering / currently Paul’s Poppers
  • Grape Escape Wine Bar – Waikiki Trade Center / used to serve, among other things, desserts, like individual fruit tarts from a place called “Roxanne’s” / *contributed by leighton
  • Great Hawaiian Hot Dog Co. – Waikiki, Kaka’ako, Iwilei / Kiosks serving gourmet hot dogs, featuring signature Garlic Sauce
  • Greek to Me – fast food place in the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center / around in the early ’80s for about five years; had gyros and who knows what else; owner was the S.O. of the guy who owned the Honolulu Club at the time it opened (May 1980) and for the next ten-twelve years / *contributed by Linkmeister
  • Greens  & Vines Raw Vegan Gourmet – 909 Kapiolani Blvd. (across Blaisdell Center) / opened in 2013 by owner Sylvia Thompson, after transferring from Licious Dishes, a catering and takeout business in Dole Cannery, Iwilei. Restaurant featured health-conscious raw vegan dishes and fine wine to pair with it. Closed in April 2017 with the business put up for sale. 
  • Green Turtle – Kapiolani Blvd. / features *contributed by “Kona” Wally C.
  • G’rillas – King and Bethel St
  • Grinders Drive-In – Kahalu’u / features / *contributed by Ann
  • Grocery Outlet – Dillingham Blvd (City Square) / discounted, brand-name groceries, frozen foods, housewares, beer, wine and health & beauty goods / currently Chuck E. Cheese
  • Gyoza No Osho – King’s Village Shopping Center, Waikiki / Ramen-ya

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  • Hackfeld’s – Ala Moana Center (in the old Liberty House, lower level) / features / currently Macy’s
  • Haiku Gardens Restaurant – Kaneohe / currently Haleiwa Joe’s
  • Hakkei – Young St., Makiki area / Japanese Izakaya; Kaiseki meals; closed December 2016
  • Hale Nanea – location / features / currently
  • Hale Ohuna – Waialae and 12th Ave., Kaimuki  / Fusion craft cocktail and noodle bar by Chef Lee Anne Wong; closed Dec. 2015
  • Hall Saimin – Kalihi
  • Hamburger Mary’s – Kuhio Ave, Waikiki / gay bar & grill / currently the backside (no pun intended) of a boutique shopping strip mall (again no pun intended)
  • Hana Broasted Chicken – Sheridan St, Kaka’ako / broasted chicken was crispy on the outside and moist and garlicky inside / currently
  • Hanaki – Manoa Marketplace / Japanese buffet, sushi bar; excellent shrimp tempura 
  • Hank’s Café – 11th Ave, Kaimuki / short period gig spot for Makaha Sons of Niihau 
  • Happy’s Drive-In – N. King St., next to Kaiulani Elementary (across Tamashiro Market) / cheap burgers and French fries, and ono mac salad / currently Chevron gas station *contributed by MBallantyne
  • Harpo’s Pizza –  Kapahulu Ave, near Rainbow Drive In (also another location on Waialae near Tony Roma’s and at the entrance of Don Quijote in Pearl City) /  they also had a truck in the parking lot of the Kahala Times Supermarket *contributed by Jay
  • Harvest House – Kahala Mall / Diner restaurant and bar that was a part of Woolworth; very good French Dip Sandwich*contributed by Jay
     and Shawn
  • Hata Restaurant1742 S. King Street (Makiki) / old school Japanese restaurant owned and operated by Yasuhiro and Sakae Hata. In business for 45 years, closed its doors on Saturday, February 24, 2018 due to retirement
  • Hau Terrace – Halekulani Resort, Waikiki / formerly the Coral Lanai Terrace; great view; breakfast brunch; snack bar had the best hamburgers ever; roast pig / currently *contributed by Scott M. & Richard Wiley
  • Hauula Bake Shop – Hau’ula / best glazed donuts in the 70’s. They became became Bethlehem Bake Shop in the 80’s / *contributed by Phil
  • Haven, The – Ala Moana Shopping Center, near the old Patty’s Chinese Kitchen on the Mauka side, where Yami Yogurt used to be / natural sandwiches: sprouts, pressed juices / currently *contributed by Anne
  • Hawaiian Hut – Ala Moana Hotel, Atkinson Dr, Kaka’ako / a Spencecliff restaurant & Tiki bar; became a club and live entertainment venue in its later years / currently a Jewish Synagogue
  • Hee Hing Restaurant – 449 Kapahulu Ave. / Established in 1963 by Kin Ball Lee, of which the family owns the Hee Hing Plaza building it was in. Chinese Dim Sum, Cantonese and Seafood cuisine. Closed permanently around November 2015.
  • Heeia Pier Shack  – Heeia Kea Pier / features
  • Heidi’s – location / proof that in Hawaii there’s other types of bread than just Love’s and pao duce;  Pumpernickel? Rye? / *contributed by Richard Lee-Ching
  • Hemenway Hall Cafeteria @ UH Manoa – cafeteria in the old UH Student Union Building / cup of chili and rice (with unlimited condiments) for 35 cents! Survival rations for almost always broke students! / *contributed by KeithF
  • Hernando’s Hideway – Kuhio Ave, Waikiki / pizza, sports bar
    Hifumi Restaurant – Chinatown Plaza, Chinatown Honolulu (by River Street); originally in Kalihi, across parking lot from Diners Drive-In / casual Japanese cuisine; in business since the 1970s *contributed by kanani & wayne
  • Hisago Okazuya – In the building on the makai/diamond corner of Makahihi Way and S. King Street / features *contributed by khs68
  • HK Restaurant – Coolidge & S. King St, Mo’ili’ili / owner Hank made really ono Fried Saimin, Beef Stew, Beef Curry, and Turkey plates; HK’s original place is where Walmart Keeaumoku now stands, next to where Apple Motors used to be / Coolidge St location previously Goody Goody Drive-In, currently *contributed by Harry
  • Hob Nob, The – Alexander-Young Hotel / Another Spencecliff restaurant circa 1955-1970. It was originally the Alexander Young Hotel’s dining room. Had counter service and, like all Spencecliff restaurants, a large menu and reasonable prices. / *contributed by pat and Lowell
  • Hofbrauhaus – International Market Place, Waikiki / German eatery *contributed by “Kona” Wally C.
  • Holiday Mart – Kailua and Kaheka St. (Ala Moana area) / supermarket, deli, movie theaters / currently Target @ Kailua, Don Quijote @ Kaheka (both previously Daiei)
  • Honda’s Delicatessen – Liliha / replaced by Masu’s Massive Plate Lunch, since closed
  • Honda Store – Liliha / neighborhood mom ‘n pop store *source: Remember Oahu from the Past Part 2 on FB
  • Honda Tofu – Wahiawa / A tofu manufacturer established in 1917 by Eizo honda on Cane Street. Closed August 2015
  • Honey’s Place – Kamehameha Hwy, Kaneohe / Live Hawaiian music, food and drink, owned and operated by Honey Ho, Don Ho’s mother, first gig for Don Ho / currently a bank, previously Farrell’s, then Smitty’s
  • Hon Kung Chinese Restaurant – Kaimuki (in the middle of a parking lot) / features / *contributed by winnie
  • Hong Kong Harbour View Seafood Restaurant – Aloha Tower Marketplace / gourmet Chinese cuisine
  • Honolulu Japanese Sake Company – Pauoa Valley, circa 1956 / Operated by the Nihei family? *source: Remembering Oahu from the past part 2 on FB
  • Horatio’s & Seafood Grill – Ward Warehouse – features / currently Kincaid’s
  • Horiuchi Saimin Stand – Waipahu / Fried Noodles / *contributed by julie
  • Horitsuji’s Restaurant – Beretania St (across River Street Canal, later moved to Kukui Plaza) / Japanese lunch, feat. steamed mullet with ginger, chinese parsley and green onions / currently
  • Hot Dog Annie’s – Kapiolani Blvd. and Kalakaua Ave., across the street from Coco’s back in the day / features / currently Honolulu Coffee Company *contributed by Jay
  • House of Hong – Lewers St., Waikiki / “The World’s most beautiful Chinese Restaurant”; Cantonese cuisine; rich art of the Orient
  • House of Janus – On Ala Moana, next to KITV, back in the day / Catering and shows. Closed down in the early to mid 70’s? *contributed by Jay
  • House of Park – Moiliili at S. King Street in the one story building diamond head of Kokua Market and before Mother Rice pre-school / Early 60s era; fave was the Mundoo Kook Soo; Kalei’s Poi Bowl was next door *contributed by Leighton and khs68
  • H. Salt Esquire Fish & Chips – Ala Moana Center, near the old Hopaco store / wrapped in newspaper and sooo good *contributed by bob
  • Hula Lunch Wagon  – Airport area, Windward Community College / plate lunch /  Pomai’s sister Keanu’s former business, circa 1981
  • Hungry Harry’s – Kalakaua Avenue / ’70s era; delicious avocado & tuna subs *contributed by Dawn
  • Hungry Lion – Liliha and School St, Liliha / 24 hour coffee shop, feat. live banyan tree in dining area / currently Walgreens

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  • Ideta – Mauka corner of Kohou and Dillingham Blvd, where Classic Bowl used to be/ Long-time popular japanese restaurant; Miso buttersfish was the popular dish along with sashimi platter; Ideta’s closed in 2013 *contributed by khs68
  • IGA Supermarket – Island-wide, including on Kapahulu Ave., mauka-side, next to the original Love’s Bakery (which has since moved near the airport). Also in Kaimuki, where Chico’s was and City Mill is now on Waialae & St. Louis Dr., as well as where Zane’s market was the maikai/kokohead corner of Waialae and 9th Ave in the Y.F. Zane building where JJ’s is across from Ed Kenney’s Town restaurant./ A Longtime neighborhood grocery store, IGA stands for Independent Grocers Alliance, a grocery store franchising organization where stores catered to the specific wants/needs of their local communities. The Kapahulu IGA location closed in the early 80s, where the property became a mini strip mall / Currently Kapahulu location is the Safeway shopping complex *contributed by khs68 & Jay
  • Ilima Drive In – S. King St., kokohead of Piikoi St. (next to Wisteria) / Opened in 1954 by Masaji Uyehara (Ilima Catering & Aiea Drive In). Car-hop service with restaurant. Closed in early 1970’s when lease expired. / Currently Zippy’s Makiki. *contributed by khs68
  • Ilima Restaurant & Catering Service – Mapunapuna St., Mapunapuna / old school local grinds restaurant (small takeout style) and catering / currently
  • InterIsland Coffee Shop and Cocktail Loungethe OLD Honolulu Airport (pre-1962), at the OLD InterIsland terminal near where the overseas terminal is today on the north side of the airport (Hawaiian Airlines only; Aloha was at the overseas terminal on the south side of the airport) / restaurant and lounge / currently *contributed by Tom Gibson
  • In Sam Korean Restaurant – Uluniu street on the Oneawa side, next to the doctors office in Kailua / It was the first Korean restaurant in Kailua – this, back in the 70’s. Meat jhun, bibim kook su, big bone kalbi. Lots of food and tasty! *contributed by Rodney Lee
  • International Kitchen – Pearlridge Center / International cuisine cafeteria
  • Iroha Jaya – Koko Head Ave, Kaimuki / Kyoto-style Japanese kaiseki / *contributed by Ryan
  • Island Chop Suey – Kapahulu Ave. and Palani / popular for takeout orders / Currently Hai’ili’s Hawaiian Food *contributed by khs68
  • Islander Coffee House – Lewers St, Waikiki / features / currently
  • Italian Restaurant (name?) – Ground floor of the Arthur Murray Dance Studio building at the intersection of Kalakaua and McCully / features *contributed by Robert Traina
  • Ito Guruma – King’s Village, Waikiki / authentic Japanese Ramen shop (Tokyo Style!) / currently Gyoza No Osho

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  • Jackie’s Kitchen – Ala Moana Center, 3rd floor (near Mai Tai Bar) / first theme restaurant opened by martical arts/comedian mega movie star Jackie Chan / currently Tanaka of Tokyo
  • Jack’s Chop Suey – Long time Kalihi restaurant on Mookaula Street off Waiakamilo / Currently Au’s Garden *contributed by khs68
  • Jacques Saimin – Kalihi / features / currently
  • Jake’s – downtown Honolulu, on the corner of Bishop and Hotel, on the bottom of the Oregon Building / breakfast, specializing in pancakes, everything from big/large sized ones to “half dollar” sized; around the corner from a great okazu / *contributed by John Book
  • Jameson’s by the Sea – Haleiwa, North Shore of Oahu – Seafood and Fusion Pacific Rim-American Cuisine / Currently Haleiwa Beach House by D.G. Andy Anderson *contributed by Kevin S. Oshiro
  • JB’s / In the hotel that is currently Lotus Honolulu (an Aqua Resort) / Early 70’s fine dining restaurant; had an incredible salad bar and was a great place to eat; was replaced by Bobby McGee’s Conglomeration *contributed Jerrie Mitchell
  • Jean’s Bakery & Fountain – Kailua, Oahu / started with just the bakery in 1950, then owner George Abe bought land across the street and had a new building constructed to expand the bakery and add a sit-down diner, complete with jukebox and malted milkshakes…25 cent rootbeer floats; Its large picture windows would be plastered with campaign posters every election season before sign-waving (didn’t matter which political party) and rock concert posters at other times (mostly Ted Sax’s productions, not Tom Moffat’s); It’s in the Kailua book by Kailua Historical Society; check out the wedding cake in the window, ’50s cars, and gravel road / *contributed by Carol
  • Jet Burger – Lagoon Dr, Airport area / 24-hour “greasy spoon”, alternative to Byron’s Drive-In / currently Ryder Rentals
  • Jenny’s Drive-In – Farrington Hwy, Waipahu / local breakfast & plate lunch / currently closed (previously Brandy’s Drive-In)
  • Jerry’s Sweet Shop – Haleiwa / popular hangout in the 60s and 70s; homemade burgers with grilled bun and manoa lettuce were 5 for a dollar that came in a greasy brown bag; breaded pork chops with gravy and the teriyaki plates with corn that came overflowing the plate covered by a translucent paper sheet in a white pie box for only $1.70 back then; Stanley and Lady Wakui used to run the concession stand in the pavilion area in Haleiwa park and also Chiyo’s next to the Waialua fire station *contributed by Jiro
  • Jimmy Ha’s – Ewa Beach Rd, Ewa Beach / general mom ‘n pop plantation store; the owner slept in the store / currently a subdivision
  • Joe’s at Waikiki – location / Andrew Wong / currently
  • Joe Fatt’s Barbeque Good Eats – Waialae Avenue and the Kealaolu bus turnaround / Featured a neon “Chicken in the Basket” sign on the roof. There was a shave-ice wagon next door. *contributed by Robert Traina
  • John Dominis – Kaka’ako / Andy Anderson’s, upscale pacific rim, stunning views of Honolulu’s waterfront overlooking Ala Moana and Waikiki, Sunday buffet, saltwater pond featuring hammerhead sharks, stingrays, reef fish / currently 53 by the Sea
  • Johnny Appleseed – Honolulu Club / see information on The Good Earth / *contributed by Linkmeister
  • Jojan Restaurant – Waialae Shopping Center (where the ramp to Barnes & Noble is now) / Opened around 1960 by Joe Fatt (of Joe Fatt’s Barbecue across the street) and Jan Moresi. Later became Reuben’s and then Spindrifter. Great spareribs. *contributed by Robert Traina
  • Jolly Roger Drive-In – Dillingham Blvd, Keaumoku St* & Waialae ave / signature sandwiches (Suzie-Q, Teri-King), memorable bacon double cheeseburger* / *contributed by John Book
  • Jon’s Restaurant – Ala Moana Shopping Center, ground floor center court area / late 60s to early 70s era burger joint; burger had a thin lighter patty (so it must’ve had some pork and/or veal) with a slight curry flavor served with mustard/relish – it also had a pronounced black pepper hit in the patty; served “Green River” drink and “Cheese on Bun” with little brown bits in from the burgers they cooked on the same grill; There was the kiddie “sandbox” just outside of Jon’s with that stone sculpture that got moved outside of Shirokiya.*contributed by Jay and Ryan
  • Jose’s – Restaurant Row / Mexican Cantina / *contributed by leighton
  • JR’s Upstairs – Kilohana Square, Kapahulu / Converted house to hole-in-the-wall restaurant, owned by Janet and Ron, serving quaint dinner only. Celestial Brownies were to die for. *contributed by Leighton
  • Jumbo’s Drive-In – Mapunapuna (near Servco) / fried chicken drumettes/wings plate / currently
  • Jurison’s Inn – Waikele / go-to Beef Curry place / *contributed by leighton

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  • Kaffe Imperial Tonkatsu House – Kapiolani Blvd / Tonkatsu, Japanese cuisine / currently
  • Kailua Drive-In – Kailua / 5-for-$1 hamburgers, Portuguese Burger (a sausage the size of a burger, along with bun and only mayonnaise), alternative to Andy’s Drive-In / currently
  • Kaimuki Grill – 1108 12th Avenue, Kaimuki / local comfort food; Beef Jerky Crisps & Hasu Chips (Aloha Edibles) / soon to replaced by Angelo Pietro’s (formerly located on Kapiolani Blvd., next to Shokudo)
  • Kaimuki Inn (the original, where Big City Diner is now) – Waialae Ave, Kaimuki / Opened in 1932 by Taru Takara (George’s Inn) and Kana Teruya. Partnership shares in the restaurant changed among the Takara family from 1934 to 1950; popular family eating place and neighborhood bar. Great breakfasts. Closed in 1982. / *contributed by John Book & khs68
  • Kaiser Wilhelm’s – The Villa at Eaton Square, Waikiki / German Bier & Schnitzel *contributed by “Kona” Wally C. and Kurt
  • Kalei’s Poi Bowl – Moiliili at S. King Street in the one story building diamond head of Kokua Market and before Mother Rice pre-school / Early 60s era; good Hawaiian food and conveniently located; most Hawaiian restaurants at the time were downtown or beyond *contributed by khs68
  • Kam Drive Inn – Ewa Beach / Wasn’t well known outside the area but to everyone there it was a gem. On their last day of business, like many others, they were packed. One yelper, Jace, said he bought 40 hamburgers from them that day. Burgers had a special sauce you couldn’t get anywhere else. Loved working there 2yrs part time during high school. Good folks. Locals still talk about this. *contributed by Mel B.
  • Kammy’s – Campbell Ave., Kapahulu area / small hole-in-thewall okazuya & restaurant; husband & wife operation with excellent food *contributed by Clint
  • Kaneda’s Delicatessen – location/features/currently *contributed by Alan
  • Kaneohe Theater – Kaneohe / features *contributed by Steph Guzman
  • Kaneko’s – Makule Rd, Ewa Beach (near the triangle) / saimin / currently
  • Kanda “Kewalo” Lunch Wagon – Kewalo Basin / “regular mix” plate lunch: 2 scoops rice, Macaroni Salad, Roast Pork ‘n Gravy, Long Rice, Meat Loaf, Hot Dog, Shoyu Chicken, and Luncheon Meat. including drink of your choice for just $5.00 (circa 2000!). Food served on “old school” paper China plates, lined with wax paper and wrapped in butcher’s paper, rubber banded shut. Classic!
  • Kanraku Teahouse – Kohou Street, mauka of Ideta’s / Popular for Japanese celebrations and business events. Kimono clad waitresses, tatami mats & zabutons. Traditional Japanese party food. Closed in 1994. *contributed by khs68
  • Kapahulu Chop Suey – Kapahulu Ave (next to Ono Hawaiian food) / Cantonese
  • Kapahulu Poi Shop – 3110 Winam Avenue (right off Kapahulu, in front of a walk-up apartment building) / Hawaiian kau kau; Opened in 1959 by Millie and Francis Chun; passed to sons Derrick and Colin in 1976; best old fashioned “jumbo” pork laulau; closed in May 2015, per Francis, Millie, Derrick and Jason
  • Kapiolani Bakery – location / chantilly cake and peach melba *contributed by A. Keomaka
  • Kapiolani Coffee Shop – Next to Aloha Motors, where the Convention Center is now / Ox Tail Soup, Pig Feet Soup, and Fried Rice; moved to Kam Bowl, and now in the Waimalu Shopping Center / currently Hawaii Convention Center *contributed by leighton
  • Kapiolani Drive-In (KDI) – Kapiolani Blvd / 6 hamburgers for a dollar! Broasted chicken! /  *submitted by Richard Lee-Ching
  • Karen’s Yakiniku – In the building on Kapiolani Blvd. makai side, next to the brick building that used to be a Sherwin Williams paint store / Was the first ‘grill your own meat’ restaurant back in the mid-60s; back then there were no Korean BBQ restaurants; only Korean food offered was regular kitchen prepared dishes; when Karen’s first opened, the line of people waiting for a table was very long on the weekends, being the draw was cook your own; only thing was you come out smelling like grilled meat! / currently a parking lot? *contributed by khs68
  • Kau Kau Korner – Kapiolani Blvd and Kalakaua Ave / 24 hour drive-in was then replaced by Coco’s Coffee House / currently Coconut Willy’s (new!), previously Hard Rock Cafe (who moved down Kalakaua Ave into the heart of Waikiki) *contributed by Richard Welch
  • Kawakami Delicatessen – Kalihi St. / Okazuya *contributed by Milton Yamamoto
  • Kawamoto Saimin – S. King St., near Goodie Goodie and Gourmet Liquors area across Star Market / late 70s era saimin stand / currently Hide-Chan *contributed by Jay
  • Kay’s Fountain – Kapahulu Ave (where Hee Hing building currently stands; shared same old building with Matsuoka’s / long soda fountain counter with swiveling stools, great 50¢ hamburgers (twice the price as Rainbow Drive Inn right up the street) / currently Hee Hing
  • Keneda’s Delicatessen – S. School St, Kalihi / features / *contributed by Alan
  • Keo’s Thai Cuisine – Kuhio Ave. (Ambassador Hotel), Waikiki / award-winning upscale Thai cuisine; closed in February 2013, due to the Ambassador Hotel being sold
  • KC Drive Inn – Originally Kapiolani Blvd, moved to Kapahulu Ave, Kapahulu / Waffle Dog, Ono Ono Shake, guava freeze / currently a medical building
  • Kelly’s Coffee Shop – Nimitz Hwy, Airport / 24 hour diner and pastry shop / currently Cycle City motorcycle dealership
    Kengo’s Restaurant & Lounge – Kapiolani Blvd / local and Japanese fare / currently an empty lot
  • Kenny’s Burger House – School St, Kalihi (Kam Shopping Center) / breakfast, burgers ‘n fries, milk shakes, slush float*, sandwiches and plate lunches / currently McDonald’s *contributed by Richard Lee-Ching
  • Kiawe Grill & BBQ –  King St., Kalihi, Mo’ili’ili, and Kamehameha Hwy., Aiea / Kiawe wood-grilled burgers & Korean dishes; featured exotic meat for the burgers such as Ostrich and Buffalo / *contributed by Linkmeister
  • Kimo’s – Kamehameha Hwy & Kahuhipa St, Kaneohe / formerly on the top floor of what was back then in the early 80’s the HonFed building; fine dining continental and local cuisine / currently American Savings Bank
  • Kimuraya Bakery – Koko Head Ave, Kaimuki / Japanese bakery, featuring pizza rolls, frank rolls, anpan (pastry filled with several kinds of sweet bean paste), cream cheese twists, and apple donuts / currently
  • Kinau Saimin – Kinau St, near Alapai / curly local style noodles and hot-off-the-hibachi meat sticks / currently Shigelicious* (operated by Karen’s grandson; feat. Musubi, Hot Dogs & Shave Ice) *contributed by Harry
  • Kincaid’s – Ward Centre – *contributed by Video360
    King’s Alley Pub – Waikiki / format / currently *contritubted by Ron Thomas
  • King’s Bakery – 1936 King St, Mo’ili’ili / owned by Robert Taira, a coffee shop & bakery; famous for their Portuguese Sweet Bread & fried noodles; also  fresh coconut cake or pie; a King’s Bakery branch later opened in Kaimuki  *contributed by Steve Todd and A. Keomaka
  • King’s Garden – Waialae Ave, Kaimuki / cake noodle, oyster rolls
  • King Richards Drive Inn – Kaneohe? / features *contributed by Steph Guzman
  • King Tsin Restaurant2140 S. Beretania (right before McCully St., Mauka-side, Ewa-bound) / Mid-1970s thru early 2000s; possibly the first to serve Northern Chinese dishes instead of Cantonese; excellent hot and sour soup and mu shu pork; young and polite servers *contributed by Carol
  • Kit ‘n Kitchen – University Ave. / features *contributed by E. Chun
  • Komakata – Aina Haina / “casual” Japanese cuisine, Chanko Nabe / currently Genki Sushi
  • Kress (locations statewide) / coffee shop at Kailua location; 25 cent Spaghetti plate with slice of bread and butter / *contributed by pat & webrunner
  • Kuhio Grill – King St (across from Mother Rice Day Care Center) / features / *contributed by Alan
  • Kuhio Grill – Waikiki
  • Kuulei Delicatessen – corner of Oneawa and Kuulei Rd, Kailua / okazuya *contributed by David Dowling
  • Kwong On – Waialae Ave / Kaimuki / best deal on the island for takeout dim sum; manapua, pork hash; taro cakes, hand-made peanut candy
  • Kyoya – Kalakaua Ave, Waikiki / traditional Japanese cuisine / currently vacant (like the Nike Town building across the street, SAD)

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  • L ‘Auberge Swiss – Kailua / Speaking of Swiss, where you could get your wiener schnitzel fix when Swiss Inn was booked / *contributed by leighton
  • La Hacienda – Koko Marina, Hawaii Kai / Mexican cuisine
  • La Lunch Box – Young St. / owned by Michel Martin, of Michel’s and Chez Michel’s fame. Previously the space was Kojak’s, a bar that hosted live music by popular Hawaii bands, including Kalapana and Nueva Vida with Pauline Wilson / currently J Shop, a small Japanese grocery store *contributed by Leighton and khs68
  • La Mancha – Keeaumoku Street / Built at the site where Chip’s Coffee Shop. At night it would turn into a disco nightclub. 
  • La Mex – Waikiki / Was always hopping after work. Reasonable priced good food with llve entertainment.  Kapena played there in their early days (?). *contributed by Mel B.
  • Lanikai Chop Suey – On Hoolai St. next to Sumida’s body shop in Kailua / A small hole-in-the-wall chop suey joint. Their teriyaki steak was a real steak, marinated in teriyaki sauce – for under $10. This restaurant later became Lee’s Garden. *contributed by Rodney Lee
  • Lantern Chop Suey – At the mauka/east corner of Winam and Kapahulu / Had green chinese lanterns with red tassels hanging in front; worth cutting class for their wun tun mein! / currently a surfboard & kayak store *contributed by khs68
  • Lau’s Drive-In – Kahalu’u / features / *contributed by kobi
  • Lauu’s – small drive-in in Kahalu’u or Hau’ula, on the right side of Kam Hwy. heading north / good chili and rice / *contributed by leighton
  • La Paloma Mexican Restaurant – Kapiolani Blvd (originally in Kaimuki where Azteca now is) / Mid 60s to 70s era classic Mexican joint inspired by the Mom’s recipes; food was great, but margaritas were the best!; owned by Joe and Laura Martinez; sons later helped open another bigger multi level La Paloma II  in Pearlridge (later became Banditos) next to where Denny’s was; the brothers and sisters of La Paloma owners still run the old Jose’s Mexican Restaurant at the top of Kaimuki to this day, and they even had one in Kailua-Kona for many years *contributed by Rick Derrickson
  • Lau Yee Chai – mauka-side junction of Kuhio and Kalakaua Ave, Waikiki / THE place on the island for Chinese banquets; large block-sized property in Waikiki, where half of it was a magnificent Chinese garden  that was great for the kids to play after dinner. There were many large banquet rooms and garden dining pavilions in addition to the main restaurant, all beautifully decorated in Chinese style, and a large garden pool with Koi. Also a huge bar/lounge area. The restaurant was demolished circa the late 1960s and the Ambassador condo built on the site / turned into Keo’s Thai Cuisine; currently vacant *contributed by Lowell
  • L’Raku – Kapiolani Blvd / Japanese fusion cuisine
  • La Ronde Restaurant – Top of the Ala Moana Business Building / Revolving restaurant featuring fine dining continental cuisine; lamb chops with mint jelly; you could hear the grinding as the restaurant was turning / currently vacant *contributed by Donna Vaughn
  • Le Bistro – Niu Valley Shopping Center, East Oahu / General manager and chef Alan Takasaki and his wife Debbie owned the restaurant for 15 years, then sold it to a new owner in 2016. The Takasakis continued to operate the popular restaurant where Alan remained the executive chef. Closed abruptly with no notice in October 2018. 
  • Le Bon – Back entrance was on Hamakua Drive in Kailua / 70s era French restaurant;  owner was very temperamental, which was part of the charm; favorites were the Madras Crepes and Beef Bourguignon *contributed by Kathy Fullerton (a former employee) and Alan
  • Le Guignol – Across the street from Thomas Square in the Medical Arts Building / favorite place to go before events at the Blaisdell or Concert Hall; one of the few places that served rabbit; basic country French food / *contributed by leighton
  • Lee’s Drive In – Kaneohe (next to Pa Ke’s Chinese Restaurant) / mom & pop hole-in-the-wall takeout eatery ran by same owners for over 60 years; local style burgers & Chinese dim sum
  • Leilani Chop Suey – Isenberg St. / Longtime neighborhood restaurant. Now Maple Garden (1975 Robert Hsu, then same owners as Yen King). *contributed by khs68
  • Leong’s Hawaiian Cafe – N. King St, Kalihi / traditional Hawaiian food, chop steak, pipikaula and luau stew / currently
  • Les Escargot – Monserrat Ave, Daimond Head area / formerly The Bistro in Century Center *contributed by Kurt
  • Leon’s Tavern – Kailua / first business owned by the Andy Wong and wife Marian / currently
  • Leroy’s Nightclub & Restaurant – Gold Bond Building, Kaka’ako (Ala Moana Blvd.) / located on the Keane Street side of the Gold Bond Building; behind used to be the Coca Cola bottling plant and after work people would unwind at Leroy’s; Leroy’s Nightclub and Restaurant was operated by the uncle and aunt of Harlin Young *contributed by Paul and Honolulu Star Bulletin archives
  • Lewer’s Street Fish Co. – Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center / features / *contributed by leighton
  • Libby Manapua Shop – Kalihi St. / One of Oahu’s most popular places for dim sum, known most for their steamed charsiu manapua, pork hash, half moon and rice cake, served in a unique pink box stamped with their name on it. Later offered a variety of manapua fillings, including teriyaki chicken and curry. Closed abruptly without notice on Saturday, April 25, 2019 after 57 years in business. *contributed by Ann
  • Liberty House Kailua (upstairs coffee shop) – location / features *contributed by webrunner
  • Liliha Seafood – corner of Vineyard and Liliha / Cantonese food / *contributed by Alan
  • Little Chef – Located in an old L shaped building (now a 7-11) where Local Motion had their original surf shop, across the police station in Kailua / A mom ‘n pop restaurant run by an local lady, I think her last name was Mitamura. I used to order the corned beef and onion. Mind you, this was canned corned beef – just like the stuff we used to eat at home. True comfort food. *contributed by Rodney Lee
  • Little George’s – Ala Moana Blvd (across the Gold Bond Bldg) / opened by George Matsuoka, who managed the Pearl City Tavern for 10 years before it was sold to Japanese interests. Little George’s was a fine dining affair, specializing in steak & lobster. Circa 1970’s / currently Sprint store
  • Lisboa – near Pagoda Hotel / proof that fine food and Portuguese wasn’t an oxymoron; overpriced / *contributed by Richard Lee-Ching & “Kona” Wally C.
  • Lobster & Crab House – Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center / features / *contributed by leighton
  • Love’s Bakery Discount Outlet – Kapahulu Ave., in a former strip mall with neighbors that included Regal Diner, Diamond Head Video, a pizza shop and Subway on the front / Marked-down prices (super cheap!) on overstocked and near expiration date Love’s Bakery products, including bread, English Muffins, donuts, fruit pies, stuffing and more; also to note, the property that the Kapahulu Safeway now sits on was the original site of Love’s Bakery, which has since moved near the airport / currently Safeway
  • Luigi’s Italian Fine Dining – Kailua (down from Jack in the Box) / Fine dining; all dishes made to order *contributed by geoff michaelson
  • Lum’s – corner of University and Dole / a chain restaurant that featured beer steamed hot dogs / Currently Tsukeneya? *contributed by KeithF
  • Lum’s Meat Center – Palani Street in Kapahulu next to Island Chop Suey (now Haili’s) / Since 1955 On Chew Lum sold marinated char siu spareribs by the slab to cook at home; closed and Lum’s bottled Char Siu Sauce available in markets in 1985 / Currently Kapahulu Dialysis *contributed by khs68
  • Lynn’s Delicatessen – Ala Moana Center /  Pastrami Sandwich and potato salad

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  • Magoo’s Pizza – Puck’s Alley, Mo’ili’ili / Tag line was “No Hu Hu, Call Magoo’s!”; killer “Hot Ham & Mushroom ” sub, excellent pizza *contributed by Aikea
  • Maiko – Ilikai Hotel, Waikiki – Japanese buffet / *contributed by Ryan
  • Maile Room – Kahala Hilton / Baseball great Joe DiMaggio was one of the first guests to dine there back in the 60’s when it opened / currently
  • Makaha Drive-In – Makaha / features / currently a community help center *contributed by Mark Stone
  • Makino Chaya – King St, Aloha Tower Market Place / Japanese family buffet
  • Makino Clubhouse – Kapiolani & Kalakaua Ave / restaurant & sports bar / previously Hard Rock Cafe, currently vacant
  • Maliko O’ Punalu’u Bar & Grill – Punalu’u / features / currently
  • Malolo Kai Room – Outrigger Hotel, Waikiki / oceanside dining; complete dinners and broiler entrees; cocktails /
  • Mama’s Mexican Kitchen – 378 N. School St. (between A’ala & Liliha) / Mexican *contributed by Steve Todd
  • Mango and Miso Restaurant – Ala Moana Hotel / took over Mon Cher Ton Ton spot / currently *contributed by A.T.
  • Manoa Chop Suey – Corner of East Manoa Road and Huapala Street / Owned and run by the Goo family, later by ‘Buck’ and Clara Goo. It was originally Manoa Market from 1930 until circa 1975, when the Goo’s opened a Chinese (Cantonese) restaurant. The space was later a Baskin Robbins ice cream shop and a Bank of America branch, before becoming a Starbucks. When it was a market there was a single gasoline pump next to the building (on the Huapala Street side) and you could buy gas. / currently Starbucks Manoa *contributed by Lowell
  • Manoa Grill – Right next to the Manoa Theater graveyard / Run by the Takara family, it was a favorite while growing up. They made the best pork or chicken cutlet with brown gravy, orange freeze, homemade hamburger steaks, and burgers, and their food was always delicious! *contributed by Diane M. Kimura
  • Manzo’s Trattoria – liked that place a lot; Tony Manzo may have had a place in Niu Valley before Swiss Inn? / *contributed by leighton
  • Ma’ona – Beretania Street / 1973-75; one of the first vegetarian restaurants in Hawaii Ma’ona *contributed by Bob F.
  • Marco Polo – Ala Moana Center (ground floor) / 1960s era restaurant featuring American, Chinese and Hawaiian food *contributed by B Medeiros
  • Marigold Apts & Pierpoint Hotel Restaurant – Kalia, where the HHV is now / circa 1920’s / currently *contributed by Kimo, c/o his centenarian mother
  • Mark Lan Chop Suey – Kapiolani Blvd (across McKinley High Field)
  • Maroni’s Pizza – Wahiawa / features  *contributed by charles guard
  • Martin’s Mexican Restaurant – Kailua, by McDonald’s / Family-orientated restaurant. Later they moved to the shopping center where Times Supermarket is in Kailua *contributed by Jackie
  • Maruzen – Mo’ili’ili / cheap cafeteria meal / *contributed by Richard Lee-Ching
  • Masago’s Drive-In – Waianae / features / currently Jack in the Box *contributed by Mark Stone
  • Masu’s –  Makaloa St., between Keeaumoku and Sheridan, makai side / Mid 80’s era plate lunch joint *contributed by Jay
  • Masu’s Massive Plate Lunch – Liliha and also in the Moanalua Shopping Center / laulau plate with side of teri chicken, Julliene SPAM & Rice *contributed by Manuel Harris
  • Matteo’s Italian Restaurant – Seaside and Kuhio Ave, Waikiki / features / currently
  • Matters of Taste – Nimitz Hwy (Gentry Pacific Design Center), Iwilei / farm to table bistro / currently Eat Cafe
  • McCully Chop Sui – McCully & S. King St / local Chinese-style comfort food under $10; prawns and honey-glazed walnuts, pig stomach with ginger onion, sweet and sour pig feet, and beef stew with tendon over lettuce / currently vacant
  • Meeting Place – Kaka’ako (replaced by Onjin’s)
  • Meritage – Restaurant Row / features / *contributed by leighton
  • Mekong and Mekong II – Kapahulu Avenue, South King Street / Sananikone opened his first restaurant called Mekong Restaurant in Honolulu in 1977. Then he opened a second restaurant in 1981 on Kapahulu Avenue, called Keo’s Thai Cuisine. On a spree, the next year, Sananikone opened Mekong II at 1726 S. King St., across from Washington Middle School, which closed in 2012 after more than three decades in business *contributed by Scott McMillan
  • Metro – Aina Haina / Under new ownership of the Ranch House in 1986, after a $3 million renovation, the popular eatery essentially split into two new trendy restaurants: Metro and Rockchild’s. It was ill-received by the public and soon closed in 1988. *contributed by Jay
  • Midtown Cafe – Cane St. in Wahiawa (couple of shops down from Narusawa) / features *contributed by Milton Yamamoto
  • Mike’s Broil – International Market place, Waikiki / Broil your own and the steaks that were sold by the ounce. *contributed by Doug Crocker and Ed Preble
  • Mimi’s Grill – Ewa side of Waikamilo Road, 3rd building makai of N. King St. (back then, same building as a 7-Eleven?) / Late 70s to 80s era. Had video games and was one of the first places to have “Pac-Man”. In fact, their machines were not the Midway licensed “Pac-Man”, but their predecessor, PuckMan, by Namco. Mimi imported a lot of their games directly from Japan so they got early releases. Those games included: Puckman, MoonCresta, Asteroids, Galaga, Time Pilot, Crazy Climber, Ms. Pacman, to name a few. They also had a few foosball tables, at least for a while. *contributed by Jay
  • Ming Palace – S. King Street between Akala Ln. & Akoko St. / Traditional Chinese red arch around the front door; Hong Kong/Mandarin food; best oyster sauce beef  noodle with shrimp won ton; Now Tsunami (closed) *contributed by khs68
  • Miyako – location / features / currently
  • Miyashiro Market – Wahiawa / features *source: Remember Oahu from the Past Part 2 on FB
  • Mildred’s Lunch House – Kakaako / 35 cents egg or tuna sandwiches (the thick kine) / *contributed by bigbud808
  • Misuzu – 2080 S. King Street (same building as Mama Woo’s), across from where Bunmeido used to be / Good family, local style japanese restaurant opened in 1983 and closed 20+ years later. Always crowded with local people. Favorite dish was the pork eggplant. *contributed by khs68
  • Mochizuki Teahouse – 647 Kunawai Lane (near Liliha) / Opened in 1920’s, closed in 1955. Could accommodate 400 guests. Overlooked a large pond which is still there. Owned by Tatsuro Matsuo, managed by Shiro Matsuo. *contributed by Robert Traina
  • Mo’ili’ili Mochi and Candies – 1619 Liliha Street (also was located next to Kuni Dry Goods, now FedEX on corner of S. King & University) / Owned by Jared and Eva Ikeda; in business over 50 years; specialized in different types of mochi, peanuts, seeds, mochi crunch, dried fruits and tea cookies; closed July 2008 *contributed by Carolyn Cheh & khs68
  • Mollie’s Cafe – Hotel Street / features *contributed by Black Kane
  • Mon Cher Ton Ton – Ala Moana Hotel / teppanyaki / currently *contributed by A.T.
  • Mongolian BBQ – Behind International Market Place in the Kuhio Mall, Waikiki / mid to late 80s era  / currently *contributed by Keleko
  • Monsarrat Delicatessen – Monsarrat Ave. / 1960’s era eatery close to, or where the current South Shore Grill is now / was a combo okazuya and sit-down lunch place featuring ono teriyaki fish, which according to Caryn (of Caryn’s Okazu-Ya, which is also closed), was breaded with fresh bread crumbs, pan-fried, and simmered in teri sauce; their kimpira was a winner too / *contributed by leighton
  • Monterey Bay Canners – Ward Centre / American seafood & steak /
  • Mr. Burger – Dole St & University Ave / features / currently
  • Mr. Subs – Pucks Alley (first location of a chain) /  70s era sub sandwich shop (previously Brownbaggers) *contributed by Jay
  • M’s Coffee Shop – Downtown by the harbor / same outfit owned M’s Ranch House in Aina Haina *contributed by Robert Traina
  • M’s Ranch House – Aina Haina / casual local and american, live music; huge treasure chest in the front lobby for the keiki to pick out a toy; banquet rooms in back for rent; bright green color; the floors squeaked when you walked; 72 oz. porterhouse dinners; eat it in an hour and it was free; more than an hour and it cost $10 / currently Jehovah’s Witness Church (up for sale) *contributed by Richard Wiley
  • Musashi – Hyatt Regency Hotel, Waikiki / Japanese cuisine and Teppanyaki / currently Regency Club
  • M&W Drive-In – Kamehameha Hwy, Kaneohe / previously L&L Drive-In; before L&L Drive-In was Tasty Treet (sp?); crazy menu combos such as Shoyu Chicken with a slice of Pizza / currently vacant
  • Mynah Bird drive-In – Waialae Ave, Kahala / features / previously Jolly Roger Drive-In, currently Zippy’s

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  • Naka’s Okazuya – N. King St, Kalihi / features / currently
  • Narusawa's Restaurant in WahiawaNarusawa’s Restaurant – 112 Cane Street, Wahiawa / Known to have the best beef stew, tripe stew and oxtail soup
  • New Star Chop Suey – N. School St. & Houghtailing / Sign of the Giant Red Crab (sign cost $800); opened in 1954; first to serve Alaskan King Crab in black bean sauce *contributed by khs68
  • New York Deli – Kaimuki / features / *contributed by pat
  • Nickolas Nicholas – Ala Moana Renaissance Hotel penthouse / In operation from 1986 to 1999, featuring panoramic birds eye views overlooking Ala Moana Beach Park, Honolulu and the  Leeward Coast sunset. Fine dining format with an extensive wine list. Prior to Nickolas Nicholas, it was The Summit, which was in that space from 1970 to 1985 when Ala Moana Hotel first opened. Aaron’s Restaurant took its place from 1999 to 2009 / currently Signature Steak & Seafood (operated by restaurateur Peter Kim of Yummy Korean BBQ and Liliha Bakery fame) *contributed by Bob Sigall
  • Nick’s Fishmarket – Kalakaua Ave, Waikiki / fine dining / currently Bambooz (a lounge bar)
  • Ninniku-Ya Garlic Restaurant – Waialae Ave, Kaimuki / house converted to restaurant; steakhouse / currently
  • 9th Ave Drive-In – 9th and Waialae Avenue, Kaimuki / W&M’s original location was on 9th Avenue in a stand-alone building back in the 50’s (behind where Town is now.) The building with W&M was demolished and before Town on the corner, there was 9th Ave Drive-In, that had a good char siu pork plate (better than Diamond Head Grill) and Pac-Man and Space Invaders video games in the late 70’s. *contributed by khs68

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  • Ocean House, The – Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort / Opened in 2002 next to Shore Bird, a popular restaurant and bar right on Waikiki beach. Highly acclaimed seafood restaurant featuring Pacifiic Rim cuisine / Closed in September 2017
  • Oceanarium Restaurant, The – Pacific Beach Hotel / buffet restaurant featuring 3-story 280,000 gallon saltwater aquarium / currently a lobby lounge for the new Alohilani Resort (the aquarium has been retained)
  • Oceania Floating Restaurant – Aloha Tower Pier 6 / at the time, the world’s largest floating restaurant. Chinese cuisine / currently Navatek
  • Oh So Ono! – Dillingham Blvd, Iwilei~Kailihi / Crab-stuffed Salmon, plate lunches / currently
  • Old Eagle Cafe, The – In the Blaisdell Hotel, Ft. Fort St. Mall / Owner, Teruya *contributed by Black Kane
  • Old Spaghetti Factory, The (at Ward Warehouse) – Ward Warehouse, Kaka’ako / An original anchor tenant of Ward Warehouse, in that same location for 38 years. American Italian affordable family dining. Kitschy decor, including ornate chandeliers, stained glass windows and a dine-in trolley car. Frank Delima and his band Na’ Kolohe performed there in back in the early 80’s. Served its last meal on July 3, 2017. The Old Spaghetti Factory will reopen in a new location in Aloha Tower in the space where Chai’s Island Bistro was formerly located 
  • Olympic Grill – Ala Moana Blvd. / Was purchased Steven Nagamine in 1950, who then renamed Olympic Grill to Café Flamingo after his stay at the Flamingo Hotel in Vegas. Cafe Flamingo  moved to the Kapiolani location in 1960; currently site of Restaurant Row *contributed by khs68
  • Old Vic – Kuhio Ave., Waikiki (more or less across from and Ewa of the Royal Theater) / in 1972, a bill for a party of twelve was $600, which would be $3200 now (ouch!) / currently *contributed by Richard Wiley (see his comment for more info)
  • Omiya’s – 99 Hapuku St., Aiea, at the far end of an old plantation store / burgers, saimin, bento, literally “finger lickin’ good” musubi
  • Onjin’s Cafe – Kamake’e & Queen St, Kaka’ako (across Nordstrom Rack, behind Ward Theaters) / Contemporary Korean cuisine / currently Phuket Thai Restaurant
  • Ono Hawaiian Foods – Kapahulu Avenue / Opened in 1960, closed 2017 (57 years in business). Started by Sueko Oh Young, then continued operation under her daughter-in-law Cynthia Oh Young and husband Clayton. Featured traditional Hawaiian food, and was highly respected as one of the best for it. The very popular yet very small restaurant often drew a line out the door. The walls within were plastered every square inch with photos of celebrities, both local and abroad, who visited the restaurant, many with autographs. The food was served in institutional style light green ABS bowls (the type you’d see in a school cafeteria). / Currently Da Ono Hawaiian Food, carrying the torch under new ownership, yet pretty much the same menu and original cooks from Ono Hawaiian Foods
  • On On at McCully – 1110 McCully St. / Chinese, Asian-Fusion cuisine; a fave was their Chinese Chicken Salad *contributed by Darin M.
  • Original Chuck’s Steakhouse, The – Lewers St, Waikiki /  Sunday Manoa played there / *contributed by winnie, Andy Mikonis
  • Orson’s Bourbon House – Kailua / Andy Wong restaurant; great Caesar Salad; said to be the best restaurant on the Windward side at the time; closed 1997 / currently
  • Orson’s Seafood Restaurant – Ward Warehouse / named after Andy & Marian Wong’s son Orson; closed 1997 / currently

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  • Padovani’s Bistro & Wine Bar – Ward Center
  • Palama Inn – Kalihi / Owned by Masanobu Higa. Masa’s one leg was shorter than the other, so that’s how people remember him. Served lots of Japanese food, then when the neighborhood became more Filipino, started serving more Filipino dishes. Made mean pork adobo and miso tako and sashimi. / currently *contributed by Write Obsession
  • Palomino – Harbor Court Towers / Hawaii regional fusion made popular by then Chef Fred DeAngelo; prime-rib pupa-style and crab/artichoke dip were hits
  • Palowai drive-In – Waialae Ave, Kaimuki / features / currently McDonald’s
  • Pancho’s Villa – Kalakaua Ave, Waikiki (next to what was then Magoo’s Pizza / features / currently
  • Panda Cuisine – Keeaumoku St., across from the “Koreamoku” Walmart / Known for serving Dim Sum after 11:00pm, and the mango pudding with condensed milk / currently the building has been razed to make way for a new condo project *contributed by Scott Shiira
  • Paniolo Cafe – Kamehameha Hwy, Punalu’u (just after Kahana Bay, Mauka side, North Shore-bound) / roadside restaurant and bar popular with motorcyclists and passing tourists; owned by the late Don Ho; property owned by Bishop Estate / currently Tropic’aina Bar & Grill
  • Papadore – Monserrat Fine dining above Diamond Head Market; Chef / owner drove a Harley *contributed by geoff michaelson
  • Papa Nino’s – Waialae Avenue (mauka of Kahala Mall, under the freeway overpass) / His pizzas had an almost English muffin-like crunchy texture *contributed by Jay
  • Papa Ole’s Lunch Wagon – Kalewa St (off Lagoon Drive), Airport area / breakfast, plate lunch, sandwiches, dessert; operates a brick ‘n mortar restaurant in Hau’ula
  • Paper Plate Lunchwagon & Catering – corner of Pacific Street and Iwilei Road, in front of Brewer / Owned and operated by local Filipino guy who came from Cordon Bleu Culinary School; local and pacifc rim fusion gourmet plate lunches
  • Paradiso Seafood & Grill – Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center / features / *contributed by leighton
  • Paris Cafe – S. King St (next to Kuhio School) / previously a diner, turned into a bar / *contributed by Alan
  • Pasta Basta by Donato – Ala Moana Blvd, Restaurant Row / Spaghetti Basilico Pomodoro, Gnocchi Gorgonzola / currently
  • Patisserie – Kahala / European style bakery; pastries, German potato salad / currently
  • Pat’s at Punalu’u – Punalu’u / fine dining by the sea
  • Patti’s Chinese Kitchen – Ala Moana Center, Pearlridge / founded in 1967 by Calvin Chun, named after his daughter Patti when she was in college. Iconic Ala Moana location closed in 2008, Pearlridge location closed in 2010 / currently
  • Peacock, The – Waimea Falls Park / features *contributed by Joan Thomson
  • Peanut Shop, The – 1619 Liliha Street / owned by Jared and Eva Ikeda; in business over 50 years; specialized in different types of peanuts; closed July 2008 *contributed by Carolyn Cheh
  • Pearl City Tavern –  Waimano Home Road & Kamehameha Hwy, Pearl City / opened in 1936 by George and Irene Fukuoka, closed in 1993; house specialties were steaks, live Maine lobsters and banana drinks at the live Monkey Bar; popular with Pearl Harbor servicemen / currently
  • Pee Wee Drive-In – King & Punahou St, Makiki / burgers, sandwiches, plate lunches / currently Subway
  • Penguins – University Ave, Puck’s Alley / frozen yogurt / currently
  • Pepi’s Hofbrau – Lewers St., Waikiki / German eatery *contributed by “Kona” Wally C.
  • Peppino’s Italian Food – Ho’olai St, Kailua / hole in the wall, no frills, old time manual cash register (with the hand crank); closed March 2013 after 41 years in business; one cheese, one combo pizza had been regular’s birthday dinner for more than 30 years / *contributed by kelli
  • Perry’s Pizza – Kailua (near what is now Foodland–it was Food City back then and Foodland was over near the original Kalapawai. After Foodland that space was the Food Warehouse) *contributed by webrunner
  • Perry Boys’ Smorgy – Islandwide / family buffet; last location in Waikiki closed August 2010 / currently
  • Phillip Paolo’s – Beretania
  • Pho Dillingham & Grill – Dillingham Blvd (across HCC) / Vietnamese & local grindz / currently Mixed Plate Cafe (same owners, new name), previously Spot’s Inn
  • Picadilly Pub – Waikiki / great Shepard’s Pie / current *contritubted by Ron Thomas
  • Pieces of Eight – Lewers Street, Waikiki / steak & lobster eatery; in the 1970s, there was a piano bar upstairs featuring Grant “Keys” Chapman and a game room downstairs *contributed by Steve Todd
  • Pier 7 Restaurant – (a.k.a. “Pier 1”) Ilikai Hotel, Waikiki /  a “coffee shop” restaurant on the pool deck, makai-side; known for their supah ono “Ilikai Burger” and clam chowder *contributed by Milton (Mel) Maeda, Anne and Anna
  • Pili Wraps – Manoa Marketplace / Indonesian Chicken Wrap / currently Mix Plate Cafe
  • Pinky’s Broiler – Kailua/Aikahi / features / *contributed by Ann
  • Pink Poodle, The – Kalakaua Ave., Waikiki / Ice cream parlor *contributed by Nancy
  • Pioneer Chicken – S. King St (near King’s Bakery) & Waianae, also a small deli inside Woolworth’s Ala Moana / like Church’s, the OTHER KFC / *contributed by John Book
  • Pizza Pete’s – little bldg. next to McDonalds in Kailua / first pizza restaurant ever in Kailua;  opened around 1970 and closed before the end of the decade; best pizza in town were all hand-made in the store *contributed by OhanaDoug
  • Planet Hollywood – Waikiki / theme restaurant opened by Bruce Willis, Sylvestor Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger / currently Teddy Bear World Hawaii
  • Plantation Coffee Shop – Ala Moana Hotel (3rd floor) / 24hrs like Coco’s and Likelike Drive Inn / currently *contributed by A.T.
  • Plantation House – Liberty House Ala Moana / Mushroom Burger / currently Alan Wong’s Pineapple Room
  • Plush Pippin – Ala Moana Shopping Center / great pies… sour cream lemon. Yum! 80′s / currently *contributed by Anne
  • Pokai Bay Drive-In – Waianae / features / currenlty L&L Drive-In *contributed by Mark Stone
  • Polos Lunch Plate – McCully, between King and Algaroba / great saimin ,hamburger steak and nickel machines / *contributed by bigbud808
  • Ponds, The – corner of Alapai & Beretania St. / circa early 30′s / currently *contributed by Kimo, c/o his centenarian mother
  • Popo’s – Waikiki /authentic mexican food from sonora, mexico
  • Popo’s – Aiea? Halawa? near Pearl Harbor, Honolulu-bound / 1960s era little Japanese restaurant. Had a very small bar connected to it with two lovely waitresses, Sandy and Vivian. Across the street was a country western bar & restaurant *contributed by Richard Cajoeri
  • Portlock – Hawaii Kai Shopping Center (formally known as Kuapa Kai Shopping Center) / owned by the family that owned Surf Line; Southwest Tex-Mex cuisine / *contributed by leighton
  • Pottery, The – Kaimuki / take-home clay pot with some of the entrees, baked in an on-site oven / currently
  • Primo Gardens – Ilikai Hotel, Waikiki / live music by Sunday Manoa “Singing Waimanalo Blues” / currently / *contributed by pat
  • Prince Kuhio Restaurant – Ala Moana Center (makai-side, street level) / one of the original restaurants at Ala Moana / currently
  • Princess Chop Suey – Kailua (across from the bowling alley) / features / currently *contributed by David Calistro
  • Puka Dog Waikiki – Kuhio Ave, Waikiki International Market Place / while they continue doing business as HULA DOG, there’s no chance that name can replace the more catchy and appropriate PUKA DOG. According to PukaDog.com, the explanation goes like this: “After 12 years of doing business under the name of Puka Dog, the founders are going their separate ways. Rick Quinette, based on Kauai, will continue doing business as: PUKA DOG HAWAIIAN STYLE HOT DOGS.  Dominique Quinette, based on Oahu will be doing business as: HULA DOG HAWAIIAN STYLE HOT DOGS. The parting between the Quinettes allows both parties to maintain the great experience and highest quality of food and service you’ve come to know and love. You will not notice any changes in the future in the concept or taste of the delicious hot dogs and lemonades. / currently Hula Dog
  • Puppy PalaceKailua Shopping Center, next to Times Supermarket / Best BBQ hamburger and french fries! *contributed by David Dowling
  • Purity Inn (now Meadow Gold) – corner of Keeaumoku and Beretania / Combo car-hop or sit-down restaurant, circa 50’s and 60’s; (also was Dairyman Ice Cream Parlor); popular for snacks after the movies; a favorite was the cantaloupe cut in half and filled with orange sherbert (canteloupe was considered an exotic fruit at the time!)   *contributed by Paul, Randy and khs68

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  • Q’s Drive-In – N. King Street (near Tamashiro’s), Kalihi / hamburgers, plate lunch, bento
  • Queen’s Deli – Alakea and Queen St / sandwiches & pasta dishes
  • Queen’s Surf – a Waikiki legend only your parents or grandparents know about within its hallowed walls / likely those who loved Queens Surf didn’t vote for Frank Fasi
  • Quickies – Kailua Shopping Center, Kailua / awesome shoestring fries / currently

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  • Ranch House Family Restaurant – Kapahulu Ave, above Hee Hing, formerly Sam Choy’s / “homestyle” local and contemporary American fare / currently Tokkuri-Tei
  • Ray’s Seafood – 5th floor of the Waikiki Shopping Plaza / Early 80s era upscale, trendy seafood restaurant/ bar, with excellent “kamikazes” (Ice-cold Stoly, with trace amounts of Rose’s Lime Juice and Triple Sec); popular watering hole among UH students *contributed by leighton and Jay
  • Rainbow Garden Teahouse – Kalei Road (off Old Waialae Road where Oasis used to be) just before the freeway on-ramp / Popular traditional Japanese teahouse for celebrations. Opened in 1921 in Moiliili, then relocated after WWII to Kalei Road and closed in 1997 *contributed by khs68
  • RC Drive-In – Kailua / previously Kailua Drive-In, lounge / currently
  • Red Baron’s Pizza – Aikahi Park Shopping Center / same family owners as Rob Roy’s in Kailua and The Village in Kahala *contributed by Rick Derrickson
  • Red Lion – Waikiki (previously on Kuhio ave., last located on Kalakaua Ave, in the cellar of the Hyatt Regency & Spa Waikiki / previously known as a pizza parlor and sandwich shop; later turned into a bar & nightclub / currently *contributed by Ron Thomas
  • Red Pepper, The – in the Ilima Hotel / Restaurant Corp. of Hawaii (RCOH) gave Red Vest doorman Rex Chandler his own place, this Mexican restaurant named The Red Pepper
  • Red Rooster – mauka/ewa corner of Piikoi & Young Streets/ At one time same owner as Golden Duck; Quintero’s mexican restaurant took over space then closed. *contributed by khs68
  • Red Vest – Kuhio Ave. (Mauka side at Nahua St.), Waikiki / Nice restaurant for prom night. At one time it had an elevated model train running along its walls; later this became “Foxy’s”, named after bartender Frank Fox?  the Restaurant Corp. of Hawaii ran a number of spots. Charlie Brown & Jeff Harman had the Red Vest on Kuhio. They put Michel’s doorman Nick Nicholas in his own place, Nick’s Fishmarket in the Gateway. Nick’s would later expand to Maui, Chicago, & Houston, maybe others. Pat Bowlen later became an investory in Nick’s & Jeff joined the Denver Broncos board. RCOH gave Red Vest doorman Rex Chandler his own place, a Mexican restaurant named The Red Pepper in the Ilima Hotel.  *contributed by Steve Todd and Jim Dorsey
  • Reuben’s Restaurant – Kahala Mall, located near the corner of Waialae Ave. and Hunakai Ave. / features *contributed by Nancy
  • Rex & Eric’s Restaurant & Disco  – Kuhio Ave., Waikiki (behind the Waikiki International Marketplace?) / Warm spinach salad prepared tableside was the best ever!; incredible Motzarella Marinara *contributed by DJA
  • Rob Roy’s – Kailua (where Blockbuster Video was later ) / popular family breakfast restaurant after Sunday morning mass; same family also owned The Village in Kahala; other parts of the family owned Red Baron’s Pizza in Aikahi and one in Mililani that changed their names to Waldo’s Pizza / currently *contributed by David Calistro and Rick Derrickson
  • Rockchild’s – Aina Haina / Under new ownership of the Ranch House in 1986, after a $3 million renovation, the popular eatery essentially split into two new trendy restaurants: Metro and Rockchild’s. It was ill-received by the public and soon closed in 1988. Rockchild’s was known for their center-cut Alaskan King Crab Legs the size of your big toe. *contributed by Jay
  • Rose and Crown Pub – Waikiki / format / currently *contritubted by Ron Thomas
  • Round House, The – Below Anna Miller’s adjacent to Pearlridge Center, Aiea / features / currently Bravo Italian family restaurant
  • Rose City Diner – Restaurant Row, Kaka’ako / features
  • Rosie’s Boat House – Kaneohe / 70’s era; great salad bar, and steak and lobster/ *contributed by Al
  • Roxanne’s – Ward Center
  • Royal Sunset Drive-In – Waipahu / Currently Waipahu Town Center
  • Rudy’s – location / One of the original Italian restaurants; family style; great date place
  • Ryan’s Grill – Ward Centre, Kaka’ako / Popular restaurant and bar opened in 1983, closed 2017. 
  • RYU – Lewers & Kalakaua area, Waikiki / Late 1970s era Chinese restaurant *contributed by BARB DIXON

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  • Sada’s Japanese Restaurant –  Makaloa St., in the area that is now Walmart, where what used to be Makaloa Square; Sada’s was to the right of the entrance, if you were on Makaloa, facing Mauka, fairly close to Keeaumoku / 80s era; Hide Tamayose, the former cook at Sada’s now owns Hide-Chan’s *contributed by Jay
  • Saint-Germain Bakery – Dillingham Blvd. and Ala Moana Shopping Center in Shirokiya / cinnamon toast chips were a favorite *contributed by Ann
  • Salerno’s – McCully Shopping Center (where Pho777 is now) / THE BEST Italian food, bread and service in the 80s and 90s *contributed by Jeannine
  • Salvation Army Teahouse, The – Manoa valley / nice place to take visiting tourists for the tropical ambiance / currently *contributed by Richard Wiley
  • Sam Choy’s – Kapahulu ~ Diamond Head / Hawaii Regional Cuisine / currently Tokkuri-Tei Japanese Restaurant
  • Sam Choy’s Breakfast, Lunch & Crab – Nimitz Hwy (next Zippy’s, across City Mill) – Hawaii regional cuisine; opened in 1997, closed March 31, 2013; owners also own neighboring Aloha Beer Company
  • Sampan Inn – Kewalo Basin, Diamond Head end, just before “Point Panic” parking lot, where the dolphin research facility used to be / sizzling steak with onions on top / currently razed (nothing… GOOD!) *Contributed by Alan
  • Sam’s Fountain – Moanalua Shopping Center / banana splits / currenlty
  • Sam’s Korean Restaurant – Kailua / best Kalbi on the island / *contributed by Al
  • Sands, The – near Kuhio Beach, Waikiki / 50’s era all-you-can-eat buffet *contributed hmf
  • Sarento’s – top of the Ilikai Waikiki / Italian cuisine established in 1992 / closed September 2017
  • Schooner’s – Waikiki (on the beach, where the HPD substation is now) / Torn down in 1972. Green Kangaroo (later Blue Kangaroo, Mike Drager & Jay Cook) performed. / currently *contributed by Ron Thomas and Leslie Cook
  • Schooners Restaurant – Aiea, overlooking the marina in Pearl Harbor / Local, Tex-Mex and American food
  • Scoozi’s – Auahi St, Ward Center, street level (near the former Borders) / restaurant featuring live entertainment / currently
  • Scott’s Seafood – Aloha Tower Marketplace / California-style seafood and bar; replaced by Don Ho’s / *contributed by leighton
  • Scotty’s Drive-In – Keeaumoku & Pearl City (across the street from Bluebird Drive-In) / wooden tables out front, kinda’ run down, burgers greasy with drippy sauce; frozen Malts / currently Zippy’s in Pearl City *contributed by A.T.
  • Sea Breeze Drive-In – Waianae / Teri Beef Sandwich / currently *contributed by Alan
  • Seafood Emporium, The – Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center / Andrew Wong / currently
  • Sei’s Family Restaurant – Located in the current Weinberg Hale apartment building in Mōʻiliʻili / Served local coffee shop-style meals at reasonable prices, and had the best house salad dressing and honey-glazed ham. Very popular with local families and older patrons. Closed due to retirement(?) of owner. *contributed by Lynn
  • Senor Frogs – Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, Waikiki / kitschy “spring break” themed Mexican cantina restaurant and bar / currently
  • Senor Popo’s – Nimitz Hwy. / really decent Mexican food *contributed by Suzanne Carnes
  • Serendipity – Palolo Ave. / ’80s era fine dining restaurant owned and operated by Chef Bones Yuen, a familiar name to locals at the time; famed for Chef Yuen’s Rack of Lamb and Beef Tenderloin; Chef Yuen did a brief stint at Coasters before reopening Serendipity in McCully in the early ’90s *contributed by Bonnie, Leighton and the Honolulu Star Bulletin archives
  • Shack Hawaii Kai, The – Hawaii Kai Shopping Center (adjacent to Safeway and Longs) / Sports bar and grill right on Hawaii Kai marina. Opened in 1991, owner Andy Lindberg closed the business on Friday, February 9, 2018 due to business sales not able to cover the lease (about $30k/month). Brendan Burchfiel, former owner of The Shack Waikiki, was a partner at the Hawaii Kai location before moving on start the The Shack Waikiki. During Brendan’s tenure at Hawaii Kai, there was a sport fishing charter operation connected with the restaurant, with its own boat named “Shack Attack” docked right in front in front of the restaurant. During that time, they held annual sport fishing tournaments that attracted many participants, especially for its high ticket $10,000 grand prize (massive Marlin were hauled in). Other features of the restaurant included a billiards table with a funky mannequin riding a hang glider above it, dart boards and video games. At one time there was live music, however the neighborhood put a stop to that due to the sound bothering them across the marina. 
  • Shack Hawaii Kai, The – Hawaii Kai Shopping Center, between Longs and Safeway, on the marina waterfront / Popular bar and grill opened in 1991, closed in February 2018 due to lack of enough revenue to cover lease. Owned by Andy Lindberg; former partner owner was Brendan Burchfiel, who went on to open The Shack Waikiki (also eventually closed). The bar and eatery featured Ohia wood railings and posts, wood deck raised floors, with an overall tiki bar look and feel featuring framed photos of old Hawaii, particularly Waikiki beach boy surf scenes. Other fun features were video games, pinball and dart boards in the back. When Brendan was running the place, he started “Shack Attack” Fishing Charters, with the company’s own private fishing boat named that. It was a 39 ft. Tolly Craft. During that time (about 5 years), they held annual fishing tournaments with a grand prize of $10,000 each year. It was very popular! The Shack was known for their burgers, while the menu also had your usual pub grub, plus local style plate lunches. 
  • Shack Waikiki, The – Waikiki Trade Center, Kuhio Ave, Waikiki / sport bar & grill, live contemporary Hawaiian & Jawaiian music, burgers ‘n pub grub, sports bar; owned by Brendan Burchfiel, former partner of The Shack Hawaii Kai / currently Hyatt Centric
  • Shakey’s Pizza Parlor (70’s Era) – Keeauomoku St, Kaneohe, Waimalu & Schofield Barracks, Wahiawa / the new, more commercial location in Waipahu is NOTHING like the original one on Oahu back in the 70’s; the 70’s era Shakey’s decor was that of a large open warehouse with a rustic, dark-lit look; seating were long communal wooden park benches; their pizza cooks would spin pizza dough in a booth near the entrance behind a glass window so flour didn’t “splash” on the patrons, while there was a small game room in the back, when at the time, ASTEROID was “cutting edge”; they also had a live banjo player on the weekends / currently Sorabol Korean Restaurant on Koreamoku (in the same Shakey’s Pizza building!)
  • Shari’s Drive-In – Kapiolani Blvd, Kaimuki / Walter Miura, owner of Shari’s and the Ala Moana Beach concession also ran the concession near the Band Stand at Kapiolani Park (passed about a year back in 2015); at one time he was married to Muriel Miura (now Kaminaka?) / currently Market City Shopping Center *contributed by Jay
  • Sherrie’s White Flower Inn – S. Beretania, between Isenberg and McCully / Converted house into restaurant featuring vegan cuisine. Eventually became Phillip Paolo. *contributed by Leighton
  • Ship’s Tavern – Moana Surfrider Waikiki / fine dining seafood and steak / currently
  • Shipwreck Kelly’s – location / Burned down prior to 1976 and had been redone; Jack Lord filmed Hawaii Five-O there / *contributed by Laura
  • Shorty’s Grill – Bishop Street, downtown Honolulu (Near Hawaiian Telephone) /served only  breakfast and lunch *contributed by Alan
  • Shanghai Bistro – Discovery Bay, Waikiki / short-lived restaurant by Li May Tang, serving fusion flavors of China, Hawaii, Japan and Europe
  • Shari’s Drive-In – Market City Shopping Center / “Stew Bowl” and Green River limeade Drink. Before Shari’s it was W&M Burger’s original location. *source: Judy on Remembering Oahu from the Past Part 2 on FB
  • Shogun – Pacific Beach Hotel (in a loft above the Oceanarium) / best seafood buffet on the island / *contributed by pat
  • Shore Bird Restaurant & Beach Bar – Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort – Established in 1979 into what has become one of Waikiki’s most popular hangouts for locals, tourists and celebrities. Grill-your-own meat and seafood station. Closed in August 2017 to be renovated and reopened as a newer concept, under new hotel ownership / Currently the Reef Bar and Market Grill
  • Showbiz – Aina Haina Shopping Center / Remember the animattronic pizza wars? The founder of Atari founded Chuck E Cheese’s, then brokered a deal with Brock Hotels. Brock then broke the deal and contracted another aninatronics company to come up with their own pizza theater show (Showbiz Pizza). CEC sued and won a big settlement, but then went bankrupt a and was bought out by Showbiz. Then Showbiz pushed out their original animatronics company, but apparently forgot that they owned the rights to the shows, at which point they rebranded under the Chuck E Cheese name. I’m pretty sure the one in Aina Haina was first a Chuck E Cheese, then switched to Showbiz, then BACK to Chuck E Cheese. *contributed by Jay
  • Silver Dragon – Kam Shopping Center next to Longs / Popular for banquets/ Currently Liu’s Chop Suey *contributed by khs68
  • Sizzler Steak House – locations island-wide, including Pearlridge, Kalihi, Nimitz by the airport and Waikiki / steak house with family-friendly prices *contributed by bob
  • Sky Room Restaurant – old overseas terminal on the south side of the airport/ restaurant / currenty *contributed by Tom Gibson
  • Sloop John B’s – site of the Ewa Beach Shopping Center, Ewa Beach / named after the Beach Boys song; BBQ ribs, fish ‘n chips, beer; lacquered burnt plywood wall panels created a nautical theme / currently Ewa Beach Shopping Center (about where Radio Shack is)
  • Sloppy Joe’s & Fat Tuesday – Aloha Tower Marketplace / closed January ’96 / currently
  • Slow Poke Fishmarket – Kamehameha Hwy, Kaneohe
  • Smitty’s – Kaneohe Bay Shopping Center, Kaneohe / 24 hour coffee shop & diner / curently a bank
  • Snowflake Bakery – between Castle and Herbert St, Kapahulu / features / currently
  • Spindrifter – Kahala Mall / seafood & steaks; they would give you a whole mini cake ( not a slice, a whole cake) for your birthday… the kind with pink roses on it! Yum! / currently *contributed by Anne
  • Spot’s Inn – University Ave, previously Dillingham Blvd near HCC / plate lunch with a Japanese twist / currently
  • South Seas Restaurant – Nimitz Hwy & Lagoon Dr, Airport / a Spencecliff restaurant / currently a Kia car dealership
  • South Seas Village  – Kalakaua Ave., Waikiki, next to Popo’s Cantina / a Spencecliff restaurant;   had an outdoor lounge area and Shabu Shabu counter *contributed by Nancy
  • Stan’s Pizza – Keeaumoku and King St. / one of the first pizza joints in the area / Currently Lobster King *contributed by Rich Shintaku
  • Starlite Lanes – Ewa Beach / bowling alley; previously conjoined with the old Ewa Beach McDonald’s / currently Public Storage *contributed by Kenny Stevens
  • Star Market – statewide / supermarket & deli. Founded by Tsunejiro and Mika Fujieki in 1929. Sold and converted to Times Supermarket in 2009 / currently Times Supermarket (Mo’ili’ili location is now Longs Drugs)
  • Stewart’s – Niu Valley Shopping Center (next to Times Supermarket / this Spencecliff restaurant had the tenderest, juciest, teriyaki steak and creamy mashed potatoes
  • Stewart’s Drugs – llittle bldg. next to the Salvation Army store (former Cornet) in Kailua / coffee shop; closed in the very early ’70’s; best hamburgers; the chef browned the bun in a certain way and did who knows what else, that made it taste like no other burger *contributed by OhanaDoug
  • Strawberry Connection – Kalihi St., then moved to Dole Cannery / gourmet foods purveyor / currently Mill De Pan Bakery (Dole Cannery location)
  • Sty, The – Niu Valley Shopping Center / Country Comfort and Sons of Hawaii used to play there. Was a great eatery. Jay (who co-contributed to this listing) was good friends with the former owner, who passed away about 10 years ago. *contributed by winnie, Kealii Makekau and Jay
  • Suehiro – King St / Old-style Okinawan and Japanese classics, such as ahi belly, sukiyaki and pork tofu 
  • Sun’s – Mililani Shoping Center / features
  • Summit, The – Top of the Ala Moana Hotel / In operation from 1970-85, it was the first restaurant in that penthouse space since the Ala Moana Hotel first opened. Favorite was the warm spinach salad and cherries jubilee made tableside. David Robinson, an acquaintance of FGII (one of this entry’s contributors), worked there. To FGII’s recollection, it was sort of an upscale coffee shop, not fine dining, as was the restaurants that followed it. Nickolas Nicholas took its place from 1986 to 1999, then Aaron’s Restaurant from 1999 to 2009 / currently Signature Steak & Seafood *contributed by khs68, FGII and Bob Sigall
  • Sunrise Cafe – Ewa end of Makaloa street / Hole-in-the-wall diner *contributed by Jay
  • Sunset Grill – Restaurant Row / contemporary American / currently a medical office
  • Suzanne Roig Gordon’s Kitchen – Hawaii Kai
  • Sushi Ichiban – 3575 Waialae Ave., Kaimuki / great lunch specials; oxtail ramen; previously was Che Pasta Kaimuki in this location / currently Kona Kai Sushi *contributed by khs68
  • Sushi Masa – Ward Centre, ground floor / Closed about 10 years ago. Named after the owner/chef, who was a most friendly and gracious person, who happened to make awesome sushi. It seated only about 10-12 people, and had colorful banners hanging from the ceiling to separate diners from the shoppers walking by. / currently *contributed by Video360 and FG II 
  • Sushi Ten – Waimalu, in Newtown Shopping Plaza (same complex where Elephant and Castle used to be) / sushi in the front, Okinawan food in the back. Believe owner moved to Waikele C.C. / *contributed by leighton
  • Suzuki Japanese Restaurant – Koko Head Ave, Kaimuki (neighbors with Kimuraya Bakery / tempura, butterfish misoyaki, chicken tofu / currently
  • Swan Bakery – School St, Kalihi / coffee shop & bakery
  • Swanky’s – downtown Honolulu / counter stand serving hot dogs, burgers ‘n fries way before Mr. Ronald, Sir King and Miss Wendy / currently
  • Swanky Franky Hot Dog Stand – Ena Rd, Waikiki / a Spencliff restaurant / currently
  • Swensen’s Ice Cream / Kapahulu Ave. (near Leonard’s Bakery), and Pearlridge Phase II / At the (better) Pearlridge location, you could sit down and order some food then have your ice cream after a long day of shopping, then watch the movies across the street. The earthquake was a winner; 10 scoops of ice cream, with topping, nuts, whip cream, jimmies, cherries and their delicious imported wafer cookies. I ate it twice. By myself. *contributed by Mel B. 
  • Swiss Haus – Royal Hawaiian Ave., Waikiki / “Home Style, Swiss ‘Know How’ Cooking”; favorite of airline crews; breakfast lunch and dinner starting from $2.75 (1970’s era); occupied the space after Swiss Inn at Niu Valley closed (tough act to follow / *contributed by leighton
  • Swiss Inn – Niu Valley Shopping Center (circa 70’s) / operated by head cook/owner Martin Wyss & wife Jeanie; Swiss Inn Salad Dressing available today at local markets by owner’s nephew / *contributed by KeithF

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  • Taco’s Etc. – Kapahulu Ave. / features
  • Taco Hut – Kailua & Puck’s Alley / best nachos *contributed by Jay
  • Taco Time – Waipahu / features / *contributed by julie
  • Tahitian Lanai – Waikikian Hotel / the complete embodiment of what Waikiki should be today, now but a distant memory / currently the brand new Waikikian time share resort (operated by Hilton Hawaiian Village)
  • Tai Sam Yuen – downtown Honolulu (across the street from Tin-Tin) / Cantonese cuisine / *contributed by Alan
  • Taishoken – Keeaumoku St / Tsukemen (deconstructed Japanese Ramen) / currently
  • Tanabe Superette – Keeaumoku St / small mom ‘n pop grocery convenience store, featuring full butcher, fish and produce department similar to Alicia’s Market in Kalihi), along with a wide assortment of fresh-made, supah’ ono pupu, bento and musubi
  • Tanaka’s – Makule & Fort Weaver Rd, Ewa Beach / 50’s to early 60’s / currently 7-Eleven
  • Tani’s Lunchwagon – in front of Eki Cycle on Dillingham, Kalihi / local plate lunch / currently Alii Grill Lunch Wagon
  • Taniguchi Store – Beretania Street / Awesome Hawaiian food, poke and ice cakes *contributed by Scott Shiira
  • Tanoue’s Saimin – 11th and Waialae Ave, across Kaimuki park / wonderfully chewy saimin noodles and won ton mein; all time favorite saimin stand / *contributed by KeithF &  Ron Ho
  • Tastee Treat (or Tasty Treet, or Tasty Treat; none of us can remember exactly how it was spelled) – Kamehameha Hwy, Kaneohe / burgers ‘n fries, milk shakes, ice cream cones / same location became a very successful L&L Drive-In, then another drive-in ran by a “Pake” that sold crazy combinations like Shoyu Chicken plate lunch with a side order of Pizza?
  • Tasty Broiler – Dillingham (across from Pier 13) / diner food that was simple, yet good; run down (read “old”) chairs, plus a menu that showed its age, but it was “ono”!; steak and lobster special for only $10 / *contributed by Alan, John Book, Leighton and Richard Lee-Ching
  • Tastee Freeze – Ewa Beach (by the Chop Suey place ) & Aina Haina / features / currentlyTaste of Puerto Rico – Old Fort Weaver Road, Ewa Beach / traditional Puerto Rican cuisine / currently
  • Ted’s Drive-In – S. King St., Mo’ili’ili / Kim Chi Burger / currently
  • Tempura Ichidai – Ala Moana Center / Owned by Japanese restaurant group Pier 30; closed abruptly in January 2019
  • Tenney Center Tavern – Ewa / veal cutlet with great gravy and a cherry coke or a lemon coke / *contributed by Richard Lee-Ching
  • Terrace Grill – Hyatt Regency / poolside breakfast, brunch and lunch / currently Shor
  • T.G.I. Friday’s – King & Ward Ave. & Waikiki / where my heart-broken life sentence unexpectedly began (Ward location) / currently vacant at Ward, Vyt’s Steak House at Waikiki
  • Third Floor, The – Hawaiian Regent Hotel (currently Marriot Waikiki Beach), Waikiki /  groundbreaking formal, iconic, well-run restaurant, with an oversize leather-bound menu of Continental specialties, such as Duck a l’Orange and Beef Wellington, at the time unheard of in Hawaii; anonymous Swiss chef ran the kitchen / currently Sansei & D.K. Steak
  • Times Grill – Kapiolani Blvd. / Opened in 1939 on  by Albert and Wallace Teruya; restaurant sold in 1947 to Harry Uehara (former owner of Kewalo Inn) when Teruya Brothers planned opening of Times Supermarket in McCully 1949; became Columbia Inn 1964 – 1984 / currently a BMW dealership *contributed by khs68
  • Tin Tin Chop Suey – downtown Honolulu / Won ton mein, Wor Kau Gee Mein, Kau Yuk over soft noodles/ *contributed by winnie, Alan
  • Tip Top Cafe – Palama / features *contributed by Jay
  • Theo’s – Bishop St, downtown Honolulu / carved roast beef sandwiches; Mayor Frank Fasi was often spotted dining there / currently
  • Third Floor – Hawaiian Regent Hotel, Waikiki / Prom night kind place, anniversary, Lavosh / *contributed by Richard Lee-Ching
  • Three Coins – Wahiawa / just like Dot’s / Currently Zippy’s *contributed by Brenda & A.T.
  • Tiki Broiler, The – International Marketplace (in the middle), Waikiki / 1970s era; broil your own steak, chicken & seafood *contributed by BARB DIXON
  • Tiki Tops – Windward City Shopping Center, Kaneohe / a Spencecliff restaurant / currently
  • Times Bakery – location / features *contributed by webrunner
  • Times Grill – Opened by the Teruya brothers before opening Times Supermarket
  • Tio’s Garage & Taco Station – Ward Ave / Tex-Mex/sports bar; previously Dixie Grill, operated by same owner / currently Kanpai
  • Tom’s place – Kakaako / had good pies and plate lunches *contributed by A. Keomaka
  • Toppers – Cane St, Wahiawa / 5 burgers for $1/ currenlty
  • Top’s Canterbury– where Todai is today in Waikiki / late-night hangout after the movies, football game or clubbing / *contributed by leighton
  • Top of the I – Ilikai Hotel, Waikiki / later became Sarento’s, an Italian restaurant, which has since closed *contributed by Joan Thomson
  • Tops Waikiki – Waikiki / features / *contributed by Ann
  • Torii’s Lunch Room – locations on Sheridan St., Mokauea St. across Puuhale Elementary School and also in Iwillei were two other locations.
    / mean overflowing curry stew *contributed by bigbud808 and Milton Yamamoto
  • Trader Vic’s – Ward Ave (1950’s), then moved to Waikiki International Marketplace after ’67 –
  • Trattoria – Nohonani St, relocated to Edgewater Hotel, Waikiki / operated by late Sergio Battistetti / currently Embassy Suites hotel at Waikiki Beach Walk.
  • Tree House – International Market Place / Restaurant with exclusive service for only a party of 2. *contributed by Doug Crocker
  • Tropic Bakery – 12th ave. in the building next door to 12th Ave Grill (Victoria Inn); the building is the one with the walkway between the parking lot and 12th ave; Tropic was on the makai side / Had a counter where they served coffee and breakfast food; favorite was the square chocolate (spongy) cake with a clear lemon frosting — Tropic was the only bakery that made this cake *contributed by khs68
  • Tropical Drive Inn – Farrington Highway, Waipahu (across K’s  Bento-Ya) / after Tropical Drive Inn closed, Diner’s opened in Tropical’s space and years after Diner’s closed Brandi’s opened. *contributed by Daniel Yamamura
  • Tropics Cafe Bar and Lounge – Ward Farmers Market, Kaka’ako / happy hour hot spot; ono grindz; live music / currently Real Gastro Pub
  • Tropics Fish & Vegetable – Auahi St, Ward Farmers Market, Kaka’ako / local seafood and produce market, also serving fresh-made bento and asian-centric groceries / currently Marukai
  • Tropics Restaurant – Atkinson Dr, Ala Moana; Johhny-come-lately to the original on the MAUKA/Ewa corner of Seaside & Kalakaua / Both were owned by Tony & Peaches Guerrero; Waikiki location had great Liver; there was a separate room (bar) upstairs; originators of the orange Tropics Salad Dressing; / Atkinson location currently Ala Moana Renaissance Hotel *contributed by Alan & Richard Wiley
  • Tsukenjo Lunch Wagon – Ward & Queen St. / famous faded red lunch wagon serving plate lunch favorites. Tsukenjo Lunch House still in operation on Cooke St in Kaka’ako by same owners and same lunchwagon menu using same recipes
  • Tubby’s – Waialae Ave, Kaimuki / features / replaced by Crown Drive-In, currently Zippy’s

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  • Umeke Market – Kahala / natural foods & health store, deli / Assagio’s
  • Uncle John’s – near the old Pearlridge 4-Plex Theatre / old school bicycle parked out front / currently Denny’s *contributed by Anne
  • Uptown Fountain, New – School St / SPAM

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  • V Lounge – Kona Street (across from the main bus stop in Ala Moana Center, more down Piikoi side) / Pizza joint that became popular as a bar for mall workers and late night clubbers / currently called The Lounge under new ownership
  • Valley-Hi Bake Shop – Akahi Street / Kalihi Street (within the upper Kalihi Uka Valley area), across from a two-story martial arts karate school / 70s ~ 80s era. The bakery might have sold both apple and/or custard pies and donuts. There used to be a video game room – complete with pinball machines. / Currently this building (aka “Allied Builders System”) is located behind the Hele (Nom Nom)/old Tesoro gas station *contributed by Kevin S. Oshiro
  • Victoria Inn – 12th Avenue, Kaimuki / features *contributed by Black Kane
  • Victoria Station – downtown Honolulu, next door to Kress, on Music Box Records side, right across the street (where Union Plaza is today) / steak house, hamburgers and fries seasoned in a (at the time) very unique way (paprika, salt and pepper?) / *contributed by John Book
  • Victoria Station – corner of Kapiolani and Kaheka St. / there was British red phone booth inside / *contributed by Paul Yee and Anne
  • Villa Paradiso – Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center / features / *contributed by leighton
  • Village Inn – Waialae Ave, Kahala / features / previously Golden Duck and Tony Roma’s, then became Chin’s, currently… *contributed by winnie & khs68
  • Vim and Vigor – Kahala Mall and other locations around Oahu / Health food store with pretty good sandwiches *contributed by Jay
  • Vino – Restaurant Row, Kakaako / opened in 2004 by partners D.K. Kodama and Master Sommolier Chuck Furuya; intimate and family style dining featuring authentic, quality cuisine such as Pan Roasted “Ligurian” Shrimp, Mini Veal Osso Buco, and House Made Ravioli are some of the items on the menu, which features an assortment of freshly made pastas and pizzas. concise 60 plus bottled wine list and more than a dozen wines by the glass, that are also offered in 2 oz tasting pours, allow guests to explore wines from across the globe; in 2006, Food and Wine named Vino one of “America’s 50 Most Amazing Wine Experiences.”closed May 21, 2015
  • Violet’s Grill – Kapalama Shopping Center, Kalihi / old school local and Okinawan dishes such as Oxtail Saimin and “Green River” drink *contributed by Kenny in Kalihi
  • Vit’s Hawaiian Steak House – 2058 Kuhio Ave., Waikiki (ground floor of the Maile Sky Court) / Steaks, as well as local and American classics for breakfast lunch and dinner
  • Volcano Joe’s – University Ave & Metcalf St. – breakfast, salads, sandwiches/pita wraps, pizza, smoothies, coffee, tea, dessert / currently
  • Volcano Shakes – King’s Village Shopping Center, Waikiki (on Koa Street side, facing Hyatt) / Small hole-in-the-wall joint known for literally over-the-top milk shakes piled high with every sweet sauce, topping, candy and whatever you can imagine. 

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  • Wagon Wheel, The – Kalakaua Ave., Waikiki (McCully end) / features / currently *contributed by Richard Wiley
  • Wiki-Wiki BurgerWaianae Drive Inn – Farrington Hwy. (just past Waianae Mall, next to the Adventist Church) / da’ best Hamburger Curry Stew, Laulau & Mac Salad / currently Hannara’s *contributed by Chris Costa
  • Waikiki Sands Restaurant & Nightclub – Kalakaua Ave, Waikiki / circa 1950’s /
  • Wailana Coffee House – Corner of Ala Moana Blvd. & Ena Rd., Waikiki / an old-time icon of Waikiki, this 24 hour diner & lounge was established in the 1960s by Francis Tom in the namesake building he was a partner in developing. Many celebrities performing in Waikiki have been spotted dining there. Closed in October 2018 by heir Kenton Tom, due to costly repairs that were needed, along with the family not wanting to continue the business. 
  • Wailani Inn – Waipahu / outstanding fried saimin / *contributed by Richard Lee-Ching
  • Washington Saimin – S. King St / Saimin & Burgers, Char-grilled Teri Beef  & Rice plate, Bulgogi
  • Waterfront Cafe – Aloha Tower Marketplace (formerly Sloppy Joe’s/Fat Tuesday
  • Well Bento – Mo’ili’ili area / Take-out macrobiotic fusion meals
  • Whaler’s Broiler – Ala Moana Hotel (lobby level) / features / currently *contributed by A.T.
  • Wharf, The – Koko Marina / buffet restaurant / currently Zippy’s *contributed by Nancy
  • Whitetop Drive Inn – Auahi Street, Kaka’ako / good burgers and shoestring fries / currently Ward Warehouse *contributed by Rich Shintaku
  • Whole Ox, The – Kaka’ako / features
  • Wiki Wiki Burger – Market City Shopping Center at the junction of Kapiolani Blvd and Waialae Ave. / Along with the first Foodland in Hawaii, Wiki Wiki Burger was an Original tenant of Market City starting in 1948. Classic burger joint with a terrific neon sign featuring a smiling, winking burger sitting on a wall while other burgers scampered below. W&M Burger took over Wiki Wiki Burger in the late 1964, then after that, Shari’s took over the spot around the early 70s. Note, W&M Burger was originally Nuuanu, where the sold burgers for just 19 cents. They moved to Waialae and 9th Ave and operated there from 1940 to ’74. They opened another location in Market City, replacing Wiki Wiki Burger from 1964 – ’69. They closed for awhile, then opened up again in 1980 at their present location on Waialae between 2nd and 3rd Ave., next to City Mill. / Currently Walgreens *contributed by Diner “Saimin Kaukau” E & khs68
  • Wiki Wiki Coffee House – Ala Moana Center, next to Patti’s kitchen / opened maybe in the 60s and closed in the 80s; owned by David and Kay Hokama; all of the pies were homemade and so ono; good portuguese sausage, fried chicken, homemade corned beef hash, veal cutlet *contributed by Audrey
  • Wiki Wiki Drive Inn – corner of Harding and King … before the first segment of the “Fast Road” (H – 1) was built from Waialae Ave in Kaimuki to Ward Street near downtown *contributed by Keith Sherman
  • Willows, The – Hausten Street in Mo’ili’ili / Opened in 1944, closed at the end of December 2018. Closed to the sale of the property by owners, the Harry & Janette Weinberg Foundation. The Willows was a very popular family restaurant, located in a hidden oasis within the sprawl of busy urban Honolulu. Featured open air dining and private function rooms, as well as a chapel. Fresh water pond filled with carp and waterfalls, as well as a Hawaiian canoe that had an additional private dining space. The AYCE buffet featured a wide variety of pacific rim and continental favorites, while being known for their Hawaiian food and desserts. 
  • Wimpy Burgers – Dillingham and Puuhale, at the present location of the Blood Bank of Hawaii. Wimpy Burgers was also at the end of Dillingham and beginning of Kamehameha Hwy that took you out to the country (before the development of Mililani and/or Makakilo). / features *contributed by Michael C. 
  • Wimpy’s Drive In – King St., near the cemetery across the street from Straub Hospital / the owner was an Okinawan guy who lost his arm like Dan Inouye in WW2, fighting in the 442nd. *contributed by onibaba
  • Windy’s Drive Inn – Corner of Kam Highway and Likelike in Kaneohe / Ono Teri Beef Plate, burgers, shakes, fries, hot dogs, chili, shrimp and fish boats / currently Burger King *contributed by leighton
  • Winter Garden – Kahala Mall opened in 1969 next door to old Honolulu Savings & Loan/Star Market / White table cloths, upscale Szechuan cuisine; renamed Yen King by new owners who then bought Maple Garden (Isenberg St.) in 2008 after Kahala lease expired. *contributed by khs68
  • Wisteria – King St, Moi’ili’ili / Opened in 1952 as a family restaurant with separate Japanese and American dining rooms (combined in later years), and cocktail lounge. Owned by the Asato family (KC Drive In) for last 30+ years. Closed December 30, 2004. / currently 7-Eleven *contributed by khs68
  • Wo Fat – corner of Hotel and Maunakea Street, Chinatown, Honolulu / 123-year-old Wo Fat was Hawaii’s oldest restaurant when it closed in 2005./ currently an open market *contributed by KiethF and Bob Sigall c/o Honolulu Star Advertiser
  • Wong’s Okazuya – Ala Moana Shopping Center / Established by restaurateur Andy Wong
  • Woody’s – corner of Piikoi and Kapiolani / 50s era cafeteria style eatery *contributed by Robert Traina
  • Woody’s Hot Dogs – Fort Street Mall, thru the mid-80s on the Ewa side of the promenade / features / currently *contributed by Linkmeister
  • Woolworth – statewide / department store; fried chicken (Pioneer Chicken Deli at Ala Moana location); lunch counter at Waianae location / Ala Moana location currently Old Navy; Waianae location currently City Mill *contributed by Mark Stone
  • Woolworth Coffee Shop – Ala Moana Center & Kahala Mall/ diner / currently

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  • Yacht Harbor Tower Restaurant – great food & service, Bob Nelson on piano
  • Yakiniku House Osaka – Waialae Ave., next to Oasis Nightclub / Memorable TV commercials *contributed by Leighton
  • Yanni’s Greek – Restaurant Row / features / *contributed by leighton
  • Yen King – Kahala Mall next to the Honolulu Federal on the Star Supermarket (Whole Foods) side / Early 70s era fancy Chinese restaurant with white table cloths; great lunch special: shrimp fried rice, sweet sour pork, beef with green peppers, and spring roll; for dessert was crackling banana: deep fried banana coated with honey and plunged into ice water just before serving; when the lease expired, the restaurant moved to Isenberg St. and renamed Maple Garden *contributed by khs68
  • Y. Ah Lin Super Market – Kaneohe, across the street from where is now Walgreens / Opened November 31,1950. The market was one of several properties owned by members of the Yim family. The building was across the street from Walgreens is now, where Pakes restaurant is, which is still owned by members of the family. The gray medical building next to Ben Parker School was a variety store also owned by the family. Now the building has grandchildren with their offices there. Doctors and dentists in that generation. They are in their 60s and 70s now.
  • Yoga Kitchen, The – University Avenue, upstairs, on the corner ‘mall’ just makai of the now razedVarsity Theater / 1966-68 *contributed by Bob F.
  • Yong Sing – Alakea St. / Popular downtown lunch restaurant since 1966; dim sum and hong kong style noodles. Now The Mandalay. *contributed by khs68
  • Your Kitchen – 1423 10th Avenue, Palolo Valley (near Hobbietat) / Japanese tiny hole-in-the-wall takeout, featuring OUT OF THIS WORLD Simmered Pork belly with Panko-crusted soft-boiled egg over rice bowl & Shave Ice made with syrups using real fruit. Won the top 100 restaurants with the most positive Yelp reviews in the nation. Closed abruptly in December 2016, purportedly due to a family illness in Japan. Turnkey business went up for sale in Feb. 2017 for $35k.
  • Young’s Saimin (or Chop Suey)  – across the bus stop in Ala Moana on the mauka side, where Nordstrom is now / Incredible saimin, made with fish head for the stock / *contributed by John Book
  • Yudi’s Deli – Manoa / Jewish, Kosher / currently private caterer
  • Yuki’s Coffee House – School St, Kalihi / okazuya with a gourmet twist, stuffed shrimp
  • Yum Yum Tree, The – Ward Center, Kahala Mall & Kailua (near Aikahi S.C.) / family restaurant part of the Jolly Roger chain / currently
  • Yuppy’s (or Yuppies) – Fort Street Mall / 80s era; had the BEST scones and plate lunches *contributed by A. Keomaka

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  • Zsoli’s Chimney Cakes – Kiosk in Ala Moana Center, street level makai side (next to food court) / fresh-made Hungarian Pastry called “Chimney Cakes”; simililar to a Cinnabon / currently
  • Zuke Bistro – Alfesco dining, next to Hula’s on Kuhio / owners were Richard and Judy (?); great people, very good food / *contributed by leighton
  • 2-for-1 Pizza – Islandwide / the dough for each large pizza started from the size of a soft ball, explaining its 2-for-$6? price in the 80’s
  • 3D – Kuhio Avenue, Waikiki / Gritty upstairs bar featuring punk music, including The Squids. Also hosted an annual transvestite beauty contest *contributed by Bill Harby
  • 9th Avenue Bakery – 9th & Waialae Ave, Kaimuki / dutch bread (round loaf with a crinkly crust), tea cake.; the late Braddah Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s favorite bakery / *contributed by John Book
  • 99 Ranch Market – Mapunapuna / Korean big box supermarket / currently 99 Ranch (a “mega” food court

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M
N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

Once again, this list is a work in progress intended to be updated by you, the readers! Along with making corrections or adding to what’s already listed, please let us know in a comment about any eateries in your neck of the woods on Oahu that’s since closed down. Please include location (street and town), features and favorite dishes (hot waiters and waitresses, junk food, ghosts in the restrooms etc.), along with what has since taken its place (currently a morgue). Let’s get EVERY bygone Oahu eatery memorialized on this list. Mahalo!

*List updated 5.15.19.


749 thoughts on “Oahu Eateries Memorialized

  • November 19, 2018 at 12:44 am

    The Hawaii Calls crew, Hilo Hati and Haunani were “Great “.   Al Harrington, Martin Denny, Arthur and the rest of the group were “Great “  Even Senator K K Kowmanure (Ken Bowman) was great.   But, unfortunately, Don Ho wasn’t.  He was ok when at his mothers place (Honeys). Same when he moved to being the relief act for Martin Denny.  He stole that song, Tiny Bubbles.  Everyone knew that.

    • November 19, 2018 at 11:22 am


      What restaurant did all these famous acts perform at? Top of the I, Crouching Lion or The Peacock? 

      • November 19, 2018 at 11:57 am

        Please ask Joanna about that.  I was just mentioning old restaurants that I can’t find on the list. But  if my memory serves me, the original Hawaii Calls Radio Program was at the Moana Hotel by the beachfront restaurant. I watched  Martin Denny with Lyman and co at International Market Place, Don Ho was just the fill in between Denny sets.  

        • November 19, 2018 at 12:26 pm

          Later,Al Harrington used to be at the Hilton as well as Arthur Lyman group. Martin Denny played piano in the restaurant at the Kuilima.  By then, Don Ho show at the International was so Raunchy I warned mainland tourist friends about it and I refused to watch it.  If they had younger children, they soon quit watching and came out also.

  • November 19, 2018 at 12:42 pm

    It got so the only way I’d go into Waikiki was on horseback in the Aloha Week Parade😉

  • November 27, 2018 at 12:14 am

    Hey Pomai,

    Nothing major, but since this was inspired by Andy Wong, thought you might want to credit him with Chowder House, Coral Reef Restaurant and of course Wong's Okazuya.

    Also, unrelated, but I guess you can add "Wailana Coffee Shop" to the list. Had many an early morning breakfast there after closing down some of the old night clubs like the Point and Rumours.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving,


  • November 27, 2018 at 12:29 am

    lol I see that Wailana was mentioned in previous posts so disregard.

    Oh, regarding Kawamoto Saimin, that place is now occupied by Hide-Chan. Chef/owner used to be the cook at Sada's on Makaloa. Haven't eaten there yet, but hear nothing but good things. Supposedly Japanese and Okinawan food,


  • December 17, 2018 at 10:59 am

    does anyone have info about long gone Maroni's pizza in Wahiawa?

  • January 17, 2019 at 6:46 pm

    You don't have the landmark "Wimpy Burgers" that was on Dillingham and Puuhale the present location of the Blood Bank of Hawaii.  Wimpy Burgers was the end of Dillingham and beginning of Kamehameha Hwy that took you out to the country (before the development of Mililani and/or Makakilo).

  • January 29, 2019 at 12:09 pm

    What was the name of that small sushi place that used to be on the ground floor in the Ward Warehouse?

    Closed about 10 years ago. Named after the owner/chef, who was a most friendly and gracious person, who happened to make awesome sushi. It seated only about 10-12 people, and had colorful banners hanging from the ceiling to separate diners from the shoppers walking by.

    It should be right up there on this list, along with the other fantastic Ward Warehouse places that we'll miss: Compadres (their Baja Quesadilla was to die for), E&O, Kincaid's.

  • January 30, 2019 at 8:11 am

    If you mean Ward Centre, not Ward Warehouse, the place was called Sushi Masa.

  • February 1, 2019 at 3:24 pm

    Before moving to Century Center, Alfred's was in the Gold Bond building on Ala Moana Blvd. The breast of duck with lingonberry sauce, beef Wellington, and escargot were divine.

  • March 10, 2019 at 3:48 pm

    A little late, but there was a bakery in Kaimuki near 12th Avenue and Waialae, next to a coffee talk shop (former bank building). It was called Dick’s Bakery and Dick used to make some ono apple pies. Never knew his full name though. Does anyone remember?

  • March 14, 2019 at 8:07 pm

    Akahi Street / Kalihi Street (within the upper Kalihi Uka Valley area): Back in the day (maybe it was in the 1980’s), there was a bakery, which was across from a two-story martial arts (a karate ?) school. (I believe that I went here either before or after Sunday School, to eat breakfast there, probably with fruit punch or soda.) Currently, this building (aka “Allied Builders System”) is located behind the Hele (Nom Nom)/old Tesoro gas station. I wonder who remembers the bakery and/or it’s name. (The bakery might have sold both apple and/or custard pies; donuts.) Surprisingly, this old place was not mentioned anywhere on neither the “Hawaii Threads” blog nor here, on the Tasty Island (“Oahu Eateries Memorialized”) website. (According to Tammy S., via “Facebook,” this place was called the “Valley-Hi Bake Shop.”)

  • March 16, 2019 at 9:41 pm

    “Valley-Hi Bake Shop”: my cousin had told me the other day this fact about the building which once housed the bakery. There used to be a video game room – complete with pinball machines. (So, this era has to be the 1970’s.)

  • March 30, 2019 at 11:43 pm

    Don’t forget Don B’s Waterways Restaurant in Hawaii Kai on Kuapa Pond. Don Buechner ( famed General Manager from John Dominis ) and his wife Eileen Locsin and her family bought the restaurant from Dolly Parton’s ailing business in 1988. It was fine dining downstairs and casual upstairs in the bar and beautifully renovated with the best views ( before Costco was built) . It had gorgeous interiors and 2 floors of wrap around lanais with water views and a 100 foot boat dock. In fact Eileen started the very first Boat Parade from Don B’s boat dock. The food was delicious with the best fresh Ahi Sandwich with San Francisco’s imported sourdough bread and the hamburgers upstairs were famous also. Everything was fresh imported greens..live imported crab and lobsters served in the fine dining portion of the restaurant downstairs and the fabulous wasabi garlic mashed potatoes! Live music on all weekends and holidays. The Desert Storm conflict and the 3 year project on Kalanianaole Hwy and bad economy terribly hurt Don B’s. They were forced to close in 1991. Don Buechner moved on to the Mauna Lani Hotel and was GM at the fine dining Canoehouse Restaurant on the Big Island. The old Don B’s Restaurant is now a large recording studio.

  • April 1, 2019 at 5:20 am

    Beachwalk Broiler, Beachwalk in Waikiki, French Onion Soup

  • April 2, 2019 at 8:28 am

    what was the PAST restaurants of the TOP of ala moana hotel (PRIOR to signature steakkhouse)???

    • April 2, 2019 at 9:33 am


      The restaurants you submitted have been listed. Any more details about them, such as what kind of food or popular dishes they served?

      As for the top of Ala Moana Hotel, the only two restaurants I’m aware of that were in that space previously was Nickolas Nicholas (first), then replaced by Aarons atop the Ala Moana. Both of which were fine dining restaurants. IIRC, after Aarons closed, that space was vacant for a very long time before (Peter Kim’s) Signature Prime Steak & Seafood moved in.

      What saddens me is the continued dilapidated state of the former La Ronde revolving restaurant atop the Ala Moana Business Center building. The revolving floor “platter” within has been welded permanently to the outer structure and that space is now converted into mostly vacant office space and storage. Poho (what a waste)!

      La Ronde was such a grande restaurant in its glory in the 70s. I remember (as a very young boy) dining there with my folks a few times, before it turned into Window of Hawaii. Both the food, ambiance and revolving panoramic views overlooking Ala Moana were unforgettable.

      An interesting fact about La Ronde, is that was the first revolving restaurant in the United States (built in 1961) and only the third of its kind at the time in the world.

      I can’t believe there hasn’t yet been some well-heeled investor that’s stepped forward and offered to revive it. Unless there’s plans I’m not aware of that call for the entire building itself to be replaced by a new taller one?

      I say put a revolving restaurant at the trailhead of Diamond Head crater. Only way to dine there is by hiking up to (and later down from) it. lol

      • April 2, 2019 at 9:42 am

        Thanks for putting a name to Le Ronde. My dad was stationed at Pearl Harbor from ’66 to ’68, when I was 10-11 and I count those two years as the best of my childhood. We only got to go to Le Ronde twice (once a year was all we could afford) but who could forget that 360º view? I don’t have many regrets but I do wish we’d been on the islands a little longer. Never took it for granted for a minute though, despite my age, forever grateful we had the time we did.

      • April 2, 2019 at 10:08 am

        I believe the initial restaurant on top of the Ala Moana Hotel was called The Summit, circa middle -late ’70s. David Robinson, an acquaintance of mine, worked there. To my recollection, it was sort of an upscale coffee shop, not fine dining.

        I vaguely recall a Alioto’s as well. This was the Honolulu branch of the famous SF seafood restaurant. Nunzio Alioto (grandson or great grandson of the founder?) , a good friend of fellow Master Sommelier Chuck Furuya, ran the place.

        • May 8, 2019 at 8:33 am


          Bob Sigall, author of the fantastic series “The Companies We Keep”, just sent me an email providing the exact time line of each restaurant that was in that coveted penthouse space atop the Ala Moana Hotel since it first opened:

          1.) The Summit: Dec.1970-85
          2.) Nicholas Nicholas: 1986-99
          3.) Aaron’s restaurant: 1999-2009
          4.) Signature Prime Steak & Seafood: 2012 to current

          According to Mr. Sigall, Alioto’s was located at 1580 Makaloa in the 12th floor penthouse, from 1977-88.

          All this info’ has been updated in the main list above. ;-)

      • April 2, 2019 at 8:40 pm

        Pomai, MAHALO for responding, and for the info. Yesterday, my Doctor and I couldn’t figure out the name of the restaurant prior to Signature Steakhouse. And you are sooo right. Funny I couldn’t remember Nickolas Nickolas. People used to say “too much butter in their cooking, I thought it was alright. And you are right about LaRondes. It became a wedding gown company later. (I knew the owners, Masako’s Formals). They’re now on South St. Keep in touch. Mahalo!!! milt

  • April 2, 2019 at 8:37 am

    Kawakami Delicatessen Okazu-ya on Kalihi St.

  • April 2, 2019 at 8:39 am

    Midtown Cafe couple of shops down from Narusawa on Cane St. in Wahiawa

  • April 2, 2019 at 8:52 am

    Torii’s Lunchroom on Mokauea St. across Puuhale Elementary School and also in Iwillei were the two other locations.

  • April 2, 2019 at 4:02 pm

    Growing up, one of our favorite places to eat was at the Manoa Grill right next to the Manoa Theater / graveyard run by the Takaras. They made the best pork or chicken cutlet with brown gravy, orange freeze, homemade hamburger steaks, and burgers, and their food was always delicious!

    • May 1, 2019 at 10:36 am

      Aloha, I was just talking about Byron’s D.I. yesterday. I did a commercial on Uncle Tom’s program 107.9, a few years ago, and I was playing the CD for a friend of mine. I remember MANY a nights, on the way home, I’d call Byron’s, order 4 cheeseburgers with EXTRA-EXTRA yellow sauce and a french fries SOFT, on the way home. What a “BU-TA” yeah??? aloha, milt

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  • May 13, 2019 at 3:12 am

    What was the name of the famous buffet place in Honolulu with open air tables in side, birds & koi& wandering musicians? Do you have any photos?

    • May 13, 2019 at 3:19 am


      You must be referring to The Willows, which recently closed (see listing above for more info’).

    • May 13, 2019 at 7:29 am

      Here are three web pages I built about a trip we made to The Willows for Mother’s Day 2002. I copied the informational pamphlet they used to have, practiced HTML table-making with its menus, and posted about a dozen photographs. Emily, check the pictures to see if it’s the place you’re thinking of.


  • May 13, 2019 at 12:03 pm

    Panda Cuisine on Keeamoku Ave. across from the Keeaumoku Walmart. I believe the building has been torn down. They were known for serving Dim Sum after 11:00pm and the mango pudding with condensed milk.


    Taniguchi Store on Beretania Street. I remember the awesome Hawaiian food. It’s unfortunate that I didn’t get to try the poke there. They also sold ice cakes.



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