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San Francisco ’11 – Part 3

Pizza must be a big hit in the bay area (isn’t it EVERYWHERE?), as there seemed to be an abundance of pizzerias all around San Francisco, especially in the downtown parts surrounding our hotel, where this hole-in-the-wall located next to Union Square was recommended by our friends who live there now. So while walking around the area one night doing a little exploring in the “hood”, for the cravings, convenience and speed, we dropped in to grab a quick bite.

The joint was steadily busy during our visit, which is always a good sign. So much so, that they continuously kept refilling fresh-baked pizzas into the display case for sale by the slice…

Let’s whack some…

How was it? Thankfully not only are the fresh-baked pizzas continuously replenished, but they also flash-heat each individual slice in an oven before serving it, so each order arrives to you pipin’ hot.

With that, speaking for myself, my Margherita’s crust was salted perfectly, crispy golden-brown ‘n delicious, as well as having just the right amount of glutenous chew going on within. The quality-textured and mild toned flavor of the Mozzarella cheese was  wasooey-gooey molten-melty good, while the tomato sauce base and pesto sauce drizzle had a nice blend of herbs and overall flavor profile, finishing it off with thinly siced tomatoes that also tasted fresh, with a good balance of sweetness and acidity. Overall 4 SPAM Musubi, with really the only detractor being the lack of ambiance and personal service, being that it wasn’t a full-blown Italian-themed restaurant.

Rewind back to earlier in the day, and here we go taking a stroll along a few of the downtown streets of San Francisco surrounding our hotel, which of course would include Stockton, Powell, Geary, O’Farell and Market Street, to name a few.

While the following street scenes are admittedly mostly unremarkable from a photographic point-of-view, if you take notice to the Victorian-meets-Modern architectural style of many of the buildings around San Franscisco , this at least portrays how that feature gives the city a unique sense of identity and place.

Hope you enjoy.

Back at our hotel at the corner of Stockton and Sutter Street…

It’s all in the details…

No Victorian here…

Next we head on up to the Grandviews Restaurant at the 36th floor of the hotel for a look at, well, a 360 degree panoramic GRAND VIEW of San Francisco city…

Here’s a quick look around the Grand Hyatt Grandviews Restaurant where the preceding panoramic view photos were taken from…

Since Christmas is right around the corner, for you ladies out there who need ideas on what you might (make that WILL) want as a gift, I’ll wrap up this post with a visit to a boutique store that was literally right around the corner from our hotel, here at UGG Australia

In closing, the salesperson in the final photo above illustrates just how common it is to come across asian folks living in San Fran‘, with most who look to be Chinese, while there’s also quite a bit of Vietnamese and Filipinos, including the gal here. Based on observation during our visit, I’d say in ratio, there’s as much, if not more asians in SF as there are in Hawaii.

Gotta’ say, those are some pretty fine lookin’ wool-lined leather bags ‘n boots. In fact, my girlfriend bought a pair, and she LOVES it. UGG. Who’d o’ thought. lol

Next post, we visit the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park. VERY cool stuff!

3 thoughts on “San Francisco ’11 – Part 3

  • December 22, 2011 at 12:09 pm

    Hope you stopped by the Westfield Centre (the shopping center with the circular escalator and Nordstrom at the top). Several restaurants at the very top including Lark Creek Steak which has mighty fine burgers (and steak tartar)…

  • December 22, 2011 at 2:22 pm

    Where was that pizza place? How come we didn’t go there?
    Next stop pizza.

  • December 23, 2011 at 2:33 am

    Pomai, when I waited for the cable car at Powell and Market there a pizza shop call Blondie Pizza. Been there for years and make New York style pizza huge slice at good price. Westfield mall soon have Martin Yan restaurant called M.Y. China serving dim sums and other things.

    Mom used to go Hyatt when there was a night club at the top call Penhouse and pack every night.


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