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SPAM Hawaii Label Design Winner is “Crazy Shaka Tasty”!

The winner of the 2011 Hawaii SPAM Brand Label Design Contest was finally announced in the local news media yesterday, months after being announced on stage for an awards presentation at this year’s Waikiki SPAM JAM back in April.

Congratulations to Scott Kaneshiro of Mililani for his winning “Shaka SPAM Musubi No Ka ‘Oi” (#1) design! Excellent choice! In fact, IIRC, upon looking at all the competing designs, his was one of my favorite.

I think what makes his design well executed, is the incorporation of an actual photograph, along with line art graphics, where I might add whoever was the “hand model” (is that you Scott?) has very photogenic hands!  Whoever it is, must have gotten a professional manicure before the shoot. Ha!

I might also add, the SPAM Musubi this “hand model” clenches within their fingers and palms, appears perfectly made and well presented. Maika’i.

Notice for font choice, Scott used “Cooper” to write out “NO KA ‘OI” and “Special Hawaii Edition”, which is the same font family Hormel uses for the now-classic ‘SPAM’ logo name.

Overall, I think the winning design — scheduled to hit Hawaii store shelves on August 1st — looks professional, has just the right balance of simplicity and small details, while most importantly, it’s easily and readily identifiable to Hawaii within a quick glance.

The grand prize was $1000 cash, a 1 year supply of SPAM (12 cases = 144 cans) and a SPAM gift bag including all sorts of Hormel SPAM logowear and other cool stuff.

Once again, congratulations to Scott and his Crazy “Shaka” Tasty SPAM Hawaii Label Design!

Most entries had their own take on similar Hawaii-themed design elements incorporated in one way or another, from surfing, to the shaka sign, to the Hawaiian Flag, to the Hawaiian island chain being some of the most popular.

As you may recall, I had also entered this contest, where here’s my competing design…

And to refresh your memory even further, here’s the original 2003 Hawaii Collector’s Edition can created by Hormel…

While we’re on commemorative SPAM cans, you may also recall this 70th Year Anniversary of SPAM in Okinawa collector’s can featured on in a post back in March

Photo courtesy of Debbie-chan

Photo courtesy of Debbie-chan

I also came up with a suggestion that Hormel consider a more aggressive marketing campaign in Hawaii for their Goteborg Sausage, which has been a neighbor island favorite for making musubi dating back to plantation days. Here’s my mock-up design for that

What I still can’t get over, is how local folks here actually ship cans of made-in Minnesota Hormel SPAM (AND Goteborg Sausage!) to loved ones on the mainland, as many Hawaii expats claim SPAM is hard to come by in the grocery stores in their neck of the woods up there on the CONUS. Hmm, go figgah’.

One final note on Hormel, they’ve just announced a video contest where the public can submit a video telling “what SPAM means to you”. It can be song, dance, poem, you name it (keeping it “G” of course).

There’s also an upcoming event schedule for a giant “life-sized” Hawaii SPAM Can featuring the new Hawaii label design, with autographing sessions by designer Scott Kaneshiro.

For more information on the Hormel video contest and full schedule of autograph sessions with SPAM Hawaii can designer Scott, visit www.HawaiiSPAMCan.com.

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P.S. The late Lippy Espinda made the “shaka” hand sign and pidgin English famous with his notorious used car commercials. Then there was the also late Rap Replinger, beloved Hawaii comedian, who took the “local used car salesman” TV commercial to all new heights with his HILARIOUS “Merdie Merdock Used Car Lot” skit. Check it out!…


11 thoughts on “SPAM Hawaii Label Design Winner is “Crazy Shaka Tasty”!

  • July 27, 2011 at 6:39 pm

    Pomai, just wanted to share this tid bit with you. I recently asked a local grocer here in Colorado to see if they could get goteburg for me. They special order stuff all the time so if i was going to get goteburg from anywhere it would be from them. They told me that they looked into it and found the distributor contact but that they do not EVER sell goteburg outside of Hawaii anymore. They literally only sell to hawaii distributors! Crazy!!! I was really disappointed :( guess my moms goign to have to keep fed exing goteburgs!

  • July 28, 2011 at 4:16 am

    Somewhere, someplace. someone has a collection of every commemorative/unique SPAM container ever made. They would be unopened, of course, to not diminish the value.

    I would like to meet that person.

  • July 28, 2011 at 4:31 am

    I really like the winning label but I still think your surfing SPAM musubi is my favorite.

    And I too would like to meet that person who is collecting all these memorabilia SPAM cans. I would if I could resist opening up my cans of SPAM, that is if I could even find all the special editions.

  • July 28, 2011 at 6:07 am

    Carol, mahalo for that. I actually like the back label of my design more than the front. If given the time, I’d redesign the front, incorporating photography along with the line art somehow like Scott did.

    ArnyB and Carol, I’d sure be scared to open a can and find out what SPAM would look or smell like after sitting on the shelf for more than 10 years. Shoots, many mainland folks are afraid to open a can of SPAM fresh from the factory! lol

    I’m curious if Guam has their own commemorative SPAM label, as I hear they’re somewhere right behind Hawaii in consumption of the product. I know Okinawa had one. I’ll repost that one in this post in a bit.

    Chiemi, wow, that is crazy and boggling at the same time. Especially considering to think that Goteborg would be much more widely accepted and embraced amongst sausage lovers all over the US. I mean really, Goteborg tastes very similar to Italian Salami, unlike the “mystery meat” that is SPAM. Perhaps to the collective mind up there, the name Hormel is already tainted, thanks to the reputation of SPAM, so Goteborg ain’t gettin’ a break if it has the name Hormel tagged to it.

    Oh well, you folks up on the mainland don’t know what you’re missin’, as Hormel’s Goteborg is good stuff! Salty, but supah ono eaten in moderation when turned into an omusubi with nori and/or furikake! Mahalo for that, Kauai folks!

  • July 28, 2011 at 3:49 pm

    When I’m in town over Labor Day, I’ll surely be picking up a can with the new contest-winning design. And though it is good, I still think they should incorporate “Da SPAMwich Isles” on the back!

    That will bring my SPAM can display up to three, including Hawaii 2003 and Okinawa. (I’m striving to be that person, AmyB, but not quite there, yet!)

    *Love* the new header on the site. You’ve taken so many great photos, it’s good to be able to see them again (as long as I’m not too hungry when I visit the site …).

  • July 28, 2011 at 4:26 pm

    Debbie-chan, IIRC, the back of Scott’s label design was blank, open I suppose for whatever Hormel chooses to include in that area. Possibly a reprint of the 2003 SPAM Musubi recipe and graphics? I agree though, if I might humbly admit, the “SPAMWICH ISLES” concept I came up with was quite clever. Perhaps I’ll make my own “SPAMWICH ISLES” t-shirt using ink jet iron-on fabric transfer paper.

    As for collectible cans, I don’t have the 2003 can, but I do have a Costco exclusive 2006 SPAM 9-piece Hawaii edition set that came with 8 cans of SPAM (unfortunately with their standard label), along with a funky Hormel-issue plastic SPAM Musubi maker, all packed in a display gift box splashed with the same kitschy Hawaii-themed graphics taken from the 2003 Hawaii collector’s can. Check it out here:

    As for the redesigned site, the header (masthead) rotates between 5 different photo montages that switch out as you click through different pages and posts on the site. Should be more than enough variety of food fotos to keep things interesting and your tummy growling. ;-)

  • July 29, 2011 at 8:08 pm

    The shaka thing is a bit overplayed. (And yes I am old enough to remember Lippy Espinda, only because he was a friend of my grandmother). Pau already.

  • July 30, 2011 at 1:11 pm

    Pat, really all things “Hawaii-ish” are overplayed. Walk into any tourist trap in Waikiki and you’ll see TONS of it. Whether its the hula girl, surfer, surf board, surf wave, Diamond Head, lei, plumeria, hibiscus, Hawaiian island chain.. to yes, the shaka. There must a million different things those images have been printed on, carved out of wood, or made into trinkets… all not made here in Hawaii, but imported from the Philippines and China.

    The way that Scott incorporated the “shaka” with the SPAM Musubi is definitely unique, clever and well photographed, as well as being an easily identifiable representation of Hawaii, and that’s why I think his was chosen.

    Lippy Espinda was before my time, but from what I understand, his tag line in his used car commercials was “shaka”, along with a heavy pidgin accent. I Googled around, but couldn’t find any video or audio clips of his commercials.. I’d love to hear it!

    Rap Replinger did a GREAT job with his used car salesman skit. HILARIOUS!!!!

  • September 23, 2011 at 3:48 pm

    Is there a “Shaka Spam”T-shirt somewhere?

    • March 2, 2015 at 10:56 am

      Aloha Gloria:

      Yes they are available.

      Vern Durben



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