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The Return of the Kanak Attack

That would make for an epic-sounding title of a sci fi/horror film about a giant blob of Squid Luau attacking the city of Honolulu. I can just picture the key scene: “Oh my God! It’s… it’s… it’s SQUID LUAU! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! RRRUN!!!!”  LOL

But seriously, we returned for lunch this past Aloha Friday at Kanak Attack, that hole-in-wall introduced here just a few weeks ago that’s buried deep within the confines of Nimitz Business Center. This time to our surprise there was a line formed long outside the entrance!…

Could the revelation of the place on this blog have anything to do with that? Dunno’. I do know certain dishes were already disappearing by the time we got there around 11:30am.

Like this tray of Stuffed Salmon, which is already half gone and it isn’t even noon yet…

Another hot seller was their Pork Chops…

I had my eyes on that ‘tick and chunky Hawaiian Beef Stew they were servin’ up…

Da’ buggah’ looked so ono on da’ plate wit’ rice (it looked really good plated-up with rice).

Then there were these massive Grilled Hamachi Kama (Ahi Tuna Collar)…

While I have yet to try it, I’m really curious how their fried chicken tastes…

Here’s the menu for the day…

After that AWESOME Lau Lau plate I had from Highway Inn just a few days prior, it left me longing for Squid Luau, so I decided to give Kanak Attack’s a try…

Mmmmmmm, doesn’t that look YUMMY?! lol

Diner A was also in seafood mode, choosing the Grilled Hamachi Kama…

Along with that, he also got a bowl of Seafood Curry…

In there are large chunks of Mahimahi, sliced calamari and whole small shrimp tails.

While Diner E continues his love of all things Teriyaki, going for the Teriyaki Hamburger Steak mini plate…

I was kinda’ reluctant to order Squid Luau here, as they don’t offer it with Poi, and it really doesn’t go well with rice, IMO. Neither does it go well with Mac’ Sal’. Yet I went for it anyway to satisfy my craving for it.

Unfortunately it turned out this Squid Luau was WAY too sweet. Either they’re using sweetened Coconut Milk or adding sugar in it. Whatever it is, way too sweet. There was a fair amount of Tako (Octopus) in it (what’s incorrectly referred by this dish as “Squid”), and it was all Luau leaves (not Spinach) that were cooked down to tender-soft consistency, so a point for that. But again, that over-sweet flavor profile was a deal breaker for me.

Summing my plate up, I give Kanak Attack’s Squid Luau plate a barely making it 1 SPAM Musubi (average). It has potential to be  a 4 or 5 Spammer if they lose the sweet and offer Poi as an option to rice with their Hawaiian food.

Diner A really enjoyed his Hamachi Kama, which was meaty, moist and tender with that great fatty tuna flavor you get from the collar bone area of the fish…

He also liked the flavor of the curry itself in the Seafood Curry Stew, noting UNLIKE my Squid Luau, this curry didn’t have any sweetness in it, which he appreciated.

Look at this critter he found in there…

Is that a baby Tako (octopus) or is that squid? I can’t tell. Overall, he gives his Hamachi Kama and Seafood Curry Stew 3 SPAM Musubi (very good).

Finally we have Diner E’s Teriyaki Hamburger Steak…

He gave a thumbs-up on the Teri’ sauce, and we all give thumbs-up on their Mac’ Sal’, but he wasn’t impressed with their  house-made beef patties, which he thought were really plain. As if all they did was mix ground beef with some salt and pepper. He prefers his hamburger steak to have bread filler, the “old school” way. It also lacked any seared edges, looking and tasting as if it had been steamed. Which I don’t understand, as this place has the grill to do it, as was evident by that beautifully char-grilled steak I had on the last visit. Ron, please char-grill your burger patties!

With that he gives Kanak Attack’s Teriyaki Hamburger Steak mini plate 1 SPAM Musubi (average). At least grill the patty and it’ll get a much better rating.

If you decide to try this place, here’s where you’ll find them (the operative word being “FIND”)…

Kanak Attack Catering
Nimitz Business Center
1130 N. Nimitz Highway
Building C, Suite 110
Honolulu, Hawaii  96817
Tel. 521-4131

Business hours:
Tuesday through Friday 10:30am to 1:30pm
Saturday & Sunday closed for catering
Monday closed

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5 thoughts on “The Return of the Kanak Attack

  • February 23, 2010 at 11:07 am

    I agree with you with reference to Squid Luau. I prefer it with no hint of sweetness. Otherwise, a complete turnoff. If there’s no poi, a second option would be a cooked piece of “kalo” which would suffice. Rice? No thank you.
    Mahalo Pomai on your return to Kanak Attack.

  • February 23, 2010 at 4:20 pm

    OMG that squid luau looks sooo ono!

  • February 23, 2010 at 6:21 pm

    Love it Kanak Attack!
    I live in Japan, I Love Hawaii and Hawaiian local lunch plate of course.
    May be almost 15 years ago, I wen to Hawaii and go to Kanak Attack.
    but their place on the Kapahulu Ave.
    I ate 3kinds plate that pork ribs, sour pork and lawlaw.
    Really Geek Ono-licious!
    and I Love thire copy “eat till you sleep”. Ha ha…
    any way I Love-est Hawaii.
    and if you have chance go to Kona Big island, please try to Kona Mix Plate.
    Their Koream local family owned plate lunch shop that
    Really great too.
    I Love Purukogi!
    See you late, Mahalo!

  • February 24, 2010 at 7:16 pm

    Sam-san wa Eigo jouzu desu!  Your spelling of ‘Laulau’ as “lawlaw” would be great for a custom car (kuruma) license plate here in Hawaii! Classic!

    But seriously, it’s amazing you being from Japan have tried ‘Kanak Attack’ when they were on Kapahulu, while I haven’t, after having passed by so many times! Sheesh, the shame on my part.

    kaleolani, yet you have to admit, most of those unfamiliar with the (taste of the) dish would EVER think Squid Luau “looks good”, but seriously very GROSS looking. lol

    Paki, oh, I’d definitely swap the rice for a couple pieces of steamed taro to go along with the Squid Luau. Rice is way too “foreign” with this very traditional Hawaiian dish.

    Kat, as you know, there’s many plate lunch joints around town that offer “mini plates” which are difficult to distinguish between a  regular plate!

    Often the only difference is having just one scoop of rice instead of two, like you see here!


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