Kauai Classic: Goteborg Musubi

JOBO’s Goteborg Musubi from The Poke Bowl at Ward Farmers Market (on Oahu)

In a recent write-up on The Poke Bowl in Ward Farmers Market, a glimpse was shown of this unique treat from Kauai they call JOBO’S Goteborg Musubi. Intent on trying this thing out, I stopped by there early this morning and picked up several packs to take to work.

See, this regional specialty – and the Goteborg sausage itself – is something many of us “Oahuans” aren’t familiar with. At least everyone within our group (of Oahuans) concur to have never come across it before.

My girlfriend’s mother was born and raised on Kauai (Koloa), and she certainly remembers growing up eating Goteborg sausage and these musubi offspring.

The question remains why Goteborg, up to now, was just a “Kauai thing”, and never spread across the island chain sooner.

What’s just as intriguing is the various nicknames this musubi is given, depending who and where you’re getting it from.

If you’re from Kauai, it’d be great if you could chime-in and comment about your experiences, such as: where’s your favorite place on the garden isle to get it; nicknames you know of; history behind it, etc..

As you see by the sign card and label on the container, The Poke Bowl guys call identify theirs as JOBO’s..

4-piece Jobo’s (Goteborg Musubi), $2.50 from The Poke Bowl

Turns out, as Derek, co-owner of The Poke Bowl explains (which I have some explaining on that a bit later), “JOBO” is the name of their friend from Kauai who recommended they offer this in their shop. Hence the name “JOBO’s Goteborg Musubi”. So there you have it. A nickname to the dish given strictly by an inner-circle referral.

There’s a couple other nicknames for it out there, such as a user on Yelp who says the Goteborg Musubi are also known as “UFOs” on Kauai. I also found a cooking demonstration on iamHawaii.com from George Yoshida’s Kitchen, who calls them “Flying Saucers”. These two names obviously based on the disc-like, inverted concave shape of the sausage on the bottom, with the rice on top resembling a “glowing orb”. Perhaps they’ll come out with a sci-fi movie titled “Attack of the Jobo’s”. lol

Doing some online research on Goteborg (also known as Swedish Sausage), it’s explained as being a type of summer sausage (dry and doesn’t need refrigeration) made using 75% beef and 25% pork, prepared by double-grind method, then cured and flash heat-smoked.

When you heat up Goteborg for serving, just like Portuguese and most other large-diameter sausages, it tightens up and becomes concave, as seen here…

Those folks of Kauai must have looked it and thought, what else to put in that “bowl” but a ball of rice with Furikake on top! Simply brilliant. Perhaps the precursor to SPAM Musubi?!

Here I am holding one, showing a cross-bite section…

My (adult-size) hand helps provide a scale to its actual size, which is about 2″ in diameter across the sausage base, making the whole thing just a tad bigger than a regulation golf ball. As you see its construction is very simple, with just a thin slice of Goteborg sausage as a base, and warm (to room temp’) white (I think unsalted) rice balled on top, then topped with a light sprinkle of Furikake. Easy.

Gotta’ add, The Poke Bowl knows how to cook rice right, with just enough stick, without being too soggy or dry. Perfect musubi rice. I’m sure even Manabu san would agree.

The Poke Bowl sells them in packs of 4 for just $2.50…

Good deal.

These really are fantastic and a refreshing change over the heavily-exploited SPAM Musubi (I’m partially to blame for that!).

The cup shape of the sausage base makes them easy to hold and bite into.

Upon tasting it, the texture and flavor of the Goteborg sorta’ reminds me of Salami. The smoke flavor is very subtle, yet enough to punch out the more pronounced beef (vs. pork) flavor it has. That subtle smokiness also gives it a breakfast sausage-like quality, having you think perhaps some eggs on the side would be a winner! There’s a slight hint of spices in the sausage that are hard to pinpoint (garlic, mustard powder and nutmeg?), yet of course do add character to it.

The (tolerable) saltiness of the Goteborg makes just a thin slice more than adequate to flavor the bulk of musubi rice topped on it here, which is portioned perfectly for bite-to-bite balance. Top that with the furikake (Nori/Goma/Bonito) for the finishing touch and you have one tasty, all-in-on package. Everyone in our office really liked it, with 3 and 4-SPAM musubi ratings across the board, all noting those attributes described above.

Not stopping there, Derek offered me a sample of their Shoyu Ahi Limu Poke today, made using their improved grade previously frozen Ahi from Tropic’s…

The Poke Bowl – Shoyu Ahi Limu Poke (improved grade previously frozen from Tropic’s)

How is it? If Derek didn’t tell me it was previously frozen, I’d swear it came straight from the auction block. Honestly, “Like buttah”! Gooooood stuff. And this is the batch they’ll be serving on their Poke Bowls from now on, while supplies last. Nice. The FRESH stuff (priced a few dollars higher) is also available as a Poke Bowl upgrade, or for poke-only purchase.

Having this awesome Poke, along with 2 packs of JOBO’s Goteborg Musubi on the same table, I could NOT resist making what I’ll call the “Goteborg Shoyu Ahi Poke Bowl”…

A Tasty Island prototype – “Goteborg Shoyu Ahi Poke Bowl” (here’s a deconstructed top view)

Or you can all it “JOBO’s Ahi Poke Bowl”, or “Alien Surf ‘N Turf” (based on the UFO/Flying Saucer concept).

How was it? Very good! The somewhat ocean-flavored Limu (Ogo) mixed with the ahi was the only thing that was odd in contrast to the savory, earthy (subtly-smoked) sausage, so perhaps if you used the regular Shoyu Ahi Poke it would be even better. Still, the “buttery” texture of the improved quality frozen ahi made it almost melt into the rice as I bit into it, while its fresh taste accented by the mild shoyu-based marinade, when eaten along with the Goteborg actually worked. At least liked it. It LOOKS pretty good too, IMO. If you’re the experimental type, try this yourself and let us know what ya’ think!

It’s hard to believe Oahu has gone for so long without catching on to this Kauai classic. Yet I’m glad the good guys over at The Poke Bowl listened to their friend Jobo and finally introduced it to us. Whinnahz!

Kauai’s classic

Goteborg Musubi (a.k.a. Jobo’s/UFO/Flying Saucer)

from The Poke Bowl in Ward Farmers Market

The Tasty Island rating:

(4) Excellent. Worth another visit or purchase. (Winnahz!)

P.S. In my initial write-up on The Poke Bowl, I had mistaken (criss-crossed) Derek and Craig’s names. Gomenasai! The brother I spoke with (and have pictured with Tyrone (“Tunda”) is DEREK, while Craig is his brother who was mostly in the back kitchen. Derek and Craig thought it was kinda’ funny. I already fixed it in that posting.


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  1. I saw these on your post from The Poke Bowl. I called my brother in LA to ask him what it was. My dad used to make those from us when we were little and we’re from Oahu. I just thought it was one of those things that my family did and didn’t realize it was a Kauai thing. We didn’t use furikake but put a stripe of shoyu over the top. Reading this entry sure brought back lots of ono memories and made me hungry for that now! Your variation with the poke on top sure looks good too. Must be dinner time :) Mahaloz !

  2. When I saw these I immediately called my boyfriend who lives on kauai. He introduced goteborg to me when we first started dating and since then I have been bringing it back to oahu. During a recent visit to Marukai (kalihi store) you can find it there and it’s even cheaper than the prices I found on kauai at big save and star market :). Now i’ll have to visit the poke bowl and taste theirs! YUM!

  3. YUMMMM! Gotoberg sausage! Yup I’m from Kaua’i and i knwo this dish VERY well! as for places to get these on Kaua’i . . . well Ishihara market makes good ones, so does Lawai Menehune Food mart . . . actually just about every place that makes bento’s on Kaua’i makes these! They’re so easy to make! Just besure that when you buy the sausage from the store you ask if they can cut it for you so you get the perfect thickness.

  4. The popularity of Gotoberg must have hit the extreme ends of the islands, as it’s very common on the Big Island. I grow up eating Gotoberg and I’m in my 50s. We usually make three small knife cuts on the circumference of the pieces so it wouldn’t curve up while frying. It ranked up there with spam, chorizo and vienna sausage with the musubi at the beach.

  5. Oh my, this is too funny. I thought this was one of those odd concoctions my 84-year-old mom seems to dream up. What a shock to see it on your site. Yes, she is from Kauai; Koloa, no less, home of Sueoka’s market and snack shop. I must show her the poke-goteberg version. It looks fantastic.

  6. My dad is from Koloa too. I think I might’ve said this before but I’ve always had goteberg sausage with a cut in it so it looks like a pac-man. Never had it with rice on top. Only on the side. Maybe cuz my mom (not from Kauai) would prepare it.

  7. That Gotoberg musubi looks delicious and I can’ t get over the low price. so here’s my question: When you bite into it, does the sausage tear off easily with the rice, or do you have to tug at it a little. And is it a little greasy on the fingers?

    Yes, I’m living vicariously, food-wise, through you now! :)

  8. That is a very cool looking dish. Thanks for the excellent writeup!

    I like your “Alien Surf n Turf”! Funny that the limu in the poke didn’t match well with the musubi. I mean, they put furikake on it, so seaweed isn’t the problem. Maybe it’s fresh seaweed?

  9. Nate, glad you like the “Alien Surf ‘n Turf” concept. It wasn’t the musubi rice that the Limu (Ogo) didn’t match with, but the lightly smokey sausage that it sorta’ butt heads with. That sea-like flavor was the only element that didn’t match with the pronounced beef flavor of the sausage. Take that out, and I think this would be a knockout! That sweet onion on top really punched out the flavors, similar to my 5-SPAM Musubi Poke Bowl. Winnah.

    Jenny, warning: living vicariously through the camera lens and written word on this blog sure puts me under a lot of pressure! To answer your question, biting through the thin slice of Goteborg at the base is similar in effort to how you would bite through thinly-sliced peperoni on a pizza. Exactly like that. Grease-wise, not really. It may look a bit greasy (shiny) in the photo, but to the fingers and palate, not an issue worth noting.

    Lois, I think Sueko’s is where my girlfriend’s cousin bought this really nice looking Okazuya plate. They did it the REAL OLD SCHOOL way, putting the food items in a paper plate box with a wax paper liner, SANS the plate. Now THAT’s old school!

    Robyn, with this musubi, the concave shape is really what makes it unique vs. having the Goteborg cut to stay flat. Koloa is a nice town, and conveniently located near Poipu beach and Lihue (for business).

    Kat, you sure have a lot of ohana here in the islands! Seems many places I feature, you either know the owner or someone affiliated with the place. Nice to have them connections!

    Lance, thanks for the info’ about Big Island having Goteborg sausage. I’ll ask my cousins up there if they’ve heard of it and/or this style of musubi.

    Kaleolani, thanks for the 411 on more specific places to get it! Next time we fly out there, I’m making list of the names you folks are mentioning. It’ll be interesting to hear the opinion from the Kauai folks on The Poke Bowl’s (Oahu’s) take on it.

    Keliki, we’d love to hear what you thought of Poke on a musubi. Make sure the poke you use is “like buttah” fresh. If it’s rubbery, it probably won’t work with the already glutenous texture of the rice.

    Nathan, no need go Kauai fo’ get ’em. The Poke Bowl sells them right here on Oahu in Ward Farmers Market.

    Cari, I still have yet to check Marukai’s Ward Farmers Market location if they have the Goteborg. I shop there a lot, yet, while not specifically looking for it, don’t ever recall seeing it there. Only Lup Cheong, Portuguese, Chorizo, various Kukui and Redondo brand sausage varieties, but no Goteborg. Unless I’m looking in the wrong place.

    Scott, as you see with my Goteborg Poke Bowl “Alien Surf ‘n Turf” concoction, I’m the experimental type. With that, when I get my hands on Goteborg Sausage, I’m gonna’ try a bunch of Goteborg Musubi variations.

    One will have – instead of Furikake on top – a skinny (about 1/2″ wide) strip of nori wrapped around its girth vertically, ala SPAM Musubi style. I’m also trying one with a small ume on top, and another with Beni Shoga, as well as other various other tsukemeno toppings. Slider style!

  10. My husband is from Kamuela on the Big Island and says he never heard of Goteberg sausage. *shrug* Just trying to help narrow where on the Big Island. lol.

  11. Haha Im a college boy here in Oregon and I have a lot of friends from Oahu. We always have Musubi Wednesday and I brought up Goteberg Musubis the other night and everyone just looked at me. Come to fine out no one that I know from Oahu knows what Goteberg is. I’m a Kauai boy, Kapaa born and raise and they have Goteberg and chicken plate lunches at the local Wailua shell gas station. OMG that’s the stop after a late night out on Friday night. They have it everywhere from bigsave to seven11! Haha next time i get a care package Goteberg will be in my next box. They really need to get this stuff out to all the islands so everyone can enjoy it!

  12. Tripen, well to reinforce Oahu’s non-awareness of Goteborg, I checked out Don Quijote (a.k.a. Daiei; a.k.a. Holiday Mart) yesterday, and no dice. And that supermarket is as multi-ethnic as it gets! Yet no Goteborg whatsoever. The customer service clerk didn’t even know what I was talking about. All they had was several varieties of summer sausage, salami and sliced prosciutto, plus the usual mega-selection of Portuguese sausages. But Goteborg was nowhere to be found. Try check the supermarkets in Oregon. I’m curious how the availability of it is up there.

    One website explains that “Goteborg Sausage is popular with the Swedish and Norwegian trade”.

    That said, I’m wondering if there’s some local business(es) or family (ies) with a Swedish/Norwegian connection on Kauai that is the founding root of its spread in popularity there.

    Does the Kauai McDonald’s offer a Goteborg sausage, eggs and rice breakfast? If not, they should! By my first taste of it, I’d say this great as a breakfast sausage.

    Robyn, glad you (via hubby) cleared that up.

    Hey there Maui Blogger. Interesting site you got going on. Will browse around more later.


  13. I eat the JOBOS at Poke Bowl kinda often for breakfast. I had it in Lilhue a few years back with eggs and rice…onos!. Loved the photos, made me hungry, I might go this weekend to eat it. I saw the whole Gotebuerg sausage at Marukai the other week. It’s a huge sausage in the meat section.

  14. WOW, I’ve lived on Oahu for 36 years, and I’ve never heard of Goteberg Musubi!

    It’s a good idea though. When I was a kid, I would do basically the same with pan-fried bologna (or sometimes, even uncooked bologna straight out of the package!), using the bologna as a “wrap” around cold rice. So yummy!

  15. Found it at Maurkai. Go figa, it’s made by hormel. Maybe, like spam, it was a 442nd infantry thing, as my dad was in the 442nd infantry. I asked 5 of the guys from Oahu and they never heard of Goteborg. One of the ladies said, “I heard of it. It’s a Kauai sausage”.

  16. Hi Pomai, I was just going to give you a goteborg sighting aka ufo ??? ..haha..if not for your blog I would not have taken a second glance. but there it was sitting in the refer at Times Aiea :) Its just kitty corner mauka of the fresh meats. I was also surpirsed that it was a hormel product. Its sold by the pound, think it was around $7@ so each sausage was about $18 or so. Not cheap.

    Wonder what makes this diff from say a summer sausage or other types ? hmmm…

    are you planning to pu some soon and make some ?


  17. Wow, my mom is a Kauai girl and she didn’t know what this was! Sheez, hehe.. she must have moved away from Kauai (almost 50 years ago) before they ate it all the time….. or she was just “outta da loop” hehe…

    BUT(!!!) I wanna visit da grams in the next few weeks, so I will have to try ‘um out… hehe.. from multiple places… like a taste test.. hee hee….

  18. ilikegrind and lance, I checked the Ward Farmers Market Marukai just a few days ago, and they didn’t carry it. But the meat buyer was on duty that day, who I spoke to, and he said the Dillingham location has it, as Shar indicated, is sold by the pound, making the whole thing up there in price. Thankfully the sausage is salty and very flavorful, so a thin slice is all that’s needed to make each musubi.

    The meat buyer said they get the Hormel brand Goteborg Sausage from Hansen Distributors. He also mentioned others have come in and ask for it, to which he’ll consider stocking it at the WFM store.

    Shar, thanks for the tip! I’ll check if TIMES in Kahala Mall has it.

    Cree, howzit. Funny that not ALL “Kauaiians” have heard of it. Must really be a specialty you have to look out for in order to notice it. Folks who previously posted comments here dropped some names of places you can surely find Goteborg Musubi.

  19. Hello Pomai, Hope that you find your sausage :)

    Just an idea you might use to make the “gotebis ” hmmm I can see the marketing team already.. haha ..got your gotebis !

    Marukais 99cent store has these musubis molds that make golf ball sized musubis..these would be mighty fine to pop onto the sausage and save you time. Should you go into mass production !


  20. I’m not sure where you can purchase gotoberg sausage on O’ahu but i know KTA on the big island has it . . . i saw um ;o) and it was in an unusual place, i figured it would be in the deli or by the meats but it was by the bacon and breakfast stuff . . .

  21. Shar, and Kaleonani, I found the Hormel brand Goteborg sausage! As Shar mentioned, Times Supermarket indeed had it; in my case, I bought it at the Kahala location (Oahu). It’s $5.99/lb., making these MASSIVE meat logs on average about $20 each.

    It was merchandised in the bottom bin, below the Portuguese sausages, near the block (bulk) luncheon meats and other specialty sausages, located along the left-side back wall of the store (near the dairy products).

    I’ll be posting a “Goteborg Musubi Project” entry soon, sampling a variety of toppings, fillings and presentational ideas. Stay tuned!

  22. AHHH i was so excited to see your very extensive write up of goteburg musibi! ( wonderful writing by the way) I am a Kauai girl and now live in Montana and stumbled upon your site after searching for a place on line that sells goteburg. I just wanted to clue a few people in on the other various ways that this wonderful sausage can be prepared. I always loved goteburg cut up into small pieces and then added to an omlett, a great way to spice things up :) also its great in fired rice, bacon, spam and goteburg are what i refer to as the “holy trinity” of fried rice meats! Hahah ok well there you have it, a couple more ways to add this wonderful sausage to your life, also I always cut it up in thirds and freeze it in aluminum foil, it freezes really well and then you don’t have to worry about a huge hunk of sausage taking up room in your fridge :) hope that inspires a few other islands to use goteburg, PS if anyone finds out how i can get it shipped to me please do respond, I am seriously missing one of my fav foods!!

  23. I’m from Koloa too! Gotegurg and chorizo’s with a riceball wrapped in wax paper were our pocket bentos to adventure around Waita resovoir and falls, blue gill and bass were plentiful back then (60’s), the pigpens had the narliest of bait worms!!! Pomai you rock!

  24. When I grew up on Kauai,my late parents bought goteborg sausage from
    Ishihara Market back in the mid 50’s. We ate it with eggs/rice or with musubi. I used to bring it back to the mainland. Got it as gift (miyagay) from relatives. Marukai -Gardena carries this sausage. Bruddah’s restaurant in Gardena serves goteborg on their menu for breakfast,lunch or dinner.

  25. Goteborg sausages make great omiyage from Kauai.

    Buyer beware…watch what you ask for.

    Goteborg topped with rice are called UFOs…if you ask for flying saucers, you will get a totally different item.

    Ask any local Kauaian.

  26. shhhhh…now the foodland will be out of goteborg. u can only buy this in hawaii. we have to cut in 1/4s freeze it and bring back with us to the mainland. we dont need this blowing up like spam musubi.

  27. I’m from Aurora, Colorado, been living here since 1967, formally from Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii. When I go back for a visit, we still feast on spam musubi and fried ahi and aku belly for lunch. We don’t make poke’ with ogo and shoyu, we still use liopua limu and kukui nuts with salt and japanese chili pepper. Don’t know where Koloa, Kapaa, or Lihui is but, they must have been keepinga secret of their musubi for a long time. Is using a slice of salami just as equal?

  28. FACT: Kauai has the highest sale of Hormel Goteborg Sausage in the State with Sueoka Store in Koloa, Kauai, having the most retail sale of any one store.

  29. kaukaukane, IIRC, Sueoka store also served Okazuya? If your statement is indeed fact that Sueka’s in Koloa sells the most Gotegorg Sausage, then perhaps we should take it Goteborg Musubi originated in Koloa? Narrowing it even further, perhaps by the Sueoka’s?

    Mill St Earl/, not sure about Salami, but why not? Give it a shot! Just make sure to complete the “package” by sprinkling Furikake on top the omusubi rice. Critical ingredient.

    Toshio, pretty funny to think we have to “bring back” a Hormel product (made in Minnesota) to the mainland from Hawaii. lol Another Hormel product limited to distribution in Hawaii and California is the SPAM Hot Dog. At least on its initial release. Perhaps by now they’ve expanded the market.

  30. The local Uwajimaya store in Renton, WA, is offering the Goteborg sausage for $5.99 a pound during their ‘Hawaiian Days’ sale event. I had never heard of the sausage before so I Googled it. Came up with all these (and more) articles.

    My police buddy (Paul Aio) came over the other day and of course being from Hawaii, we started talking about ‘grinds’ (food). Paul mentioned he saw a video from Hawaii about this new pu pu sensation, Gotebord sausage musubi.

    I’ll be visiting Uwajimaya on Friday and will defintely pick up one of these sausages in order to try my own musubi artestry.

    I’ll follow-up with our test tasting efforts. Well, maybe not too much effort.

  31. Sherman, how did your own Goteborg Musubi project come along? Send me some photos and info’ and I’d be happy to share them here with our readers!

    I just spotted Goteborg Sausage at the Ward Marukai, although I forgot to check the price. IIRC, Hansen Distributors are the folks Pa’ina Cafe (formerly known as Poke Bowl) gets theirs from.

  32. My children and I love Goteburg..the problem is we live in California and only purchase it when we visit Kauai every couple of years…Does anyone know how we can purchase and ship to California? My son has been asking for Goteburg and Rice!!!

  33. Daniene, as I mentioned previously, Goteborg is made by Hormel in Minnesota, which is ironic that it’s not distributed throughout the CONUS. Only here in Hawaii is it available? Must be a “SPAM Market” thing.

    Even here on Oahu, the only retailer I’ve seen Goteborg for sale is Times Supermarket, although I understand Marukai’s Dillingham warehouse location also stocks it. It runs about $20/sausage.

  34. Daniene,
    I currently live in montana and was craving goteborg so much too! I even went online to Hormel’s website and not only is goteborg not listed as one of their products i even emailed and requested a response on how i could get some and they never returned my email! I don;t know what it is about Kauai and goteborg but i swear its got to be the most difficult to find meat!

  35. OMG Guteberg! Yummo !! I am Kaua’i girl born/raised from Anahola Hawaiian Homes … My mom used to work at Kojima Store in Kapa’a–and the meat market in the back of the store was Da Bes’ Meat Market on the island … they were, and still are known for their marinated Kal Bi — and GUTEBERG !! Already sliced in the perfect 6mm cut, plastic wrapped in foam trays –you can just walk in the store and pick it up in the meat section … along with trays of marinated kal bi … just down the road, literally, at Pono Market, you can get Guteberg Musubi–gotta go early or else sell out … whenever I go back home … those two stops are a must! And of course Hamura’s, Hanamaulu Cafe, and if I can make it to Lawai Store.

    I’d like to share what I remember from either someone sharing with me or perhaps reading about, or maybe a combination of both–The History of Guteberg on Kaua’i evidently traces back to GERMANY. It is a German Sausage or Salami — similar to Italian sausage, etc. — it’s a European-style deli sausage. It was introduced to the island of Kaua’i when a German Stone Wall builder moved there back in the plantation days, and was hired to build stonewalls for the plantation owners, mostly on the West side of the island — as is evident by all the old, man-made stone walls that are strewn around the island. The story goes that he introduced the sausage to the plantation owners he was hired by … and they introduced it to the plantation workers — at lunchtime — the one thing that every culture had in common — FOOD … it became customary for all the different cultures to share food … it became sort of a fun way to get to know each other and have respect for different cultures. People couldn’t speak to each other — they all spoke different languages — so food became a universal language … and that is how they started to learn about each other. Guteberg was the “Haole” man’s “kokua” or contribution to the lunchtime pot luck.

    Anyways–I live on O’ahu now…married with child. My husband is from NY and looooves Guteberg–he’s part-German…I looooove German sausage…(and Guteberg too…ahem!)–my mom lives with us now…she’s the one that used to work at Kojima’s…gotta have her saussage…so we satisfy our Guteberg urges @ Marukai Dillingham. Although we found it in other stores, she looooooves the butchers there … and they loooooove her too — she’ll grab a long thing of sausage and walk up to the butcher’s sliding glass windows and press their button … and they slide the door open with big smiles on their faces … and she’s holds the sausage up in front of her — like, facing longways towards them … and she says … “I like ’em t’ick (thick)” … aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha !! Crack Up!! Yah!! One Full-On Potagee Gramma asking the butchers at frickin’ Marukai if they can give her “6” — serious !! She go, “You Can Do 6?” aaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha !! Da guys look at me and dey turn all red — dark-skinned filipinos !! you can see ’em blushing !! aaaaaaaahahahahaha !! And they have no idea that my mother has no idea … hahlarious !! frickin’ cartoons I’m tellin’ you!! A bunch of deers with no eyes (no eye dear…no idea…never mind)…alrighty then–

    btw … having a brain fart right now — wanna address the comment about the difference between UFOs and Flying Saucers …. Das Right !! ONLY ON KAUAI !! No other island has Flying Saucers … Kaua’i people know the difference … Kaua’i may be full of spacey people, but the upside of that is, they can tell the difference between UFOs and Flying Saucers … that’s what happens when you live on another planet …

    kden — gotta get going — long over due for a visit to marukai…my mom was just saying she hasn’t “had it” in awhile … aaaaaaaaahahahaha!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha !! hoo boy … classic … hey–at least she’s free entertainment … toodles all !!

  36. Anahola Tita, mahalo for this very, ehem, enterntaining comment! lol And informative as well. I’m curious about the 6mm thick cut, which would equal approximately 1/4″. That’s pretty thick. The slices I made for a follow-up Goteborg Musubi Project were about half that in thickness.

    So Guteborg/Goteborg Sausage was introduced to Kauai by a German stone wall builder, eh? Very interesting! I’m going to take you as a credible source and use that explanation next time I do any write-up on Goteborg.

    I’m not clear on your explanation in the difference between UFOs and Flying Saucers. Can you please elaborate?

    Thanks for the tip on Kojima’s, Pono Market and Lawai stores. Are they still around? If so, I gotta’ check ’em out!

  37. My whole family on my dad’s side is from Kauai (kapaa)
    I was born on the mainland but have been eating UFO’s my whole life. Grandma usually gets it pre-sliced at the market for convenience. And sends us huge freezer bags full of goteborg when we visit. For people in California, you can get it at any Marukai market in the Hawaiian freezer section. It is not called musubi, UFO’s are the only way I’ve ever heard it called.

  38. Dean, how about “Flying Saucers”. Ever heard of that. Another reader commented (I forget where) that “Flying Saucers” are another “Kauai thing”, that are kinda’ like a Sloppy Joe Sandwich encapsulated in bread thats’ toasted into a shape that resembles a “Flying Saucer”. Someting like that.

    I find it fascinating that Goteborg Sausage is being packaged and sold as if it’s ‘Made in Hawaii’, which it’s not. It’s made by Hormel in Minnesota! What next? They’ll start slicing SPAM and selling that in the Marukai store on the mainland in Hawaiian freezer section. “Eh brah, wheah’ you bought your SPAM from?” “Oh brah, now da’ only place fo’ get ’em is in Murukai in da’ Hawaiian food section.” LOL!


  39. well as for the flying saucer i remember it only at bon dance time and some other time. two slice of bread, ground beef with a slice of cheese inside toasted over heat in a saucer shape. loved those at bon dance time could eat a dozen of them.

  40. I’m a true Kauaian….I’m not sure if it’s a plantation thing, but I was brought up on this stuff! Almost every picnic or field day bento was packed with goteborg sausage or chorizo, fried chicken and fried eggs (nori-maki). In fact, everytime my relatives come from the mainland, we send them home with couple of the sausages (sliced, of course). What better omiyage!! In fact, my relatives on Oahu, can’t find it. Most of the market on Kauai sell it (as it’s a staple).

  41. I’m a true Kauaian….I’m not sure if it’s a plantation thing, but I was brought up on this stuff! Almost every picnic or field day bento was packed with goteborg sausage or chorizo, fried chicken and fried eggs (nori-maki). In fact, everytime my relatives come from the mainland, we send them home with couple of the sausages (sliced, of course). What better omiyage!! In fact, my relatives on Oahu, can’t find it. Most of the markets on Kauai sell it (as it’s a staple).

  42. Still very popular at the Big Save snack bars. Likewise the Tip Top Cafe Bento (great for breakfast, that Bento) I see people from Oahu buying the sausage as gifts in the local markets. Big Save will slice for you. And you are absolutely correct. The perfect slice is very thin to allow for the cupping effect and the very salty rich flavor of the sausage which tastes like a fine salami.

  43. Pat and Jan, the only place selling Hormel’s Goteborg Sausage on Oahu now is Times Supermarket and Marukai’s Dillingham warehouse location (not the Ward store). Don Quijote brought it in for a short time, but I guess it didn’t do well.

    Speaking of which, I need to get more. Good stuff!

    Roger, thanks for the additional info’ on “Flying Saucers”. On my next jump to Kauai, I will not leave without finding some!

  44. Born and raised on Kauai, this was one of our favorite sausage (my Mom just called it “Hard Sausage”). We had to make special trips to the Sueoka Market in Koloa to purchase it. We just fried it and ate it with rice – a MUST item when going on a picnic. Replace the spam in the spam musubi with this sausage and it is a big hit!

    Sure missed it after moving to the mainland, but I now find it at the Marukai Market here in California.

  45. Lillian,

    Marukai in Honolulu (Dillingham & Ward) currently has Goteborg Sausage advertised in their membership circular, running at the lowest price I’ve seen yet at $5.29 per pound. How much does it cost out there in Cali’?

  46. Wrtoe to classmates from Waimea High School – here are some of the responses –
    Betty -Ishihara Mkt. in Waimea makes all da time… My granddaughter’s favorite. Thanks for sharing.

    Edith -Gwen was making the goteborg musubi way back when she was still baking at Ishihara Market, this is nothing new.

  47. Just spoke to my brother in Colorado Springs, CO. Wants to know where he can purchase some Goteberg. Any suggestions?

    • As already mentioned, here on Oahu you can usually (not always) find Goteborg Sausage at Times Supermarket and Marukai. Occasionally Don Quijote brings it in.

  48. hello from kauai! :) i just wanted to chime in and say YES, there is a huge difference between UFOs and flying saucers! flying saucers is usually only found at bon dance time…. and as your readers have pointed out, they are handheld gems of sloppy joe mix and american cheese that’s nicely toasted in between 2 slices of white bread. it’s such a simple thing, but maybe the scarcity of its availability is what makes it so coveted….?

    anywho. if you’re interested in checking out this other kauai “delicacy”, some kauai folks will be making “authentic” flying saucers at the aiea soto mission bon dance. only catch is that that bon dance is on august 10 & 11.

    • Akemi, I’ll try to make it there tonight at the Aiea Soto Mission Bon Dance to sample some “authentic Kauai style Flying Saucers”. Domo arigato gozaimasu!

  49. I first tried these on Kauai in Kapaa at the Shell Gas Station. I came in an hour late last flight to Kauai on AA.

    I was very hungry and pulled into the Shell Gas Station to get something to eat.

    They were making bento boxes with the Gotenborg Musubi’s. I didn’t know what it was but it looked good so I bought one bento and tried it when I got to my hotel.

    Boy they were very good! :heart:

    I went back each day looking for them but could not find them at the Shell Gas Station. :brokenheart:

    Yesterday I found the Gotenborg Sausage at my local Marukai Market in Gardena, CA. You can buy the whole sausage or half sausage. It’s sold where they sell Hawaiian Food in the same section where they sell the Poke. :-)

    I bought the half Gotenborg Sausage. This morning I’m cooking some rice to make me some Gotenborg Musubi’s. :-)

  50. Goteberg and rice also called flying saucers…when I go to Kauai I like to go to Lawai Store and eat this and everything else I miss. Goteberg with rice, mmmmmm! Thanks Amy for keeping in the loop.

  51. Just found some Goteborg musubi at Don Quijote Waipahu. Big puck of rice with thick-cut sausage on top. Quite substantial. One definitely made me full. I have to check if they have the sausage for sale so I can make it at home. I have to admit, I like it more than spam musubi (sacrilege you say? LOL) I think there’s room for both!

  52. It was brought and later made on Kauai by German workers many years ago. It has always been our families favorite sausage for over 50 years. Tried to find them on Oahu while visiting but could not find them anywhere so I usually pick up a few to give to friends and family. It’s quite costly for a full sausage but so worth it. They sell them in Times Supermarket amongst other places.

  53. Pingback: What is a Göteborg musubi? – Hawaii Answers

  54. I work at Pono Market on the beautiful Island of Kauai! We sell these goteborg musubi’s….they’re called UFO’s….ono!

    • Kalia,

      Mahalo for once again clarifying that. There’s a few articles and discussion board comments flying around the web that mistakenly identify (pun intended) Goteborg Musubi as “Flying Saucers” for “UFOs”. Which I’ve since learned that a “Flying Saucer” is actually two pieces of bread filled with a Sloppy Joe type of mixture (tomato sauce and ground beef), along with cheese, pressed together in a special clamp and heated over an open fire.

      • “UFO” = Goteborg Musubi
      • “Flying Saucer” = “Sloppy Joe” style fire-roasted Sandwich “Pocket”

  55. Born and raised on kauai goteborg is definitely a staple.  Favorite way to eat it is along side tuna and hot rice with shoyu and chili pepper water.  Yummy!!

  56. Grew up on Goteborg Sausage, now grandchildren love it also. Sausage can be
    found at Don Quiojite or Times Market. October 17, 2014

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