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Loon Ngan "Dragon Eye" Fruit

If you’re a fan of Lychee, than you must try this variant of the fruit called Longan, or in Cantonese, Loon Ngan. They’re similiar to lychee in flavor, but a bit more sweet and intense. It has a dry, tough skin that you peel off to eat, revealing a soft, yet chewy white-translucent flesh and a black inedible seed inside. while not as “juicy” as Lychee, it still has plenty of moisture in the “meat”. They measure on average about 1 inch in diameter and grow in bunches that hang from the tree branches.

Another online resource spells the Chinese name as “Long-Ngan”. My half-Chinese aunt spelled it “Loong “Gnan”. Oh my, I’m confused! lol

My aunt in Portlock (Hawaii Kai) has two really tall trees of Loon Ngan growing in her back yard, which now they’re in full bloom.

Here’s a full bunch…

Loon Ngan (Longan) bunch

Here’s the seed of the Loon Ngan…

You can also sometimes find Loon Ngan in Chinatown either dried or in cans. You also might find them there sold fresh, but that’s rare, so I certainly cherished eating every single one. Mahalo Aunty!

Our Good Luck Dragon…


3 thoughts on “Loon Ngan "Dragon Eye" Fruit

  • December 17, 2007 at 12:35 am

    In Jamaica, venders often sell them on the sides of the streets in Kingston. There we know them as guineps. Now that I live in Florida, I can never find them =\ One of my favorites when I grew up.

  • August 7, 2009 at 7:01 am

    I live in central florida (Rockledge) and my neighbor has a tree and I am enjoying them every day, as the tree is loaded with fruit. If you live in central florida or lower, you could get your local plant nursery to order a tree for you?


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