Wahiawa's Famous Sunny Side Pies

Presentation aside, the Apple, Blueberry and Chocolate Cream Pies here are absolutely ono.

In the spirit of giving during the holiday season, several of our company’s vendors consistenty treat us each year with pies from Sunny Side Inc. (bakery?) in Wahiawa. To be honest, I’ve never set foot in the establishment, and hear it’s off the beaten bath, making it another “hidden gem” only the locals know about. Well, now you know!

This year we had several duplicate copies of their number one famous Chocolate Cream, along with Blueberry Cream and Apple Pie. In years past we also had the Banana pie (not the same as Banana Cream), but perhaps this year they were sold out. Now get this, I just got off the phone with them and guess how much these gems are? Just $7.50 each entire pie! The girl on the phone apologetically claimed the prices went up. Went up? Common.. $7.50/pie is a steal! You can pay that much just for ONE SLICE in some restaurants! But shhhh.. don’t tell the owner I said that. lol

Chocolate Cream Pie

As you can see, these are definately all hand made, with a flaky, golden-baked and hearty crust… the foundation of every great pie. Each pie variety shares this same delicious crust. The white cream filling below is pudding based, just like the Chocolate top layer. The cool, creamy pudding cream makes the thought of adding ice cream along with it a non-requirement. Drop your fork or spoon through the chocolate and vanilla layer, making sure to gather some of the slightly moistened, flaky crust at the bottom and let her in for a “piegasm” experience. lol

Blueberry Cream Pie

The Blueberry Cream uses the same vanilla-based bottom layer, with a nicely gelatinized and sweet-tangy, fresh-tasting Blueberry top layer. I prefer the pudding-based cream instead of the traditional cheesecake, as gives a smoother and lighter sensation to the palate. Whinnahz.

Apple Pie

The Apple Pie at Sunny Side will fit right in along with Hot Dogs, Baseball and Cheverolet as the home-cooked American classic. This time the golden flaky crust encapsulates the entire filling, which is loaded with large cuts of tender apples swimming in sweet-cinnamon goodness. Melt a slice of American Cheese on this bad boy and you’ve got a home run.

I’m still amazed these pies are only $7.50 each. What a tasty and affordable gift idea to treat family, friends and coworkers. Their home-made appeal further adds romance and appreciation for the great pies offered at Sunny Side, truly one of Oahu’s “hidden” dessert gems.

Sunny Side Inc.
1017 Kilani Ave.
Wahiawa, HI 96786
(808) 621-7188

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Wahiawa's Famous Sunny Side Pies — 20 Comments

  1. My friends in CA leave Hawai`i with a dozen banana pies on every visit. They just can’t get banana pies there! Sunny Side has the original recipe. You gotta try it on your next visit.

  2. Yes, definitely a popular place ! People come all the way from the other side of the island to purchase Sunnyside’s delicious pies. Also should mention that they have pretty ono plate lunches too ! What’s better yet, the prices are just as economical as the pies, so it’s a WIN-WIN deal when you check out this establishment. Yo’, double yum…yes, their peach-pear pie is unbelievable!! My office dies for it! (LOL) If you do want to trek on ova’, be sure to call beforehand to check what pies are available for the day you are going. Better yet, you should pre-order, because on a busy day, the pies are “wiped-out” by lunch time. NO JOKE, fo’ real kine…

  3. hi pomai,

    you got me …i love that chocolate/vanilla pudding pie!! i’m not a pie person perse, but i LOVE that pie… gotta be my all time favorite!!! now, i’m ono for a piece !!!

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
    Sure wish we had a Sunny Side on this island!!!!
    All the pies look scrumptious!!!! If I make it to Honolulu any time soon I have I can make it to Sunny Side………….
    Mahalo Pomai!

  5. The chocolate haupia is soooo good!
    You have to go early because they run out very fast, while you’re there grab the breakfast special- fried rice (its a breakfast version w/bacon and onions) , hot dog and 2 eggs scrambled (or how you want them)! DEEELISH!

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  7. I really really miss all the yummy food at Sunny Sides. The chocolate cream pie, mahimahi with rice and hamburger steak with hash browns. I wish I weren’t so far away!

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  9. Don’t get me wrong, but since Sunnyside changed ownership a few years ago,,,,,,, the food and pies don’t taste the same. Something is missing. I still do patronize Sunnyside and love the fried rice.

  10. Since Sunnyside has changed ownership a few years ago, the food and pies are not the same. Something’s missing. Don’t taste the same. I still do patronize Sunnyside and I love the fried rice, fried noodles and mahi plate.

  11. Roy K., by any chance, do you know who the former owners are, and who are the new owners? I’m curious why “something’s missing”. Did the former owners not provide the recipes to the new owners? Wonder what could be wrong?

    We just had some Sunnyside Pies this past December (a common Christmas omiyage thing in our office), and they tasted like I always remember them tasting. Nothing different. They were great!

  12. I forget the old owners name. I talked to him and he said for many years, they trained one of the workers to make the pies and he is one of the new owners. The crust is thinner and not as flakey now. The hamburger is kinda bland. I dunno……. maybe I’m loosing my taste buds. LOL

  13. Going back home to visit after 20 years in May next year!! Is Sunny Side still around? I remember all the good food and pies! would like to stop by when i visit!

  14. I used to work in the area and ordered their chocolate creme pie which was very good, however, I recall it being a complete chocolate pie without the creme filling. I am not sure whether the formula has been changed. Boy they were good.

  15. This is one of my best childhood memory. My dad used pick up the chocolate(my favorite) and the blueberry when he had to meet clients in Wahiawa. We lived in Kaneohe and he would call us to say he is bringing the pie home and I would wait til he got home and save most of my appetite for the chocolate pie! Glad it is still there for me to visit when I come home again!

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