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Korean Specialties at Palama Market

Several weeks ago, for the first time I visited the original Palama Market on Dillingham Blvd. in Kalihi, a supermarket that caters to Oahu’s Korean community. I was absolutely fascinated with the wide selection of delicous-looking Korean specialty items I’ve never seen anywhere else.

Sea Food w/Green Onion Pan cake

My friend discovered this Seafood Pancake at a Korean Festival a few years ago, so when he spotted it in Palama Market, he immediately snatched one up for us to try. As odd as the name sounds, let me tell you, this stuff is ONO! It’s a medley of seafood items such as immitation crab, fish and shrimp with large stocks of green onion, carried in a slightly flavored flour and egg “pancake” batter.

It has distinguishable seafood flavor, though not “fishy”. The pancake batter is a nice “filler” providing a semi-chewy texture. The flavor sort of reminds of the deep-fried gobo fish cake from the big island. It’s non-messy finger-food serving size would definate make it a potluck hit. Anyone who knows the recipe for this, please let me know!

This is all I have for now – of course just one of MANY prepared specialties in Palama Market too numerous to mention. The market also has a full-service produce and meat department, a hot food Korean take-out shop and an extensive self-serve line-up of freshly made marinated Korean vegetables and seafoods. You want Kim Chee or Taegu? Come here. They’ve got every variety under the sun at very reasonable prices.

Palama Market has two locations: Palama Shopping Plaza on Dillingham Blvd, across the former GEMS and a new one on the corner of Kalakaua and Makaloa st. near the Kaheka Don Quijote.

Seafood & Onion Pan Cake (Palama Market)
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7 thoughts on “Korean Specialties at Palama Market

  • October 25, 2006 at 8:29 pm

    I think this is called pa jun. It’s taken some observation on the blogs of katonks + thinking about meat jun and why none of the Korean restaurants in MI have it! I had a version of it out here and yours looks way better. Could you tell what kind of seafood it had? That looks like imitation crab on top…

    Also, you need to try the kim bap (sushi) at Palama. The best….

  • October 29, 2006 at 6:17 am

    this looks yummy .. would go great with the korean sauce too. i enjoy browsing at Palama market …altho i don’t know half of the stuff. they have great sales … Japanese cucumbers are a bargain on sale.

    i also found this great Citron Tea. i drank Yuzu Iced Tea at Ichiriki and found out that they make it from this marmalade jelly looking paste that you dilute in iced water…very light and refreshing. it comes in a bottle that really looks like marmalade…. you should try it.

  • July 16, 2008 at 9:54 am

    I went to Korea in 2005 and it was amazing! I have to say Kim Chee is a favourite of mine but vastly available here so i want to try and make it one day! Its on my list of things to do! I love the range of nationalities you include within your posts!


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