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Hale'iwa Smokehouse Seafood Medley

In the “Made In Hawaii” category, we have here an item I discovered this weekend in the dip section at Hawaii Kai Costco. I’m a sucker for trying new products – especially snack foods – and couldnt’ resist this one!

As you can see on the label, this is Hale’iwa Smokehouse Seafood Medley. It’s made with Smoked Ahi (Tuna), Au (Marlin), Shutome (Swordfish) and Opah (Moonfish) in a mayonnaise and vegetable oil carrier. I’m not sure if the entire product is made in a food processor or if the smoked fish is first hand-chopped. There are some visible small pieces of fish in it. The consistency is similar to a loose Pâté with an easily workable spreading consistency, even while still at a cold refrigerator temperature . You can certainly taste that there’s smoked fish (such as my favorite, Marlin!) in it. It’s not at all “fishy”, but certainly savory.

All it says on the back label other than the list of ingredients are that it’s “Ideal as a dip, spread, stuffing or for use in recipes”. The last part is something they should have included a few of right on there, as I can see this gourmet product has lots of potential as a key element in some great pacific rim type of dishes.

I tried it as a spread on Milton’s Multi-Grain Crackers and Pita Chips, also from Costco. For me personally, this spread is much too strong in flavor with those particular “vessels”. Even the slightest amount of salt on the chips and crackers cause the spread to over-explode with flavor, becoming overkill on the palate. Some might like this, but for me I prefer dips and spreads a bit more suttle .

Still, in and of itself, this product is absolutely delicious. I’m thinking its smokey flavor would work well in a Maki Sushi Roll or perhaps as a layered element in a gourmet sandwich. Or simply spread inside a tortilla wrapper with some ‘Nalo Greens and diced Kamuela Tomatoes as a “Hawaiian-Mex” entree. The stuffed tomato idea on the label sounds interesting as well.

This 32 oz. tub costed $14.69, placing it on the pricey side as far as dips are concerned. I’ll certainly do some recipe experiments with the remainder of the container. I’ll also try it with some veggies such as raw carrots, brocolli and celery, where the smokey flavor might add that perfect flavor enhancement.

This truly is a great Hawaii-made food product just waiting to bust out. Smoked fish no ka oi!

Star Bulletin article about Hale’iwa Smokehouse


5 thoughts on “Hale'iwa Smokehouse Seafood Medley

  • September 26, 2006 at 4:46 am

    How about on top of some Diamond Head Soda Crackers? I love everything with soda crackers…hehe. Simple but oh so good.

  • October 5, 2006 at 6:40 pm

    Howzit Jupiter,

    I’m from Mars. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Anyway, hey, I’ll try that! I love DH soda crackers! Plus, they don’t have any salt, so it will probably work perfect.

    Did you ever try the DH Soda Cracker made from Vegetable Shortening? It’s the ones sold in the brown box (not the red box the regular ones come in). Even bettah’ ‘den da’ original!

    I’ll try that, and I’m also gonna’ try “retrofitting” da’ smoked fish spread on some Sushi from Kozo. Namely the Ahi Nigiri and the Cucumber Maki. I think the smoked fish flavor will really heighten the sushi flavor. Sorta ‘like wasabi, but in another direction.

  • February 15, 2013 at 1:15 pm

    We were in Maui and bought some Smoked Ahi by Hale’Iwa Smoke House. Now that I am back in Oregon is there a way I can buy this?

    • February 14, 2014 at 1:46 pm

      Us too!!! We are from Oregon, too. Leaving Maui today. We LOVE the smoked Ahi. Can we get this at Costco in Oregon? Or order online?


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