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‘Tis NOT the Mango Season

2 rather lonely Shibata Mangoes grow on our tree

Non-productive is the best way to describe this year’s mango season for the trees at our family home in Hawaii Kai. Blame the heavy rains that drenched much of Oahu throughout the early part of the year for this. Before the rains began, our trees were blooming well with the flowers that grow to become mango. Eventually the torrential rains and wind gusts blew all those flowers away, leaving not only us, but many other residents with mango trees around Oahu with barely any fruit.

We have one Shibata and one White Pirie tree. The Shibata tree was a bit more productive, yielding approximately 40 fruits that were able to fully mature. In comparison, the White Pirie only produced approximately 5 fruits that were able to fully mature.

Years prior, those same trees both produced fruit easily over 100 each.

This White Pirie Mango was one of only 5 fruit (known) on our tree to fully mature this year. The red ribbon symbolizes that this is the last one remaining this season.

The Shibata has a firm flesh, even when fully ripe, with a slight tart in its flavor. It’s best suited for picking semi-ripe (still greenish flesh) for making Mango Chutney, Shoyu or Pickled Mango.

The White Pirie is VERY sweet and absolutely delicious when eaten ripe, fresh and chilled. We LOVE the White Pirie!

A slightly over-ripe Shibata Mango that fell

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