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The Colony at Hyatt Regency Waikiki

Main entrance (manager & host not shown)

My girlfriend and I celebrated her belated Birthday this evening at The Colony, located on the second floor lobby of the Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa in Waikiki. The colony is one of four celebrated restaurants owned and operated by The Hyatt. The cuisine is American fare, with an emphasis on their award-winning steaks.

As one might expect at a Hyatt-owned restaurant, the quality and service was top notch, and so was the premium pricing on the menu. The ambiance is semi-formal to casual, with some visitors sitting there dressed lke they just got back from a day shopping. This particular evening was a medium-slow crowd, which was kinda’ nice.

The dining room with open kitchen

A complimentary house-made Onion Roll is brought to the table first.

Sliced Onion Seed Dinner Roll with butter and fresh tomato salsa

For appetizer, we shared this Hawaiian Ahi Sampler…

The fish couldn’t have tasted fresher.. Excellent in every way.

We each ordered the the Mixed Grill of ribeye steak and lobster for me, prawns her. Absolutely FLAWLESSLY ONO!

The lobster was sweet and cooked just right. With the drawn butter.. yum. The dry-aged USDA prime ribeye was char-grilled to medium-rare perfection. We both had the Green Peppercorn Sauce on the side for the steak. Awesome. Tastes kinda’ like a tex-mex version of A-1… with that ribeye… ono!

Mixed Grill: Ribeye Steak with Lobster Tail, drawn butter and Green Peppercorn sauce (this plate also has the prawns [behind butter] from my girlfriend’s dish)

The entree includes the usual choices of starch, which for me was a baked potato. Nothing to write home (well maybe here) about.

Baked Idaho Potato with sour creme, bacon bits, chives and butter

We also had a side of Mushroom Ragout. Another stand-out winner. I could have just ordered a huge plate of that and been happy!

Mushroom Ragout: Portobello and Button Mushrooms infused with Garlic, Chardonnay Wine and Molokai Thyme

I enjoyed a glass (o.k., make that two) of Cabernet Merlot with my meal. Perfect. She had a beer.

While I can’t claim their steak is the best in town, it certainly is a contender. Overall we had a delicious meal and excellent service. Since the staff knew we were locals, they kind of let lose and joked around with us more. That was fun! Really great staff and clean, well-managed restaurant.

The Colony
Steaks & Martinis
Dinner nightly 5-10pm
2nd Floor, Diamond Head Tower
Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa Waikiki
(808) 923-1234

Other Hyatt Waikiki restaurants include:

Ciao Mein
Creative Italian and Chinese Cuisine

Mushashi (now CLOSED as of 2008)
Contemporary & Traditional Japanese Cuisine

Terrace Grill
Casual Family Dining

2 thoughts on “The Colony at Hyatt Regency Waikiki

  • August 25, 2006 at 6:48 am

    wow, I haven’t been to the Colony Steak House in a million years ! It looks really yummy and your review makes me want to give them a try soon!


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