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Didn’t I just walk into Daiei?

Photo taken 6.26.06

This may be the last time you will see this sign at the front of what is now officially called Don Quijote.

Daiei is now owned and operated by Don Quijote, a giant retail chain from Japan. Yet on my last visit a few days ago, the Daiei lightbox signs on the outside were still up. That ‘s almost appropriate though, as it reinforces what remains when you go inside: the same old worn-out fixtures and refrigerators, yet it’s still one of the best one-stop shops for asian/ethnic foods and general merchandise.

The only time I was reminded that this was – indeed – Don Quijote, was when I got to the check-out counter where a sign reminds customers to “Please make your checks payable to Don Quijote”. Then I was handed a receipt that looks like this….

There’s still a variety of food concessions fronting the store, including a Taco wagon parked in the lot.

Daiei has always had reasonable prices on imported groceries, including my must-have Bull Dog Tonkotsu sauce! I also like that you don’t need to pay an annual membership fee to shop there.

I hope the new owner preserves many of the positive aspects of Daiei, while hopefully giving it a nice renovation; something the Kaheka location could really use. Other than that, this store continues to be a great source for local, American and imported products.

10.27.06 post edit addition: Here’s how the new Don Quijote Kaheka street location looks with a new color scheme and lightbox sign…

Photo taken 10.27.06

The lightbox sign design is rather boring. They should’ve incorporated the whimsical “Don Pen” Penguin and stylized Don Quijote font used on their print ads and shopping carts like this…

They used the same Daiei orange-colored shopping carts, simply plastering DQ stickers over the old logo.

Don Quijote website


2 thoughts on “Didn’t I just walk into Daiei?

  • June 16, 2009 at 3:12 pm

    Pomai, after Maui now you can get whatever on Oahu. Been wondering you order Loco motion on Maui I thought you would order something so different being there. For sure I would have like to try other food on Maui but it just me when on vacation.


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