Char Hung Sut Manapua and Dim Sum

Clockwise from top left: Sweet Rice Cake (white block-shaped item), Steamed Charsiu Manapua (cut in half), Pork Hash & Half Moon.

My sister’s favorite Manapua source has always been Char Hung Sut in Chinatown, and her recent visit back from the mainland was no exception. She bought over 3 dozen Manapua (95ยข ea.), Pork Hash and Half Moon, as well as some rice cake to take back with her for the family to taste a piece of home. Pictured above are a plated sample of that batch.

All these items freeze rather well in Ziplocs, only requiring a quick blast in the microwave (except for the rice cake) to enjoy them later. These items are all originally cooked STEAMED, so always cover them with a wet paper towel in the micro’ for that fresh-made flavor and texture.

Hana Hou photos added 3.13.07…

1 dozen Manapua and Pork Hash. My birthday present from the boss!

Notice this particular Manapua looked “bread-ee” (less meat), but the rest of the batch had more charsiu filling than this one. Whew!

Char Hung Sut logo stamp on box

Char Hung Sut
64 N Pauahi St Honolulu, Hawaii 96817
Ph: (808) 538-3335


Char Hung Sut Manapua and Dim Sum — 28 Comments

  1. Char Hung Sut!! Da founder of big kine manapuas!! Ho so ono!! da buggahs are lean and from a unconfirmed source they say its beef brisket!! hmmm looks like it tho! i no care i jus grindem. we jus love it!! Working at Hickam AFB, i have to edumacate da haoleboys to what is manapua lidat. So far i fed’em Chun Wah Kam, Island Manapua Factory. They gotta try dis one next! Keepem coming Pomai!! :)


  2. Char Hung Sut is one of my top manapua choices. Your photo above is great, but I have to confess I chuckled at how pretty it looks compared to the actual shop. I remember the first time I went there, I thought I had stepped into the back warehouse entrance by mistake!

  3. brah! Char-hung-sut brings me back to my hannabatta days! Dis place get da best manapua and da kine pork hash….I grew up on da big island, but would make my way to Oahu frequently… of my must-stop places was dis place…ONO..ONO..ONO!!!
    Da oddah place fo stop in Chinatown was Radda’s Peroshkis….dey wen get da best fried squid, and da peroshki’s were ono too!….brah I would live on Char-hung-sut and Raddas for about a week…..brah…you need fo’ make one blog visit to Raddas!

    • Rada’s is still open, but they changed location. Same street on Fort Street mall, but further down towards the makai, near Mc Donalds.

  4. I’ll have to remember that they freeze well next time I’m back in Hawaii! I love their half-moons best. Mmm. Thanks for the tip!

  5. howzit,
    i have been away from hawaii for sometime, and now Live in Maine on the east coast. I would like to get some Manapua. How can I order some?

  6. Howzit Nate,

    You can order it online at Zippy’s website here:

    I’m not sure who makes theirs though. Honolulu has several favorite shops, which include Char Hung Sut, Libby’s, Chun Wah Kam and Island Manapua Factory, to name a few.

    Being located in Maine, the one from Zippy’s should satisfy your craving. Zippy’s online price looks to be only about 50 cents more each vs. locally (reasonable), so it’s worth a try.

  7. I live in Arizona, and was on line. For some reason I thought of Char Hung Sut. I grew up in Kalihi, and used to work downtown on Fort Street Mall. I remember my Dad always going early on Sunday mornings to get us manapua, pork hash, half moon, and chow fun. I am sure he spent a fortune, there was 7 of us kids. I sure do miss it alot. Now that I know they freeze well, when I am home again I will be sure to stock up!!


  8. Zippy’s manapuas are made by Golden Coin. It’s rather standard. Nothing to die for. I made the mistake of buying them living in AZ. It’s like paying $5 for one which isn’t worth it. It’d be easier to make it yourself.

  9. Can anyone help me find a place to buy and ship steamed pork manapua? Zippys web site is closed and I can’t find any other place.There seems to be zillions of places to go and eat them in hawaii but not ship them and are really worth the cost of shipment.

  10. Tracy, I just got off the phone with someone from Libby Manapua Shop. They said they do offer shipping to the mainland, which is through either Fed Ex or UPS. Guess how much for 1 dozen Manapua, including shipping? $72. Whoah! I kid you not. To put that into perspective, it costs just $13 for a dozen if you live here. Still, considering your insistent craving, if you’re willing to part with that much cash for authentic Oahu Manapua from one of the best, then go for it.

    She did note that Libby’s doesn’t ship out during the holiday season, so you’ll have to wait ’til January.

    Give them a call and see what’s the deal.

    Hope this helps.

    • a million times over srmewheoe else and couldn’t seem to come up with anything I felt was worth publishing. One thing that really has made a difference for me was reading srmewheoe that at any given time there are always people just behind you on the learning curve, and sharing what I’m learning through this site, might be helpful to someone else.Definitely forming some relationships with others through blogging has played a big role in shaping this site. I hope you find the same. I grabbed your feed looks like we have lots of the same interests.

  11. For manapua in Arizona you want to go to Aloha Kitchen, in Mesa. I ate there about once a week for 10 years. Plate lunch heaven, terrific potato mac. No pork hash or half moon, alas, but often lau lau.

  12. Pomai, Only the Chinese older generations know of Char Heng Sut dark past. It was very sad one indeed. Chinese would have another name for Char Heng Sut which was a cruel name for the late husband owner of it. Glad the younger generations do not know of it and enjoy the dim sums they sold. Sun Chong Grocery have a dark past too. The true owner was the older brother of uncle who only surpose to worked there.

    He turn around and gave store to other people to run and saying they owned which they do not. Hung Choong Lum family still owned and will take it back and open up a supermarket soon.

  13. Nate, I’ve never tried Char Hung Sut’s Ma Tai Soo, but Reed over at Ono Kine Grindz said that was his favorite dim sum from there, so next time I’m in Chinatown, I’ll be sure to stop by and get that.

    Ironically, we just had a whole box of manapua and pork hash from Char Hung Sut yesterday! I’ll blog that batch a little later this week.

    Take pictures of your stuff and put it on your blog. I like see what your stuff look like. Especially the Ma Tai Soo.

  14. Pomai, now you done it! I miss mai tai soo so very much there no where in San Francisco or else where that sell it. It old Cantonese dim sum found only in Hawaii . You are so lucky to get it any time. But anyway I try to make it myself from recipe found long time ago in Hawaii State Library.

  15. Pomai – Too late, came home and my family and I couldn’t wait and attacked. Forgot about taking pictures. Maybe get a couple leftovers in the fridge.

    Betty – Get one easy recipe for ma tai soo on the HECO web site. Nothing spectacular about the bun crust. But should suffice for where you are.

  16. Pomai – Actually also went to Royal Kitchen to get some lup cheong, Portuguese sausage and kalua pork buns – my favorites and I needed a fix.

    • I’ve already done the homework for several other mainland folks inquiring about shipping Manapua from here, and not surprisingly the charges are THROUGH THE ROOF (or should we say, through the manapua box). First of all, of course it must go by air, and also packed in a cooler with dry ice. So it comes out something like $70-plus from here to the mid-west, not including the cost of the manapua. That’s just Fed Ex cost. So you’re looking at somewhere around $70 for a dozen Manapua, plus oh, say another $20-30 if you add pork hash, half-moon and/or Ma Tai Soo. But hey, if you’re “jonesin”, call Libby’s. They’ll arrange everything for you. I think Chun Wah Kam does too. Not sure about Char Hung Sut. They’re REAL OLD SCHOOL.

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