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Boiled & Dried Peanuts

Boiled & Dried Peanuts (left) and Boiled Peanuts (right), purchased at Chris’s Peanut Shop. They’re sold in prepackaged (brown paper sack) units.

A fellow member at HawaiiThreads.com recently requested if anyone knew where to buy Boiled AND Dried Peanuts, clearly pointing out that this variety is not the same as the common boiled peanut.


Being a boiled peanut fan myself, I took some interest in this, going as far as asking a friend if he had any recommendations – which he pointed out these two place:

  • Chris’s Peanut Shop (808) 488-7187, located in Waimalu Shopping Center near Zippy’s. $3.50/pound.
  • The Peanut Shop (808)-523-8511, 1619 Liliha next to McDonald’s. $3.30/pound.

So my friend ventured the other day to Chris’s and brought me some to try out.

First let me start with Chris’s regular boiled peanuts. These are EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT… PERFECT! Nice balance of salt and “secret spice” and cooked to ‘al dente’ perfection. Not too wet or soggy, yet not too dry either. Just right! If Waimalu were closer to my home or workplace, I’d definately make that my one and only source for boiled peanuts. It’s that good!

Now the boiled and dried variety takes some getting used to – especially if you’re more familiar with the “wetness” of the regular boiled type.

At first glance, you might think this is simply an undercooked boiled peanut, but once you bite into it, it’s very evident it has indeed been cooked thoroughly then dehydrated. It has a nice semi-tender chew to them, which would probably work rather well with a cold beverage. Seasoning-wise, it tasted basically like a dehydrated version of the boiled peanuts.

One key advantage the boiled & dried version seems to have is a longer shelf life. Although the B&D peanuts were kept under refrigeration in the store, I’d take it you could leave these at room temperature much longer than the boiled peanuts.

You’ll have to try and compare the two yourself to decide which one you like better. I still prefer the boiled peanut.. and Chris’s Peanut Shop is EXCELLENT in that regard. Highly recommended!

In memory of Bob’s Peanuts @ Ward Farmer’s Market.


2 thoughts on “Boiled & Dried Peanuts

  • August 25, 2006 at 7:14 am

    what a cool photo of the peanuts. I too like the boiled peanut ..in fact i often make them. I like them al dente and on the crunchier side. Many places make them too mushy. The one that they sell at Costco in the orange bag in the chilled section is not bad! I forgot the brand name. I am not a fan of boiled and dried, but I do know some that are, so I now know where they sell them ! thanks.

  • April 9, 2012 at 9:11 am

    I hear Chris Peanut shop is no longer making dried boiled peanuts . Is there any other place we can get the dried boiled ? Why did Chris peanut shop stop making it?


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