Andy’s Skin-on Pickle Mango

Andy’s Skin-on Pickle Mango (from Kalihi) – 7.29.15

Having grown up in Hawaii, I’ve certainly had my share of Pickle Mango (<notice it’s “Pickle” and not “Pickled”), including self-made, my mama’s (grandmother), those jars given from family and friends, down to the ones sold by the side of the road from the coasts of Waimanalo to Waianae. Yet I’ve NEVER seen anyone make Pickle Mango with the SKIN ON. It’s always peeled. Always.

Until now! Yep, Diner E’s childhood buddy, Andy (the guy he goes Tako diving with) has broken all the rules, making Pickle Mango with the skin left on!

And not just the skin, but the seed rind, too! Brah! lol

I’m not sure if Andy just said, “eh, eff it, jus’ slice ’em up, skin, seed and all. No need peel ’em”, or it’s something he’s done before, but you know? It freakin’ WORKS! Pickle Mango totally works with the skin on, plus seed!

Yeah, the skin is much more chewy than the flesh of the mango, yet it seems the acid in the vinegar breaks it down just enough where it becomes edible, unlike a if you were to eat the skin of a green mango that was fresh-pickedĀ  in “raw” form. Think Mango Seed, the type you buy from the Crack Seed store or packaged, and this is pretty much like that in Pickle Mango form.

The brine for this batch of Skin-on Pickle Mango was excellent, having just the right balance of vinegar-based acidity and white sugar-based sweetness. If there’s anything I’d do if it were mine, is add Li Hing Powder and a couple of dry red ‘n sweet Li Hing Mui “crack seed” in there with it.

The brine was also completely permeated into the flesh and tenderized skin of the mango slices. Oh, and the mango is from the Kalihi area of unknown variety, of which I’d say it was leaning towards your typical Haden, being it wasn’t stringy, like say a Shibata.

After we whacked this entire tub of Andy’s Skin-on Pickle Mango, we took a green Haden Mango from Ewa Beach and sliced it up, putting it in the leftover brine, plus added more to cover it.

Haden Mangoes from Ewa Beach – 7.29.15