Grindz of the Day: Domo, Krazy’s, Panda E’s, Duke’s and Diamond Bakery

This is the first time a “Grindz of the Day” has been posted consecutively on this blog, yet hey, why not? I’ve really been “consumed” more with work lately (actually perpetually) than consuming food itself, so not much goin’ on for my opu (tummy), personally speaking this past few weeks.

Yet if I were craving something super tasty AND healthy, what we have above would certainly hit the spot, being a Spicy Salmon Poke Bowl from Domo Cafe, located on Maunakea Street in the heart of Honolulu’s Chinatown district.

Also from Domo Cafe, above are a pair of Seared Salmon Nigiri (Sake), with a “Dynamite” style sauce drizzled over it. Accompanied of course with the requisite Wasabi (Japanese “Horseradish”) and Sushi Shoga (sweetened pickled ginger). Nice!

Back to that introductory Spicy Salmon Poke Bowl, what I find interesting every time I see a new place theme their menu around Poke Bowls, is how I remember The Poke Bowl, who I believe were the ORIGINATORS of the Poke Bowl concept here on Oahu.

Shoyu Ahi Poke Bowl & Spicy Tuna Poke Bowl from The Poke Bowl, formerly in the Ward Farmers Market where Tropic Fish & Vegetable used to be; now they’re known as Pa’ina Cafe (various locations)

Before The Poke Bowl started doing that at their original location in Kaka’ako at Ward Farmers Market, I don’t recall ANYONE here on this island offering such a “duh, why didn’t I think of that!” dish… errr, or umm, bowl of raw “Ono ‘kine fish’liciousness”. <—–Hey, great phrase! Eh brah, I ‘wen ‘tink of ’em first, so no copy me, eh?. Like all you guys ‘wen copy da’ Poke Bowl guyz. LOL!!!

<<end rant//>>

Still on Maunakea Street, we’re back at that Krazy Kitchen of Mal Shiroma’s, this time sampling his Reuben Sammy, that also includes a generous side of Corn Chowder and very “dilly” Dill Pickle wedges, all for a very reasonable $9.50. Deal!

And? AWESOME! The Corn Chowder has bits of smokey ham in it, giving it that wonderful rib-sticking home-cooked flavor, while the Reuben hits all the right spots.

Right about now it’s time to turn down the lights and put on that “Bow-Chic-a-Wow-Wow” kinda’ music. Awe yeah, bab-e-baby. LOL!!! Dang, does that make me hungry just lookin’ at i! LOADED with tender ‘n tasty thick slabs of corned beef, complimented by a nice layer of melted swiss, sauerkraut and thousand islands dressing on a tasty, albeit just a little too thinly sliced toasted Rye bread.

Summing it up, solid 5 SPAM Musubi for Krazy Kitchen’s Reuben and Corned Chowder Soup ‘n Sammy combo’. Mal-San, this one’s a KEEPER!

Also a VERY solid Beef Stew is the one from Krazy Kitchen…

Or umm, make that TWO beef stew plates!…

If you haven’t heard it yet, check out this pretty funny Beef Stew Podagee joke, at the end of a most EXCELLENT local style Beef Stew recipe by Foodland’s Executive Chef Keoni Chang. Winnahz!

Next up, Panda Express (King Street location, right before Kalakaua Avenue) 2-choice combo of Beijing Steak and Spicy Sweet ‘n Sour Chicken (shee-chow chee)…

Different but the same, sub “Shee Chow Chee” for Honey Walnut Shrimp (“Huh-woh-shee”)…

Next up, a plate of wings from Duke’s at the Outrigger Waikiki Beach…

I’m not really a wings kinda’ guy, yet if I were to pick the best, Duke’s Wings are the ones. Mainly because their sauce kicks @ss, having this sort of fruity thing goin’ on in its orthewise hickory style BBQ sauce base. While the wings themselves have this nice ‘n smokey tone to them, while also being super soft ‘n tender where you can easily suck the meat right off the bone. Oh yeah, baby!

Finally, check out Diamond Bakery’s newest delivery truck, getting the vehicle “wrap” treatment by HonBlue‘s Jet Graphics division

Which brings to mind the recent winning design of Diamond Bakery’s delivery truck vehicle wrap by local artist Enrique Subia

Diamond Bakery 2013 Truck Design Contest winning design by Enrique Subia

It would be safe to say many of you out there LOVE Diamond Bakery’s original Creme Crackers.

Diamond Bakery Original Hawaiian Soda Crackers (unsalted tops)

New England Clam Chowder served with Diamond Soda Crackers FTW!

I personally LOVE Diamond Bakery Soda Crackers, both the regular and the salted top versions. Da’ bes’es’est!

That is all for now. Toodles. ;-)

P.S. Pokemon Go wave-catchin’ “selfies” at Diamond Head Beach ~ 7.21.16 ..