Grindz of the Day: La Tour, Zippy’s & Buk Buk’s

We start off today’s Grindz of the Day with a Matcha Green Tea Macaron from La Tour Cafe. And? C’est si bon, of course!

This dainty box of absolutely scrumptious La Tour Macarons were actually our “dessert” for a gathering we had yet again at the office recently.

For the takeout lunch part, I ordered  La Tour Cafe’s Meatball Banh Mi, which is described as a “Vietnamese style sandwich, with chicken meatballs, pickled carrots & cilantro on a crusty French baguette. It’s served with a very simple Romaine lettuce & cherry tomato salad, with Swiss dressing, along with house-made pickles.

A zoomed-in “money shot” reveals a “special sauce” which I couldn’t really discern exactly what was in it, except that it was like a sweet ‘n sour aioli, if you will.

Upon a complete bite through the “meat” of the Banh Mi, it reveals there is indeed chicken meatballs stuffed in it, which were kinda’ weird, actually in flavor. I mean, good, and definitely moist, but weird-tasting. In a good way. lol

La Tour’s crusty ‘n delightfully chewy French Beguette used for their Banh Mi was certainly up to snuff, yet the one from The Pig & the Lady rules.

Another oddity is, their Do Chua, which is the Vietnamese style pickled Carrots and Daikon, was missing… DAIKON! WT?!

It also could have used a few sprigs of mint and Thai Basil in there, however the sparse, yet fresh Chinese Parsley was adequate, I suppose. Overall, I give La Tour’s Chicken Meatball Banh Mi 2 SPAM Musubi.

Next stop, Zippy’s, late at night at the 24-hour restaurant on King Street near Piikoi, where my bro’, braddah Duke went for the gut-busting Chili Chicken Combo plate.

While Yours Truly also went into “Gut Buster Mode”, opting for none other than Zippy’s Loco Moco, the restaurant version.

As someone I once knew a long, long, long time ago would say, “Ooh, buss’ my body”.. we buss dat’ runny yolk! Oh yeah, baby!

At 2am in the morning? Go fo’ Zippy’s Loco Moco broke! Destroy it! ol

A Zippy’s restaurant Chili Chicken Combo plate at 2:30am in the morning, halfway through destruction.Yes!

Big Island Wild Pig Hunter and supah cool braddah, Braddah Duke!

Speaking of wild pig, Diner E went back again to that lunch wagon this past week for a “hana hou” of that incredible BBQ Teriyaki Pork plate, which come to find out the name of the business is “Buk Buk Kitchen“.

Above stay Buk Buk Kitchen’s Teri Pork mini plate Diner “Saimin Kau Kau” E wen’ stay get from da’ odda’ week, laddat.

Add to that is Diner A’s BBQ Teriyaki Chicken Plate from Buk Buk Chicken.. errr, I mean Kuk Buk Bitchen… err I mean, Buk Buk Kitchen!  LOL!!!

My only complaint is that they put plain chopped cabbage in there, with no dressing at all for it. But eh, screw it. BBQ MEAT! BBQ MEAT! BBQ MEAT! MEAT! MEAT! MEAT! lol

K, OK, cuz, braddah cuz.. now THAT is da’ BOMBUCHA BBQ Teriyaki Chicken plate of the century!  Brah, that’s gotta’ be at least two, or perhaps even three pounds of chicken on top da’ rice! And how’s da’ papa’a action, cuz? Meeean eh?! Whoo, da’ buggah look so juicy and ONO! Brah, I stay hungry now!  Buk Buk Kitchen.. check ‘em out!