Kenny’s… In the Kam Shopping Center in Kalihi’eee

Being an icon in the Kam Shopping Center in Kalihi for all these years since 1966, you’re now leaving us, Kenny’s, and it’s very difficult to say goodbye to you.

I remember visiting you often when I was a keiki, when my sister Keanu was attending Kamehameha School up the hill. My dad or grandma would take us to you — Kenny’s — after school, or on the weekend to grab a bite from your coffee shop, or from your burger house nearby. Not to mention Pete’s Model Craft, my other favorite place there “back in the day”.

That said, throughout all the wonderful DECADES you served us your ono ‘kine grindz, we will ALWAYS remember you most as “Kenny’s… in the Kam Shopping Center in Kalihi’eee”.

On my visit on this day before they’re closing, I sat down and had a wonderful conversation with John Fujieki, Jr., owner of Kenny’s Restaurant. Coming from being the former President of Star Maret, John is a super down to earth and warm hearted guy. He’s a great soul. So much so, we actually literally shed a tear together over talking about how symbolic Kenny’s is to the local community who grew with the restaurant.

While John couldn’t go into details about what will replace Kenny’s, he did throw out the possibility that there’s a prospective opportunity from some big wigs in Hollywood who want to continue the business as Kenny’s. But don’t quote anyone on that. I shall keep that in my prayers.

An institution and icon in our collective memory, Kenny’s Restaurant will close its doors of operation on Sunday, July 2, 2015, serving Hawaii since 1966.

*Sheds and sobs major tears*

Kenny’s Kama’aina Chopped Steak plate ~ 7.4.15

Kenny’s Roast Turkey plate ~ 7.4.15

Aurora of Kenny’s ~ 7.4.15

Ana of Kenny’s ~ 7.4.15

Imelda of Kenny’s ~ 7.4.15

Davis of Kenny’s ~ 7.4.15

John Fujieki, Jr., owner of Kenny’s Restaurant, enjoying breakfast ~ 7.4.15

Braddah Mike and Pomai with John Fujieki, Jr. @ Kenny’s “In the Kam Shopping Center in Kalihi’eee” ~ 7.4.15

John Fujieki, Jr., owner of Kenny’s Restaurant (and previously President of Star Market) with Pomai Souza ~ 7.4.15

Kenny’s Restaurant “in the Kam Shopping Center in Kalihi’eee” ~ 7.4.15 (Kenny’s will close its doors tomorrow, July 5, 2015)