Legends Waikiki Rock-A-Hula Dinner Show

Started in 2011, Legends in Concert Waikiki revamped their “Rock-A-Hula” show for 2014, creating a new and improved dynamic fusion with an island flair of America’s most popular music icons, “The King of Rock”, Elvis Presley, “The Fame Monster”, Lady Gaga and “The King of Pop”, Michael Jackson. This, paired with a breathtaking Hawaiian theme, complete with Hawaii’s most talented, and might I add very attractive hula and tahitian dancers, top notch live musicians, as well as a venue and production level that rivals any you’ll find in Las Vegas.

Courtesy of Becker Communications, I had the honor of being invited to join a group of VIP guests for the press preview of Legends in Concert Waikiki’s new and improved Rock-A-Hula show, said to be “the largest Hawaiian show in Waikiki”. This took place on Thursday, July 17, 2014.

Before continuing, let me explain that the reason this review comes so late, is I had inadvertently misplaced a backup drive that I transferred most of these photos to. Thankfully, better late than never, I found it! Whew!

Legends in Concert Waikiki is located in the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center on the 4th floor, occupying the space that was formerly Level4 Nightclub & Ultralounge. The Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center is Waikiki’s largest shopping center, featuring uber-hip boutique stores such as The Apple Store, this really cool men’s shoe store named Leather Soul, along with popular eateries PF Chang, Cheesecake Factory and Wolfgang’s Steakhouse.

The press preview event treated VIP media guests to the “Green Room®” package, which is Legends’ top-tier ticket. At the regular suggested price of $185 per person, in the Green Room, you’ll be greeted with a glass of green “champagne” and Hawaiian pupus while awaiting a visit from a legendary tribute artist. You’ll then be taken on a special backstage tour for a behind-the-scenes look at all the pre-show excitement before it’s time to enjoy the show from the best seats in the house. At your stage side table, indulge in an exquisite 3-course steak and seafood dinner. Following the show, you’ll take home a souvenir photo and enjoy a meet-and-greet session with the artists.

The Green Room package is broken down into 4 segments:

• 6:00-6:30PM: VIP Access, Green Room Reception including pupus and green champaign and a Backstage Tour
• 6:35-8:00PM: Dinner at Best Private Table in Stageside VIP Area
• 8:00-9:15PM: Show Time for New “Rock-A-Hula!”
• 9:15-9:30PM: Meet-and-Greet with Legends Artists

Green Room “Posh Hawaiian Pupus” include Pineapple Prosciutto Skewers, Fresh Fruit, Big Island Goat Cheese and Poha Jelly Endives and Lomilomi Salmon Cucumber Cups.

The last two photos were provided by Legends, which shows their green room, ironically that I missed, having arrived “Hawaiian Time” about a half-hour after the start time due to being stuck in the office. Anyways, traditionally, the “Green Room” is where the performers lounge before and after being queued on stage.

The venue also features a very cool lounge, serving up exotic Mai Tais and other colorful cocktails befitting the show.

The top-tier Green Room package also includes a tour of the entire venue, walking you on stage and behind the scenes in the production area…

The well-organized placement of Uli Uli implements remind you that this IS partially a Hula show…

As much as it is a Hula show, an Elvis show, a Michael Jackson show, as well as a Lady Gaga show, it’s also my fave’ of all, a Tahitian dancer show!…

Dang, that has me craving some Poisson Cru right about now!

It’s… Its… Its…… It’s Michael Jackson!

As a Green Room guest, after touring backstage and onstage prior to showtime, you’re seated in the VIP area, on the floor, right in front the stage….

So what are the Green Room guests having for dinner? Well, for starters, following about an hour after the pupus in the “Green Room”, we begin dinner with gorgeously presented Maine Lobster Salad…

Maine Lobster with Rainbow Salad of local baby greens, Heart of Palm, yellow beets, Kamuela tomatoes and cucumbers with passion fruit “champagne” dressing


My “date” for the evening, Taryn Bohan of Becker Communications, dives into the Maine Lobster… nom nom nom…

Next up for the entree, we have Surf ‘n Turf…

Grilled Tenderloin Steak and Atlantic Salmon with sautéed fresh market vegetables and black truffle mashed potato

Money shot…

Grilled Tenderloin Steak

“Lava Flow” Molten Chocolate Cake dessert…

Lava Flow Dessert of warm molten chocolate cake with macadamia nut ice cream and raspberry sauce

And how was the food? Excellent! Everything was fresh, high quality and seasoned well, and cooked properly. While some reviewers on Yelp and TripAdvisor said theirs was a bit dry, both my and Taryn’s salmon was cooked perfectly. The dressing for that Lobster salad was delish’. My only complaint on that one was that the Lobster was served cold with no drawn butter. It was still delicious, however I’m used to Lobster served hot with butter. That Tenderloin steak was as fantastic as any steakhouse. Awesome. Ditto’ for that “Lava Flow” chocolate cake dessert.

So was it as good for you, as it was for me? OK, good. Now on to the show!

Keep it “G”, Gaga, “G”!!!…

Whoah, talk about INTENSE!…

Whew, I need to smoke a cigarette (and I don’t smoke). Time for some Tahitian!…

Time for the King of Rock, doin’ the Jailhouse Rock…

Elvis through the ages, showing his love for Hawaii…

Believe it or not, this incredible, very handsome and genuine reincarnation of the great Elvis Presley is from of all places, Waipa-HOO!…

Time for more Tahitian, Cheeeee hooooooo!!!…

Shake it!…

Burn it!…

It’s… It’s… It’s… It’s Michael Jackson!…

Smooth Criminal…


Do it!…

Only in Hawaii…

Now you may be looking at these photos of superstar impersonators, thinking “OMG, that show must be SO CHEESY!”. Yet you’re so wrong on that, as I thought the same thing prior to the “Legends in Concert Waikiki Rock-A-Hula Experience”. And experience it was. An INCREDIBLE experience!

I walked out of there with my jaw on the floor, in awe of what I had just witnessed. Imagine taking what almost seems like the actual Elvis, Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga, and roll that in a generous coating of some of the best hula and tahitian dancing you’ll ever see by INCREDIBLY attractive dancers, sprinkled with absolutely  onolicious cuisine and a nice glass of Cab’ or two, and you my friends have what could just be the most AMAZING EVENING you’ll ever experience in Hawaii, whether you’re a Kama’aina or visitor. You MUST DO Legends in Concert Waikiki Rock-A-Hula. You will be spellbound!

But wait, the evening’s not over yet. Time for an after-show meet ‘n greet with the performers!…

Elvis is performed by Johnny Fortuno, who interestingly, hails out of Waipa-HOO! See, there’s a reason why Filipino folks from there always sing Elvis songs on Karaoke. lol

The Tahitian dancers were so stunningly gorgeous, I flustered…

Damien Brantley by day, “Michael Jackson” by night. I swear, this guy looks, sings and dances EXACTLY like the real deal. You’d be hard-pressed to find another artist in the WORLD as accurate as Damien pulls of the late, great King of Pop. Amazing! Tee-heeee! Owwww! Shick-uh-huh…

Sorry, Gaga’s bubbles brought out the “monster” in me lol…

Lady Gaga is performed by Jackie Wiatrowski.

Here’s their complete profile…

Legends in Concert Waikiki Rock-A-Hula packages:

Dinner & Show
Adult $185.00*
Child N/A
6:00-6:30 Green Room
Reception and Backstage
6:35-8:00 Dinner
8:00-9:15 Show Time
9:15-9:30 Meet-and-Greet
with Legends Artists
4-Course Maine Lobster,
Tenderloin Steak & Salmon
Green Room Reception
“Be on Stage” Backstage Tour
with Souvenir Backstage Pass
2 Super Premium Beverages
Souvenir Photo with a Star
(per 2 persons)
Post-Show Meet-and-Greet
The ultimate “celebrity” experience for a special
evening in Waikiki, from exclusive Green Room
reception to souvenir photo with a star, backstage
tour, super premium beverages and Maine lobster,
tenderloin steak and salmon dinner at a private
table in the stageside VIP area, where you’ll have the
best seats for the new “Rock-A-Hula®!” After the
show, don’t miss the exciting meet-and-greet with
Legends Artists. Not recommended for children.

Dinner & Show
Adult $145.00*
Child $87.00
6:15-6:30 VIP Reception
6:35-8:00 Dinner
8:00-9:15 Show Time
9:15-9:30 Meet-and-Greet
with Legends Artists
 4-Course Maine Lobster,
Tenderloin Steak & Salmon
VIP Welcome Reception
2 Super Premium Beverages
Post-Show Meet-and-Greet
Get the VIP treatment, from welcome reception to
Maine lobster, steak and salmon dinner, plus the
largest Hawaiian show in Waikiki! Super premium
beverages and a private table in the stageside VIP
area gets you ready to feel the music of the new
“Rock-A-Hula®.” After the show, don’t miss the
exciting meet-and-greet with Legends Artists.

Buffet & Show
Adult $99.00*
Child $59.00
6:30-6:45 Hawaiian
Greeting, Music and Hula
6:45-7:45 Buffet Dinner
8:00-9:15 Show Time
9:15-9:30 Meet-and-Greet
with Legends Artists
 Hawaiian Buffet Dinner
Roast beef, lomilomi salmon,
hulihuli chicken, dessert
station… Over 20 items!
 1 Welcome Mai Tai
 Premier Seats for show
 Post-Show Meet-and-Greet
Join us for a “Hawaiian night” with upscale
Hawaiian buffet and largest cast show in Waikiki!
You’ll enjoy dining under the stars on over 20 tasty
items, welcome Mai Tai, live Hawaiian music and
hula before being seated in the premier section for
the new “Rock-A-Hula®.” After the show, don’t miss
the exciting meet-and-greet with Legends Artists.

Adult $65.00*
Child $39.00
7:30-8:00 Cocktail Time
8:00-9:15 Show Time
9:15-9:30 Meet-and-Greet
with Legends Artists
1 Super Premium Beverage
Post-Show Meet-and-Greet
Fun night in Waikiki at “must see” new Hawaiian
show with fire-knife dance! Try original cocktails
at our fabulous bars, then be dazzled by the new
“Rock-A-Hula®!” After the show, don’t miss the
exciting meet-and-greet with Legends Artists.

Holiday Parties
From $99.00*
Please refer to Legendary
Holiday Party Lineup.
Select Dinner Packages;
Please refer to Legendary
Holiday Party Lineup.
It’s always a festive occasion at “Rock-A-Hula®

Additional and Kama’aina discounts available! (call or click here for more information; read Yelp and TripAdvisor reviews for recommended packages)

~ The Largest Hawaiian Show in Waikiki
Presented by Legends in Concert Waikiki
Royal Hawaiian Center, 4th Floor

1-855-805-SHOW (7469)
(808) 629-SHOW (7469)


The Tasty Island rating:

(5) Superb. Worthy of repeat visits or purchases. (Supah-dupah awesome, brah!)

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